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TO TRAVEL... the best therapy

The trips constitute an oxygen cylinder for people that are immersed in a vortex of work and stress; they are the perfect means to breaks up with the daily routine. A tourist trip, with their novelties and surprises, can produce unsuspected psychological effects or a positive personal change, according to the psychology applied to the tourism.

To travel is to discover new people, to explore new lands, it also means the discovery of new aspects of oneself. Keeping in mind that the psychological function of the holidays consists on compensating the limitations and lacks of the daily life, it is easy to understand why the thermal tourism is in the middle of peak. A new concept of tourism and a different tourist that is more dynamic, demanding products that allow him to participate actively.

The stress that dominates the life, claims vehemently for the romantic serenity of the lakes, the wild splendour of the virgin land and the indescribable peace of the horizon of a sea reddened by the dawn or the nightfall sun. We long for the nature. We look for beautiful landscapes, lost paradises and we desire a poetry brushstroke that softens the rough engagement of the daily work.

To travel is a very healthy therapy. We will help you to discover the life in relaxed atmospheres, in direct contact with their people, to recover the lost roots of so many abandoned towns, In Thermal Tourism we want to provide distraction and culture; to offer new dimensions and possibilities that benefit the psychic balance and favours the personality.


YESTERDAY AND TODAY OF BIARRITZ Original post 10.12.2009 (translate and uodate 02.18.2016)imagen new
The “glamour” of the Belle Epoque

Considered by the Empress Eugenia de Montijo as "the queen of beaches and beach of kings", the fishing village of Biarritz received from the nineteenth century the entire European Gotha. History in pictures of tourist and seaside resort of Biarritz, one of the most welcoming cities in France.
Logo Biarriz
THERMAL BATHS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN original post 2004 (translate 23.04.2015)

World Heritage Site?

With methodical excavations throughout the Mediterranean basin we are discovering part of incalculable splendor that surrounded these massive facilities; an art-historical and archaeological heritage, barely mentioned by classical historians.
In the third millennium, new information technologies contribute to disclose their healing effects, promoting a new concept of water as a heritage site. In short, the culture of water as a source of health.

GERS, CARTHAGE COAST, LAKE TIBERIAS original post 05.06.2008 (translate 18.03.2015)
Healthy leisure getaways.

It's time to discover the river cruises in Gascony, the magic of the Sea of Galilee with excursions along the banks and boating on Lake Tiberias and visit the coast of Carthage and smal twons with a Mediterranean flavor overlooking the sea. Give yourself an original holiday.
THE ECO-HOTELS original post 10.03.2009 (translate 13.02.2015)
Passion for nature

Recycling, sustainability programs or moderate consumption, these temples of relaxation strive to respect the environment. They are the new eco-hotels five star, located in the Chilean Patagonia, Fiji Islands, Egypt, South Africa, Bahamas, Canada, Brazil, Maldives and the Caribbean. Tourism, leisure and commitment to nature in almost intact landscapes. Discover intelligent luxury ... and ethical.
ecocamp chile
TRAVEL TO PERU original post 09.08.2007 (translate 17.12.2014)
From Machu Picchu to the thermal waters by the Inca Trail.

A trip to the magical and ancestral Peru where most ancient cultures and traditions survive the passage of time. Enjoy your holiday to discover the true Andean spirit with natives, ancient customs and rituals. Relax in the hot springs on the route by the Qhapaq Ñan.
MACHU PICCHU - Maravilla del Mundo e ícono del Peru. Promperú
Successful completion of the 2014 Workshop

European experts traveled through the northern coast of the Cuban archipelago where the ecological, sustainable tourism is developed, in the idyllic natural surroundings, health spas, modern spas, thalassotherapy centers. The beautiful Caribbean Island has it all.
he mineral waters that inspired the poet from Granada

"... And I felt the springs bubbling up as a child I would listen. Was the same flowing full of music and science ignored. LORD, pull me out from the soil! give me ears to understand the waters! Give me a lovingly voice to remove the secret of her enchanted waves.
Balneario de Lanjarón
Istanbul a dream in the Bosphorus

They say that Leandro used to cross the Strait of Dadarnelos every nigth to meet his beloved Hero. And it is not for less. Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries and the "world largest outdoor museum " Even without being a member of the EU, Istanbul was designated European Capital of Culture 2010.
Royal pleasure all year

Eight of the most important Spas of Europe decided to create an association in order to treat their guests like kings. Come to this club of "elite" we advise you to enjoy a real experience, pure relaxation and rest to face the next 365 days and pamper yourself with a plan of beauty and health.
An attractive to discover

Turkey is par excellence a thermal country due to its geologic conditions, since is located in a tectonic and volcanic area.The thermalism is a very ingrained concept in the Turkish culture and the famous Turkish Baths although they come from the Roman baths and the Roman Empire, they have its own history, architecture and bathing ritual. At the present there are 57 operating historic baths in Istanbul. It is the resurgence of the “hammam” used from a most playful and therapeutic perspectives.
Relax five stars

Relax five stars. They are authentic paradises with facilities that meet the trends of this high level. We have selected them so that you may discover others worlds, others cultures and the pleasure of enjoy the biggest refinement being surrounded by nature. The Evason Phuket (Thailand), Bloomstate (South Africa), The Sanctuary (Jordan), Hotel Madlein (Austria), Parrot Cay (Caribbean) and Hotel Laguna Seca (Peru). We invite you to know them because they are, simply, the best Hotels SPA in the world.
THE DEAD SEA 12.12.2006
50th anniversary and opening to the tourism of healthy leisure

The Dead Sea can be regarded as the world's most ancient and largest health resort. Natural Health Spa. Located at the lowest point on earth, has been a source of health, Wellness and rejuvenation for thousands of years. Its opening as tourist-thermal sustainable product, allows today to celebrate successfully, the fifty anniversary with dietary menus, festivals of mud and music, sporting activities and desert safari excursions. It is the new culture of the healthy leisure, an attractive proposal for the tourist of the new millennium.
The Art of living with relaxation

In the South West of France, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees, the GERS is the country of well-being. Undulating Tuscan-looking landscapes, luminous nature, castles, abbeys, Gascon fortified towns…, the wealth of the architectural heritage is unique. A stay in one of our spa resorts represents the pleasure of an authentic holiday!
The Bourboule and The Roche-Posay. France

The magic of the thermal waters is a vivid feeling in the region of Auvergne. Here is the Bourboule, that is a thermal village par excellence owing its name to Borvo, Celtic god of the sources. Well-known as the “station of the oxygen” due to the quality of its thermal waters and the purity of the air to breathe, it is the first pediatric thermal station of France.
The pediatric thermal cure benefits yearly about 35.000 childrens that receive medical treatment of respiratory and skin pathologies under the sanitary benefits of the French Social Security.
Interview with József Németh , Director of the National Office of Tourism of Hungary in Spain


Hungary, country of spas and wellness, will offers Europe its great thermal power. A patrimony of 1300 sources and springs of mineral and medicinal water, having 2000 years of history. Healthy Routes and its hotel net of 816 establishments and more than ninety thousand places. Both are rising values that place the magiar country as a preferential destination for hollidays of well-being, geting an excellent tourist position as member of the European Union.


Interview with Daniel Aguilera, Undersecretary of Politics and Tourist Administration.

The presence of Argentina in the XXIV edition of FITUR 2004 that took place in Madrid, was a real success. The bet for the tourism as+ “politics of State” of the Nation President, had the prospective recognition. The image of the change, was offered by the Néstor Kirchner by himself with its presence in the opening of the Fair and by the Kings of Spain, accepting the invitation to visit again the country and to know Ushuaia, the most southern city of the world.


The Project will develop the Tourism through the Way of the Incas.

Cajamarca has four sources of hyper–thermal water in abundant quantities. These have been classified as “very healthy” with a balanced mineral and metal content, their curative powers are based on their temperature and vapours containing an agreeable balance of sulphurous components and ionizing characteristic. All of this has been known for centuries with the Cajamarca valley being considered excellent for relaxation and recovery.
The challenge to Cajamarca today is to value the thermal springs and create attractions for modern tourism in order to make the region an alternative destination in the international market. In a joint effort by a number of institutions work is already under way to grasp this opportunity.


Hipócrates, the father of the medicine was the first one that said “the nature cures the illness” . The Nature has been truly generous with Hungary, country with one of the widest selections in thermal and medicinal waters of Europe. The thermal culture has over 2000 year history there.

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