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The application of heat in some parts of the body plays an important role in beauty care. This technique known as thermotherapy enables a range of treatments. We selected a few for youti.

The human body maintains its temperature between certain physiological limits. For it has certain regulatory mechanisms that oppose environmental heat or cold. For example, very useful in the application of heat and pressure areas are especially the lumbar and cervical areas. It produces a relaxation that promotes muscle pain relief.

Moreover, the use of solids as clay or paraffin are of great interest. Are producers of heat, we can raise its temperature to 40 or 50 degrees and then give the body heat slowly while being allowed to cool.

Hot clay is a matter of plastic consistency perfectly adapting to the entire area to be treated, store heat well and slowly released. Due to its composition, can make various mineral components through the skin and also act as an absorbent of toxic materials.

It is very effective application as anti-inflammatory effect on arthritis of the joints. In aesthetic is used to treat areas with a combination of flab and cellulite, because being a mineral, has a firming power. Due to the production of heat and absorption of toxins is also anti-cellulite.

To be most effective, it can be associated to some active principle cellulite treatment such as liquid seaweed spread over the area to be treated before applying clay. Its main drawback is that once treatment ends, the shower is necessary to remove it completely.

Paraffin Baths are a thermotherapy technique that has special indications. Paraffin is a mineral oil which melts at 52 °C. Is presented as off-white plates. To prepare a special electric container to melt it and keeps the temperature constant is used. Try not to exceed the tolerance to avoid burns.

The simplest application technique is immersion, useful in areas such as the hand, elbow or foot. Is introduced and extracted part of a deal quickly in liquid paraffin. In this way, several layers are superimposed to obtain a paraffin poultice surround half an inch thick. If the areas are spacious generally done by repeated strokes. In both cases, the application is maintained for half an hour. Finally, the solid paraffin is removed easily.

Paraffin, besides having all the effects of the application of heat, is very interesting as a treatment for dry skin and prone to psoriasis, as it helps the detachment of surface cells. Moreover, being a fat, leaves the skin fully lubricated.

The Para-Fangos (slurry)
The slurry is a technique derived from the application of paraffin. It is based on a mixture of paraffin and sludge high content of minerals. The application form is the same as the paraffin although the paraffin is typically used for larger areas. Aesthetic used for cases of cellulitis, as follows:

  • Apply in the area the anti-cellulite product.
  • Brush the MUDS
  • Cover with an electric blanket to keep warm.
  • Leave for half an hour.


We must exclude the application of heat in the following cases:

  • In very acute inflammatory processes when the area is hot to the touch.
  • In hemorrhagic lesions, such as hematomas.
  • Where there circulatory disorders, varicose veins or difficulty of lymphatic drainage.
  • In the elderly must be careful because they may have altered sensitivity to heat.
  • In young children, as they still do not have a proper thermoregulation.
  • In the hypotensive, it is preferable that only heat treatments used in localized areas not very large, or at least only in the lower body.

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