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The combined use of hot and cold stones is one of the biggest novelties in massages and anti-stress treatments. Give yourself a dose of energy.

What is known as geothermal therapy, the "stone therapy" it is the more requested tendency in the most noted SPA´S around the world, and this therapy shares with the Reiki the use of the chakras as a way to reestablish the energy balance.

The massage with hot and cold stones is nothing new. For many years, also in the Chinesse culture, as that of the American Indians, they used the hot stones in the massage and in order to alleviate ailments.

Hot and cold, black and white stones, are alternated to massage the body: the hot ones relax the musculature and the cold ones strengthen the organism. There are some especially chosen for each area of the body: the shoulders, the knees, the feet, the neck, the nape.... They don't burn, they don't harm; the skilful and expert hands of the masseur's slip the stones from right to left, up and down, allowing those persons undergoing this treatment, to experience a deep sensation of well-being and relax.


The "stone therapy" is based in the oriental disciplines, according to which there are seven chakras located along the central channel of the body: centers of the vital energy that are related to several organs. From the chakra points, the energy is distributed to the whole organism, through the numerous energy channels that cross the body and that are connected to those organs.

The concentration on the chakras helps, therefore, to regulate the energy flow through the body (too much energy in circle or too little can create disorders). Thence, with this purpose, during the "stone therapy", the hot stones are disposed on the chakras and, next, become the energetic "opening" and closing" and the connection, also energetics, of the superior and inferior members.

As Beatríz G. Rasilla, specialist in relaxation methods and yoga, explains, the fundamental element of the geothermal therapy, is it the application of hot and cold stones, acting in two levels:

a) In an static way, performing therapeutic pressures in concrete points
b) In a dynamic way carrying out very defined massage maneuvers

"The hot stones (50ºC) they increase the blood circulation and the cellular metabolism, while the cold ones (8ºC) they originate vasoconstricción and histamina liberation that acts against the pain and the inflammatory processes."

She remembers that in order to facilitate the physic, psychic and emotional balance, the booths are conditioned, for the application of the complementary techniques to the geothermal therapy:

  • The aromatherapy that stimulates and balances the cortical and cerebral areas, ,through the smell
  • The cromotherapy, with the energy vibrations given to the organism by each color.
  • The appropriate musicotherapy for each treatment helping to get the harmonic relaxation, acting on those cerebral areas influenced by auditory stimulus."

The geothermal therapy has also connections with the acupuncture, (the massage is carried out following the energy channels). It also shares with the Reiki the employment of the chacras as a way to reestablish the energy balance.

In this sense to point out that the massages using stones are the last tendency in the relax and the beauty world. The use of hot stones (of basalt, volcanic, of river, etc.) it is one of the most suitable remedies to help to relax and to sleep deeply.

"To carry out the treatment, Beatríz G. Rasilla adds, a series of stones of both temperatures and flat, are prepared and the client is placed over them. Then the stones are located in different areas of his body and the massage begins combining the pressure of the hands and the movements carried out with the stones."

"It is suitable for stressed people, with nervous, anxiety or insomnia disorders and for the problems of back pains, muscular pains, bad circulation, artrosis, arthritis, etc. Due to the nature of the treatment, the results are perceived clearly just from the first session. The geothermal therapy guarantees that the sensations go beyond of what the beginner could imagine."


As its name indicates the "stone therapy", it is the massage done with stones. To carry out it only we needed some massage oil to facilitate the sliping of the stones across the body and to develop this way a more delicate action.

The therapist has 72 stones, 54 of them of volcanic origin, of dark gray color that are used hot (they are warmed in a thermal recipient full of water whose temperature reach 55º C); and the remainder 18 of white color, made of marble and they are cooled down with ice.

The stones have diverse forms, since they should adapt to the different areas of the body. They have been subjected to a process that has left them perfectly polished and has confered them the opportune physiognomy: the round ones are suitable for the hands and the arms; those lengthened, for the area of the neck; and the finest, for the back and the scapulas.

The deepest and durable benefit is obtained thanks to the colour of the dark stones of volcanic origin. These are heated and leaning pressing, on the skin in the aching areas. Who receives the massage notices, this way, a sensation of a "pleasant pain." The heat, slowly released by the stones, relaxes the muscles. The increase of the temperature causes, also, the sudoración, what helps to eliminate the toxins.

The cold stones, of white marble, are used basically in the last phase of the treatment session to balancing the corporal temperature and to develop a tonic and invigorating action.

When concluding the "stone therapy" the person drinks water to restore the liquids and the mineral salts lost with the perspiration. The massage usually lasts one hour, and there is the possibility to remain laid dwon on the stretcher during half hour more in order to complete the relaxation.


More information:

Journalist specialized in Medicine and Thermalism


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