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The perfume locks in its small bottle a mixture of natural essences with properties that influence the personality

To choose a good perfume it is advisable to know, first of all, the meaning of the concentrations. Contrarily to what has always been said, the "extrait" ( the perfume), the "eau de parfum" and the "eau de toilette" they are not completely elaborated in the same way, and it is not only their concentration of alcohol what varies; it is rather a different disposition of the whole smell pyramid.

The perfume is composed by exit notes, they are the first ones coming off, lasting between 2 and 5 minutes. Then come the notes of the heart whose duration is generally 20 minutes. Finally are the bottom notes, those that reveal the true identity of the perfume and lasting more or less time, depending if it is "extrait", "eau de parfum" or "eau de toilette". These varieties of perfume can be more or less rich in bottom or exit notes.

In the perfume the bottom notes prevail, thence their fragrance remains unaffected and lasts, in principle, between four at six hours without renovating the application.It is convenient to keep in mind that the "extrait" it is of fatty nature and it can leave stains in the clothes.

The "eau of parfum" or "esprit de parfum", it is very similar to the extract. It is intense at the beginning but it remains less time than the extract.

The "eau de toilette" it is less concentrated in essences. The eau de cologne for bath is radically contrary to the extract. It is a fresh and very dissolved solution that disappears little by little after being applied.

Do you know that the body milks, lotions and perfumed oils remain between three to eight hours in the skin, and mantain their presence in a maximum area of a meter and half around who are using? This is a reason to use them and to be sure of the trail that leave.



To perfumed oneself is an entire art! To be sure of the trail that you leave when passing , it is important to learn what you have to do so your presence is noticed without annoying smell excesses.

The skin is the best support for the perfume, although there are certain parts of the body that must take more into account because the perfume needs heat to give off all its aromas.

Which are the"hot"points?. Those where the pulse is percived. So it is convenient to apply some drops in the pleats of the neck, behind the ears and in the wrists. The application will be more effective if the perfum is applied in all the areas a little humid and warm, as temples, neck and nape, in the bosom, groins, ankles, holes of the kidneys, on the navel, internal pleat of elbows and knees, etc. This way, the fragrant molecules will be developed more harmoniously and what it is important, they will last more.

The perfume joins the skin in a mysterious alchemy and exhales a fragance exclusive to each person using it. There are other forms "to elaborate" the fragrant trail, as vaporizing the hair in their root, if it is short, or in the tips, if it is long.

The clothes can also be perfumed, although not in any way. It is advisable to vaporize the lining of jackets and coats, as well as the hem of the skirts, without forgetting the handkerchiefs. The supreme delight: to pour some drops of perfume in the water of the underwear last rinse.



  • At the beginning give a good information of the preferences: the favourite flowers, sweet or dry, the species, etc. If the perfume is a means of seduction or you prefer to be discreet. This will help to advise you.
  • At the beginning smell the perfume on a ribbon of absorbent paper. If you like it, apply it in the skin, preferably in the internal part of the elbow articulation.
  • Test different concentrations of the same perfume beginning with the "eau de toilette", next the "eau de parfum" and, if it is possible, the "extrait." When increasing the intensity of the scent gradually, the nose gets used to him, and generally ends up to discover the delights of the perfume in its higher concentration.
  • Asks them to give you samples to prove them at home.
  • If you find difficult to decide, returns the following day, with the skin washed without perfuming, and in the morning. Under these conditions the smell is more receptive to the scents and the election will be easier.

What should not be made

  • Not to test indiscriminately the last marks that have come out to the market. You have to understand and to want the perfume. *
  • Never pour directly the perfume on the clothes, it could stain the silk and to burn the fur coat. Neither on synthetic fabrics that denaturalize the fragrances. *
  • Don't smell more than five perfumes in succession, the sense of smell become saturated. The ideal is a maximum of three. *
  • Don't inspire the perfume bringing the bottle close to the nose, because what you will inhale will be the alcohol that contains *
  • Not to apply the perfume in the back of the hand by friccion, it may alters the farfume.



The capacity of a perfume to influence in the humour and the character of people has been checked by scientists many years ago. A list of scents exists whose physical qualities have been well established.

  • Amber: very well-known aphrodisíac. It gives resistance, audacity and resolution.
  • Basil: it strengthens and it stimulates as efficiently as a coffee without its inconveniences.
  • Bergamota: it calms the anxiety, it alleviates the stress and gives security
  • Lemon: very energetic. It gives quick and precise reflexes.
  • Cilandro: it is very exciting at first, although if we take too much it may become depressive.
  • Geranium and Sage: very sedative and the anxiety tranquillizer..
  • Jasmine: it provides self-confidence, gives authority and audacity.
  • Lavender: it tranquilizes and it regulates the nervous system.
  • Mint, Fennel and Origan: the three are formidable against the sickness, the stress and the hangover.
  • Lily of the valley: it stimulates and gives mental vivacity (excellent if we are short of ideas!).
  • Narcissus and Carnation: they wake up the lazy minds and they give sharpness.
  • Nutmeg: aphrodisíac and good stimulant in the intimate relationships.
  • Orange, Mandarin and Grapefruit: three aromas that confer happiness and develop communication capacity.
  • Pachulí: gives extroversión, security and even self-confidence.
  • Apple and Peach: two relaxing scents that encrease the receptivity and they facilitate the concentration.
  • Rosa: it calms the bad humor and it surrounds the person with a mystery halo.
  • Sandalwood: gives self-confidence. It is aphrodisíac and calms the anxiety.
  • Nard: it is a privileged scent to facilitate the contacts, to develop the intuition and the diplomacy.
  • Verbena: it confers sympathy and it calms the nerves.
  • Ylang-ylang: antidepressive par excellence. It makes happy the hearts and it facilitates the good humour. It is also very effective to treat the due symptoms of the jet lag.


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