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A personalized treatment of Ayurvedic massage allows to improve the physical appearance and to recover the inner harmony.

The Ayurveda is the "science of the life" that taught in the old India how to preserve the health in good condition by means of an approach to the laws of the nature.

An ayurvedic massage accompanied by a bath of medicinal oils to which, some flowers and aromatic grasses are added, is an authentic " energetic cure" that regularizes the physical and psychic functions, reestablishing the well-being. It is an old therapy of oriental origin that uses unctions, irrigations and massages with lukewarm and medicinal oils to increase the health, the vigour, the longevity and the beauty.

With the massage, the harmonic circulation of the "prana" is restablished (the vital energy) for the whole organism, while the medicinal essential oil penetrates through the skin that become more silky, flat and luminous: a "cure of beauty" that confers a young and dynamic appearance.



The therapy of the massage is the authentic heart of the system of ayurvédic cures: it helps to overcome moments of fatigue, stress or depression. It strengthens the vital energy and the nervous and muscular tissues, it moderates the aging process and it accelerates the elimination of waste products and toxins.

The ayurvedic massage is carried out in the whole body, included head, although in occasions it is practiced in specific parts, for example, the massage can only be applied in the plants of the feet or in the ears for certain results.

The massage with bath of oil is always made with specific oils elects in function of the person's demands, of the problems that it presents and of the season. In summer lightly cold massage oils are used so that they produce coolness, while in winter it is preferable to use hot oils.

If it is made regularly, once a month, the massage constitutes a preventive cure in the maintenance of the health. In other cases it can be practiced during seven, nine or fifteen days and it becomes an authentic special therapy.


In the case of a healthy and calm person, the massage should be practiced in the moment to get up and with the empty stomach. After the massage a bath of lukewarm water should be taken to eliminate the oil of the treatment, and then to have breakfast. The massage is tonic and regenerator and it makes the person to feel well during the whole day.

To whom may have necessity of a relaxing treatment, the massage can be made equally at the end of the day, before going to the bed.



The ayurvedic massage always goes preceded of an abundant unction of the whole body with the most appropriate oil. The head and feet should also be anointed, with an special care.

The head is the most exposed and delicate part in the body, and the oil should be applied by droping from a certain height. A not very fatty oil is used (easy to eliminated with a shampoo) and medicinal; the sésamo oil, for example, is excellent.

It is necessary to have the caution of covering the eyes with a bandage to avoid that the oil irritates them. After the phase of the leak (droping) is applied a shoft massage in the scalp and of the inner part of the face, included ears.

Another important area of the massage is that of the feet, because each centimeter of skin of the feet is united, by means of a net of energy channels, to all the organs of the body.

The used oil should be dense to nurture appropriately, the skin of this part of the body, often forgotten in the daily treatments. The oil must be totally absorved due to masseur´s movements, making the skin softest.


  • The ayuvedic massage with bath of oil helps to overcome the physical fatigue and the stress: it provides a relaxing condition and well-being. *
  • It prevents the problems related to the nervous system and it contributes to get the psicophysic balance. *
  • It improve the view and the hearing, cures the insomnia, promotes the physical vigor and the vitality. *
  • It facilitates the metabolic processes, helping to the body to assimilate the foods and to eliminate the toxins. *
  • The complete treatment of the face is useful to alleviate headaches, torticollis and sickness, visual problems and toothache. *
  • The massage of feet strengthens the blood vessels and the muscles of the legs tired by walking excesses and also those caused by an excessive sedentariness.

The massage can be practiced every day or in alternating days during one or two week. The duration is one hour and a half.


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