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Coquettish and worried by their aesthetics, the men of the new millennium look for formulas for not aging. The cosmetic signatures have created lines you specify them, and the city termalismo it approaches therapies and treatments for their relax and setting in form .Todos they want to be handsome, healthy and with a touch of "glamour."

The man opens up to the universe of the cosmetología and of the well-being. A pleasant image and to have good health, he/she has become a social obligation. They confirm it the market studies on the new aesthetic tendency of the European males: something more than half of the population masculine Spaniard it recognizes that he/she has wrinkles, although they are far (63%) of the rest of the Europeans.

The report, carried out by the signature Biotherm, picks up the habits of hygiene and other aspects related with the aesthetics of the men from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Great Britain.

An investigation that contributes a fact of interest: 18% of those bigger than 60 years says not to have any wrinkle, what endorses the growing demand of young to the consumption of cosmetic products and its concern for the influence of the age in the skin.

On the contrary, the population's masculine Spaniard 35% is worried by the appearance of bags and rings. A logical restlessness if we keep in mind that 27 percent of the Spanish males suffers these problems of contour of eyes, although it is not the biggest in the mark of Europe. 50% of the Germans is those that show bigger obsession for the bags and the rings.

The survey carried out the European males points out that something more than the masculine population appeals to specific products to supplement the action of the water in the facial cleaning. Although this consultation demonstrates the interest for one taken care of aesthetics, it verifies that sometimes the methods and products used to improve the personal image, they are not adapted neither correct. The study highlights that the employment of non specific products for the cleaning of the face this very extended one in the European population.

Let us remember that more than 20 years ago the biologists of the Laboratorios Biotherm undertook a study about the properties that it has more than enough the cells of the skin he/she could have the microscopic flora formed by diverse species that he/she originates in the hot thermal mineral sources. The result was a prodigious one active, present in almost all the treatment cosmetics that it increases the defense system and repair of the skin.



The age, the estrés, the fatigue, the exhaustion, the tension, the thermal and climatic crashes, the free radicals, the tobacco, the alcohol... and mainly the shaving!, they are the main enemies of a skin that although stronger than the feminine one, he/she ends up aging prematurely if he/she is not contributed the nutrition that he/she needs.

The shaving is the I lash newspaper to the mantel hidrolipídico, the one in charge of protecting the epidermis of all the enemies up described.

The dehydration and the tightness are masculine complaints... but the one that suffers is because he/she wants. It is not necessary as tossing hand of the cosmetic one for the shaving of the beard until foams with glycerine. The moisturizing creams of last generation are able to recover, in few minutes, the lost water to newspaper for the skin until 70 percent.

And the bags, rooster paws and rings?. Fresh compresses or icy mask of the refrigerator and a refreshing gel and drenante ?que is them alone for them - they are the best solution to return the relax to the look

But it is the cosmetic one "fitness", where the masculine public is to his wide ones. It is not of missing. The men potingues enemies have always been declared and although they have been moved by youth's promises, they are unconditional of this cosmetic of sport connotations.

You cremate by day with cold effect. Do restorative massage lotions stop after a sport days, after-shaves of refreshing notes, shampoos that clear the ideas while they eliminate residuals and toxins, perfumes that contribute sensations of immediate well-being, specific products for the contour of eyes that you/they eliminate the bags at once and do they refresh the out looks and why not?, oil to transform the moment of the bathroom into an invigorating party....



The current man is not deprived from a good sauna session or a bathroom to vapor to eliminate toxins and to relax after a day of work and estrés. For it, he/she swims better to reinforce the defenses of the organism, to activate the circulation and to take care of the skin that sessions of heat

The sauna bathroom has such a beneficial effect for the organism as relajante. After a couple of minutes in the sauna begins to even improve the worst day of work. It strengthens, he/she relaxes and it contributes new forces. It provides to the body and the spirit the natural balance.

This short cure of health, contributes well-being to the body, it maintains it in form and at the same time he/she gives amusement and pleasure. The sauna bathrooms already cultivated them the old ones Greek and Roman. It was the cult to the body and the spirit. In our days, it is the moment to forget the clock and to take a "I breathe."

Other times, it is alternated with bathrooms of vapor that contrary to the sauna, it is not so hot but much more humid. Although their effect is very similar to the sauna.

The bathroom temperatures are very soft, between 43 º and 46 º C and the relative humidity it is of 100%, for what is ideal to relax. But it is not alone for that: the vapor is suitable for illnesses of the breathing apparatus.



To lose the hair, the traumas the shaving and to increase two sizes the belt, they are the three aesthetic problems that more worries the men. And in fact, to press their opinion on the "war of the michelines", the Spanish Society of Endocrinología and Nutrition, the Society for the Study of the Obesity and the laboratories Roche, they have elaborated a study in which says that something more than half of the Spanish population it has appealed to a method to lose weight.

The investigation, carried out starting from a sample of more than a thousand people of ages understood between the 18 and 62 years, it has also shown that in occasions, the Spaniards appeal to the employment of incorrect weigh loss systems as the diets miracle (31% of those interviewed) or to stop to eat (7%). As interesting contribution it is that 20% of the sample used for the creation of this study only affirms that it would look for the advice of a doctor.

Today's men doesn't resign. Some opt for the passive gymnastics as a perfect resource to reborn the muscles of the gut and stomach. If it is accompanied of involvements of mud and presoterapia?besides a fairly reasonable feeding, the belt will return to its place with more easiness. Alone it is necessary to follow a good treatment.



For executives, liberal, or younger professionals, options exist to choose where to carry out a treatment revitalizante. An escape to a hotel with talasoterapia center, a stay in a calm spa or the possibility you to disconnect during some hours, not very far from the office.

The aesthetic termalismo, is the urban and next version of the spas and traditional Thermal Baths. In the urban SPA, one can enjoy the habitual treatments of these centers and in moments of labor rest.

The city spas have private booths where they are carried out applications of hot mires, massages under the water, ointments mineralizantes for relax therapies, stimulation of the sanguine circulation and setting about to the skin.

There are also thermal circuits or forfaits that are traveled planned through the different facilities of the center. The most frequent is to combine dry sauna, humid sauna, rain, cold bathtub, jacuzzi and pools of jets subcuáticos.

Some SPA has sport facilities, fitness rooms, pools acclimatized with personal trainer. Hairdresser and Restaurant with vegetarian menu, snort dietary and plates supervised by a nutricionist

When these SPAS are located in facilities of a Hotel, they usually offer weekend Programs of Well-being that include 2 nights of full board and 6 treatments: Hidromasaje, hidrojet medical, Foot-Baths, involvement, massage and Circuit SPA..


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