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The bath is above all a parenthesis of tranquility where one submerges himself to heat the body and to refresh the spirit.

A cure of daily relaxation that, at night, allows to alleviate the stress accumulated along the whole day and to get sleep. Besides the rest and the pleasure that it offers, it has authentic therapeutic virtues: the heat accelerates the blood circulation, what provides a better irrigation and oxygenation of the organism; it also relaxes the muscles and, at epidermis level, it dilates the pores and it eliminates the sludges.

The water massages the body, especially in the nervous terminations, and the ingravidez effect liberates the articulations and the muscles of the body weight. The skin carries out a natural and exact control of the exchanges between the interior and the exterior. When the skin is in contact with the hot water, the pores open up and the blood vessels expand, transforming the epidermis into a receptive organ that can benefit from the tonic and relaxing elements.

The hipodermis (the last layer of the dermis), always in disadvantage, is for once in a favourable mean, specially if the water contains essential oils, some natural and volatile complexes that are presented in form of aromatic oils.

The heat of the water makes more receptive the skin to the oligoelements, true sources of vitality and indispensable energy for the balance of the skin. The essential oils and the oligoelementos are contained in the products for the bath: you soap, salts, oils... The foams and the soapy gels were conceived at first as products of hygiene, but at the moment they are also synonyms of pleasure and comfort.

It doesn't suit to use them abundantly, because the more foam used the more it dry up the skin; it should always be finished with an abundant shower to leave the skin very clean and trackless of soap. Some of them can be lightly aggressive for the skin; to compensate this defect, the makers use smoothing active elements. the vitamin E, the Aloe vera, the essential oils, the honey or the proteins of the milk.

Once the skin is dryed, the best thing is to apply a cream or moisturizing emulsion. The oils for the body are used from the antiquity. The warriors, before a combat, the rosemary oil were applied in the whole of theirs bodies, as tonic and dynamizing.

The essential oils, extracted of the plants by distillation, they penetrate quickly up to the circulatory system, for this reason they are highly effective. Each one has a virtue: the Sap is astringent, the Broom drena, the Sweet marjoran softens.... Due to their strong concentration (so much that if they are used pure, they could burning the skin), they are associated with simple vegetables oils. Only three or four drops should be toss in the water to achieve the required effect.

The soaps called dermatológics are emulsified cleaners and when are in contact with water form a slight foam, less alkaline than the normal soaps (their pH oscillates between 6 and 6,5), they are very tolerated by all the skins, included the most sensitive. They don't make as much foam as the classic soaps.



The benefits of the bath are many but, as in everything, it is necessary to be wise and reserved.

  • Too hot and too long it can cause a rupture in the tiny capillary vessels causing slight nuisances (excessive perspiration, sickness, stunned state.)*
  • Prudence also with the products that are used: the foams should be used with moderation, since they are astringent and they dry up the skin lightly; on the contrary, the oils are very beneficial due to the protector coat that they leave on the skin.
  • The very hot bath contribute to the loss of elasticity and the phenomenons caused by the cellulitis increase. When they are very lingering they dehydrate, since the horny layer is soaked of water and the hydrolipídic coat that works like a protector screen disappears.
  • To perspire in the bath doesn't lose weight, but the vessels dilation contributes to eliminate toxins and it prepares the skin to receive the active elements of the slimming creams.
  • After making sport it is necessary to take a hot bath. The intensity and the muscular contractions increase the lactic acid, responsible for the fatigue; the heat of the bath dissipates that acid.



  • Relaxing.
    Temperature: 35 to 36 degrees
    Time: 10 minutes
    Essential oil: geranium, thyme, pine, rosemary, juniper.
    Recommendations: In the mornings, with less temperature and less time, the bath strengthens the body after the sleepiness of the night.
  • Terapeutic.
    Temperature: 37 to 38 degrees
    Time: 30 minutes
    Products: Minerals salts(magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium silicon)
    Recommendations: Their therapeutic properties are suitable for affections of the skin, of the apparatus locomotive or of the nervous system. It has antiinflamatory, antiseptic and relaxing effetcs, because their mineralixing component can cross the cutaneous barriers.

To increase their benefits, not to soap after the bath and is advisable to lie down wrapped in a towel during 20 minutes.

Enjoy your time of relax.

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