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Aesthetic and Decoration

The algae constitute the biggest vegetation in the marine flora, existing more than twenty thousand varieties in the oceans and , surprisingly, only are used around a score of twenty in aesthetic treatments.

These plants, owe their color to the quantity of Sun light received, being very appreciated by their richess in mineral salts. The "marine forests" of algae living in the cold waters of the French Bretaña are a concentrate of vitamins that improves the nervous system and also alleviates the estress.

Used through the hydrotherapy, these substances return vitality to the cells and they improve and strengthen the blood circulation system. Due to the histamina content a vessels dilatation and perspiration take place, generating the elimination of toxins through the skin.

In Aesthetics, the algae are very effective when combatting the cellulitis, since they distribute the nutrients, they stimulate the ductless glands and clean the lymphatic system through the elimination of uric acid.

The draining and purifying power of the algae favour the slimming, improves the blood and lymphatic circulation and eliminates toxins. Their high iodine content plays an important role in the regulation of the thyroid gland.

In the decoration and the algae knowledge divulging, Martha Bellocq, specialist in treatment with marine algae, has participated in several exhibitions showing her artistic works carried out by means of treatment and application of overflowing variety of species of the marine flora.

When looking the algae in the sea, from now on we will have to remember of the thousands of benefits that they offer we have to say to us as the french oceanógrapher Jacques Cousteau did: As a Prove of God distrust toward the man as guardian of his Divine Work is that he planted his most beautiful garden under the water of the ocean."

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