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According to the cosmetic studies, there is an important analogy between elements discovered into the water and the plancton at Moligt-les-Bains and those into the liquids of human body.

Precisely from this similarity, it comes out the idea of utilizing the plancton and his affinity to the living tissue to obtain that it would remaining in good health condition and renegerating it when its vital process tend to weakening.

The problems that arisen with the practical use of this matter ( i.e., his selection, culture, stabilization and preservation of its vital elements) were already solved so the plancton became part of the basic matter used in the cosmetic.

"A cubic centimetre of plancton in its best efficiency conditions- write G. Marissal- represent the syntesis of all dermatological and cosmetic properties of 8.000 litres of thermal water.

It should be observed that we need 150.000 litres of water from Moligt-les-Bains in order to obtain 1 kg. of plancton.

Nowadays, the Cosmetic, elevated to the rank of science, studies and perfects with the greatest attention the beauty products destined to penetrate through the skin and restablish the integrity of those tissues altered by the age.

The ointments are only an historic memory. Nowadays the cosmetologist must be not only an specialized chemist but a biologist and a physiologist.

The basic sustances used in the beauty products, are clasified, in general, according to its origin: animal, vegetal, chemical etc. However, between them, there are some fundamental such as those that constitute the proteins and the amino acids.

The seaweed and its extracts ( alginates) enters as well into the world of the Cosmetology because of the interesting concentration of marine elements, trace elements richness, and organic iodine.

The seaweed and alginates are used in the preparations for the face slimming and the face lines modelling.

(Summarize of the journalistic article rewarded by Cosmetics The Toja, CORP. in 1984, to journalist Mayte Suárez with reason of the commemoration of their 80 Anniversary. President of the Jury, the Spanish writer, died today, D. Gonzálo Torrente Ballester).


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