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Place: A Yangpyung, the largest thermal station of Asia,one hour off Seul.
Facilities: Dietetic treatment, ansiety and stress. Prenatal programme. Balneovital.
Equipment: Relaxing pool, hydromassaje cialis price 20mg, Saunas in grotto. golf, skiing, and sleigh rides.
Address: 325-1 Samsungri. Yongmoonmyun. Kyunggido.
Tel. 00 82 338 73-3888
Place: Five star beach resort located within Singapore`s fun Island Sentosa.
Specialties: Marine facials, remineralising soaks, ocean mud treatments.
Equipment: Outdoor swimming pool, private treatment cabins, hydrotherapy bath systems .
Leisure activities: Centre for Nautical activities.
Address: Level 1,101 Siloso Road. Sentosa.
Tel. 00 65 270 2933
Place: Over the China Sea, is the perfect escapade. It has a Thermal Centre.
Facilities: Anti-stress, aromatherapy treatments, facial and body treatments.
Equipment: The largest outdoor pool in Hong-Kong. Hydromassage.
Pleasure activities: Beach, tennis, terraces for recreation games..
Address: 1 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon.
Tel. 00 852 2452 8888
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