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The S.F.T.T.S.B.D. presents a research about Medical Hydrology applied to Odonto-Estomatology.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) recognizes a therapeutic interest in the thermalism for all concerning with the mouth and teeth.

According to the study about the Medical Hydrology when applied in the Odonto- Estomatology, carried out by Dr. Jean Yves Guedes, of the S.F.T.T.S.B.D, the thermal medication, either with mineral water or sea water, is applied in Odonto – Stomatology as a complement to the traditional treatments of the parodontopatíes and of the buccal-lingual affections of the mucous membranes.

The report explains the use of the mineral waters with therapeutic aims from the medical hydrological matter including the study of its origin, its extraction, conservation, analysis and control, and from the medical aspect that concerns more to the biological effects of its pharmacology, forms of use and prescriptions.


At the present, the french thermal stations of Roscoff and Agde, apply the Buccal Thalassotherapy acting as supplements of the so called classic treatments .

The therapeutic action of the sea water is exercised through a triple action:

  • Physical-mechanical: filiform jets thrown on the mouth mucous, and mainly, gingival, washing the parodontal cavities and the inter-dental spaces. These jets of sea water carry out a massage of the mouth tisues that favors the vasodilatador effect and therefore the contribution of oxygen.
  • Thermal: the water temperature can ranges from 38º to 45ºC, according to the cases, creating a dilation of the bloood vessels. The marine water has an average Ph of 8 that favors the cellular exchanges, as well as the absorption of the polimetálic richness of the sea water.
  • Chemical: The marine water is very rich in salts, it contains approximately thirty metals or metalloids being partly in state of dissociation: ions. These mobile ions in static balance, are in constant movement but the biochemical balance breaks when water is warmed reaching temperature over 45º.

It is necessary to highlight the external action due to the antibiotic power of the sea water. In the internal action the buccal tissues are favored by the power of oxidation-reducction and the trans-mineralización. The cutaneous barrier is penetrated by the marine ions. It has been demonstrated by scientific reports. This penetration is more foreseeable for the buccal mucous that has a much higher capacity of absorption.

The sea water with its 858 mgs oxygen/kg possesses a power of oxidizing-reducction very interesting. The increasing of oxygen improves the metabolism and the cellular functioning and, on the other hand, it reactivates the natural defenses. Together with oxidizing-reduction power exist the trans-mineralización. The bucal mucous is very permeable to the electrolytic ions.


The director of the research study, Dr. Jean Yves Guedes, highlights the psychological action exercised by the Thalassotherapy when applied in patients suffering from parodontopaties, since many of them don't have a favorable cure with the hydrotherapy with the result that they value this cure with sea water and they have learned how to know the buccal hygiene.

Although the bucal showers with sea water are effective since they increase the blood circulation, producing a vasodilator and decongestant effect and intensifying the changes at cellular level, there are some counter-indications in patients with buccal keratosis that require a diagnosis and monitoring of the illness.

Finally, the Dr. J.Y.Guedes, director of the Commission of Thalassotherapy of the French Society of Thermalism and Thalassotherapy for the Buccal Dental Health, underlines, as conclusion, that those patients undergoing a cure of buccal thalassotherapy, are object of two medical checkups.

First of all when entering in the thermal establishment, is to study the viability of applying sessions of buccal showers according to the diagnostic. These showers have a duration ranging from 10 to 15 minutes each one, and is one session by day. Once concluded the treatment, the sick persons are evaluated to establish the result of the cure by buccal thalassotherapy.

The prescription of the cures were previously made by thermal doctors until 13th March 1986, that becomes the surgeon dentist's responsibility. Nevertheless, the monitoring of the cure is carried out at the present by the thermal doctor whose treatment is financed by the French Social Security.

Mayte Suárez Santos. Scientific Journalist specialized in Medicine and Thermalism.
Member of the French Society of Thermalism and Thalassotherapy for the Buco-Dental Health.


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