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Climatotheraphy In The Dead Sea


The “climatic effect” of the Dead Sea favours the Psoriasis treatment.

The climatotherapy in the Dead Sea is as effective as the traditional hospital treatments. To this conclusion arrived a group of dermatologists of the Hadassa Hospital of Jerusalem, after carrying out an scientific report on therapies by means of the climate in which were participating over two thousand patient suffering from psoriasis, most of then from Northern and Central Europe.

Dead Sea 2The therapy is based in the climatic factors prevailing in this place, considered the lowest point in the earth, and also in psychological and educational factors that include conferences, debate groups and medicines of common use and local application such as vaseline, salicylic acid, and in some cases, tar.

The climatic factors are, first of all, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, which is mainly in the part UV-TO of the spectrum due to the Dead Sea is located 394 meters below the level of the sea. Severe solar burns are very strange and only this happens when being exposed during noon hours.

The Dead Sea contains near 30% of salts with magnesium as dominant cation and bromo as dominant anion. The mire found in this sea probably contains a fotosensitizer.


The investigation study to which had access TermasWorld was directed by doctor Willy W. Avrach, pertaining to Dermatology Department of the Hazada Hospital of Jerusalem, and medical director of the International Centre of the Psoriasis Treatment. Dead sea.

In this work the protocols to follow are enumerated and the final number of patients approaches to two thousand, in same number of men that women, and in groups of ages oscillating from 9 to 80 years.

The daily care is carried out by a team of nurses and under the supervision of a dermatólogits team that consulte the sick persons twice a week. The patients follow a treatment program with regular sea and sun Baths, beginning initially the exhibition to the sun during half an hour twice a day increasing the dose up to seven hours daily.

At the beginning, the sea baths are twice a day, 10 minutes in total, until get four times a day 20 minutes each. It has been proven that even patient with sensitive skin don't suffer from solar burns. The reason of that should be the Dead Sea location to 394 meters under the sea level. Part of the spectrum UV is due to the highest atmospheric pressure.

Salt Mines formationThe 96% of the patients improved during a period of treatment of 4 weeks. 1% didn't show changes in its skin, and other 1% it experienced a worsening in their illness. The deteriorations were found in patient with hipersensibility to solar radiations and in sick persons that suffered from endogenous depressions.

Most of the sick persons were controlled during 8 days and two months after, at domiciliary level. Later on, they answered the questionnaires that were sent to them every two months in order to discover when the illness appeared again.

The 45% of the reappearances took place starting from the first month after having concluded the treatment, Mischler and Krebs point out that after the Goeckerman treatment (tar and rays UV), 45% of the treaties had a reappearance after one month.

It is interesting to point out that 65% of the patients having reappearances, found that they were softest than after other treatments, although 60% of patient before the climatotherapy noticed that their skin deteriorated year after year.

As it is picked up the scientific report, the types eritrodérmicos and the widespread one (more than 60% of the surface of the body covered by lesions) they were also treated successfully, but particular considerations were taken by this group of patient. Among other, they were less exposed to the rays UV and the local applications were given with caution, also the time of baths in the hipertónic sea was restricted.


27% of the patients had serious pains in its articulations when arriving to the Dead Sea. None distinction was made between arthritic psoriasis and other psoriasis classes. 77% of the arthritic patients was treated completely of the symptoms in its articulations at the end of the period of treatment.

Many patients had been hospitalized several times. They found that it was better psychologically to participate in the climatotherapy that to be hospitalized. Besides they feel that they were better preparated to face the ilness derived problems. After having participated in the educational program of the center of the Dead Sea. To be together with partners of suffering, gave them the opportunity to discuss the illness and to see their different aspects.

Israel Most of the patients had not been before in a public beach. In the Dead Sea, the appearance of the skin was not a problem, and when returning to its respective countries, most of the patients cheered up to go to the beaches.

The specialists highlight that it is difficult to compare the results of the climatotherapy with those of the hospitalization. Habitually, the patients remain in the hospital until one obtains the wanted result, as long as the climatic therapy, for practical reasons, notices the date of finalización of the treatment ahead of time. Therefore, it is easier for the patients to plan their daily life later.


The investigation study concludes with several recommendations.

After four weeks of climatotherapy in the Dead Sea, the obtained results went similar to those obtained after the intensive traditional hospital treatments, and without using remedies that can cause serious secondary effects.

To 96% of the patients, or they disappeared him completely the symptoms or they improved. Later on a remarkable psychological improvement was noticed in the patients, after having participated in the educational programs.

A softer reappearance that was observed in 65% of the patients after the hospital treatments.
The climatoterapia is as effective as the traditional hospital treatments. The climatoterapia is also cheaper than the hospital treatment, still in those cases in that the patient should travel from far. On the other hand, the beds of the hospitals are free for sick of other ailments.

To remember that in 1951 the Medical Center opened up Hadassa, to 1 km. to Ein Karem's Southwest. This building has become famous for the windows of its synagogue. It works of the Russian Jewish artist Marc Chagall, they represent Jacob's twelve children.

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