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The Pelotherapy


The thalassotherapy use the elements obtained from the sea to get our embellishment. The bottom of the sea is the reserve for the marine cosmetic. From its fauna and flora the most active and sophisticated ingredients are extracted to be used in the fight against the aging.

Composed and controlled scientifically, the thermal peloide is a natural medicament whose thermotherápic action causes, together with the mineral-medicinal water, an relaxing and analgesic effect. Its application is knowm as Pélotherapy, being used under a rigorous control of quality and medical prescription in the spas of France, Germany and Italy as the most advanced therapy to combat the Rheumatism. 

In the mineral-medicinal waters, the changes of temperature, the loss of carbonic gas, the oxidation and the action of the flora, facilitate the formation of sediments, frequently silicates (micas, clays) ,carbonates (calcita magnésica), sulphates (plaster, barita, etc), sulphurs and sulphosalts. However there are also organic components, as humus acids and algobacterias. This variable silt used as therapeutic agent is known as peloide. 

The Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology, defines the thermal peloide, as a mixture of mineral-medicinal water and a natural solid product, it needs a preparation process, and it is used in thermal establishments. Although there are different types of thermal peloides -mires or MUDS, peats, biogleas and sapropels- those most used habitually in Spain are the mires or muds. 

According to theirs characteristics, they undergo maceration processes or maturation in mineral-medicinal water in order to reach bigger homogeneity and plasticity. All they have an low index of cooling and this characteristic allows to apply them at high temperatures during a lenghty time and to the thermotherápic effect it is necessary to add the therapeutic effect of the mineral-medicinal water.


Studies carried out by the University of Valencia pick up the international classification of the peloides and its therapeutic action. Locally, they produce an increase of the temperature in the patient due to the thermic effect of the thermal peloide. 

The immediate reaction is a bloodvessels dilatatión and local hiperemia followed by the stimulation of the breathing and heart frequency of few minutes that causes a discharge of sweat, sensation of pleasant heat and drowsiness. The application should not exceed the fifteen minutes. 

The hipermineralized peloides are stimulative due to the liquid component, sulphurated and scarcely chlorated and radioactive.

Those of liquid component, scarcely mineralized although rich in degenerate sulphurs, calcium and mainly radioactive, are considered sedative. 

The slimes of the Adriatic Sea are used in Italy and Yogoslavia in topical applications as cosmetics, in the treatment of pigmentations, wrinkles, skin flabbiness, etc. They attribute it with a favorable action due to its content in selenium, zinc, iron, magnesium and neutralization of free radicals.

The experts attribute to the peloides an specially suitable therapeutic action to all the processes of chronic Rheumatism: reumatoide arthritis, illness of Still Chauffard, espondiloartritis anquilopoyética, chronic poliartritis following diverse infectious processes, degenerative processes of the unit bone-cartilage, muscular rheumatisms: mialgias, neuralgias, certain endocrine artropatías and very especially the periartritis destruens, frequent in women during the menopause.

They also combat the rigidity, they calm the pain and they facilitate the mobility. Sequels of traumatisms osteoarticulares, fractures and luxaciones, among other rheumatic pathologies. 

Finally, the peloides improve the quality of the patients' life with excellent results when the illness arrives to a chronic phase and for the intensity of the pain. Their action are anti-inflammatory due to the development of algae and bacteria. 


Dax is considered the first french thermal station in Pelotherapy treatment, located in the heart of the Landes Region, there are about 16 spas and a thermal Hospital. Open all the year round, is benefited by a soft oceanic climate what contributes to receive every year, more than 65.000 visitings to undergo a thermal cure. 

The treatment in Dax is directed to all the patients, without limit of age, suffering pathologies of the locomotive apparatus that need attentions in the bones of the articulations, muscular disorders or neurological complications as sciatica. The cure of Pélotherapy offers as well excellent results in the treatments, before and after a surgical operation and post-traumatisms. 

The peloides of Dax enjoys the international recognition due to the quality of theirs natural muds, a mixture semi-solid and oily, a result obtained from the lenghty contact between a fluvial silt (mud of the river l´Adour) and the thermal water. 

The hiperthermal waters, sulphating, calcic and temperature between 54 and 62ºC are applied as a complement of the peloide in every hydrotherapy treatments, and also in rehabilitation programs that are carried out in the thermal station pools. 

Hipermineralized, almost 1 g / liter contains more than:

  • 410 mg/litro of calcium sulfate
  • 116 mg/litro of magnesium sulfate
  • 226 mg/litro of sodium chloride

The muds and mineral waters of Dax are accurately controlled from the production phase until the use in the Thermal Baths. The Municipal Laboratory of Dax is in charge of the control quality, following the normative of "Qualitherme." 


The letter of quality "Qualitherme" contains the following points:

Creation of "Qualitherme" by the Union of the Thermal Establishments of the Landes Region, in 1990.

  • Agreement of the Thermal Establishments regarding a politics of quality.
  • Be Interested in guarantee to the curistas a quality and security of benefits.
  • A letter of Quality impossing some approaches to respect: hygiene of the facilities and of the thermal treatments and quality of the thermal products at the visitors' disposition.
  • Voluntary autocontrol that should be added to the obligatory regulation controls.
  • Adhesion of all Thermal Establishments pertainig to the Department of the Landes Region and particularly, that of Dax. 

To carry out the norms of autocontrol of the thermal products, an independent Laboratory is in charge. This is an added value of the official control, carried out by the Regional Laboratory of Analysis and Control of the Mineral Waters in connection with the DDASS of the Landes Region. 

Finally to highlight the high organization level, keeping in mind that the responsible of each establishment knows the sanitary situation of his thermal products in connection with the regulation demands. 

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Mayte Suárez Santos. Specialist in Medicine and Termalismo.
Member of the French Society of Termalismo and Talasoterapia for the Buco-dental Health.


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