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Pretty Like a Sea


The thalassotherapy use the elements obtained from the sea to get our embellishment. The bottom of the sea is the reserve for the marine cosmetic. From its fauna and flora the most active and sophisticated ingredients are extracted to be used in the fight against the aging.

Not only beauty creams are elaborated based on marine principles such as algae, salts or MUDS, there are also another range composed by elements coming from the thermal placton (rich in lípids, proteins, oligoelements and vitamins) or animals from which are extracted the colagen and elastina. The cosmetic use of the coveted caviar is included in the last case.

The sturgeons and their spawns are not only considered as a desired object for the richness palates: the richest women in the planet bet for this food as an essential componentments of creams and beauty treatments. Just like the genuine caviar reach prohibited prices for most of us, its packing as cosmetic products become equally expensive.

The Iranians, the main world producers of caviar, from the antiquity, they took Baths in lukewarm water blended with aromatic oils and mixed with this food. In Russia, another of the most important exporters, some decades before, the caviar was used in the scaring of the epidermis after being subjected to a surgical operation

The elaboration of some cosmetics, mainly those handmade, according several firms, may take four months approximately. They publish its miraculous effects, with formulas that regenerate the skin almost immediately or acting as a lifting.


What is the reason for this mythical fame and the legend of this whim of the gods? The scientists are coincidental when affirming that the sturgeon spawns possess a very high content of vitamins, minerals and proteins, in an unusual proportion. Therefore, the caviar becomes an ingredient of latest generation of the formulations, equivalent to those resembling an elixir of the eternal youthfulness.

The treatment with highest content in caviar, responds to the name of a german biochemistry, residing in París: Ingrid Millet. She was one of the first persons studying the cosmetic advantages of the sturgeon spawns. Her investigations, extracting cells from this food helped, mainly, in the process of skin rejuvenation.

Doctor Millet assured that the caviar composition resembles that of the cells of the young epidermis a lot, with high dose of essential fatty acids, amino acids, mineral salts, vitamin B, zinc and iron. Since her renowned Institute of Beauté, created a range of cosmetics in which she mixed this marine fruit with other delights such as oyster extracts, algae and marine muds.

A discovery that, despite its cost, it has had and always it will have insured the sale due to the qualities which it seems to possess when treating the skin. Some of the produts from exclusive firms, offering cosmetics lines based in the caviar, are equiped with an spatula to avoid any possible bacteria and to respect the nature.

The companies utilizing this coveted matter as cosmetic substance, they assure that they only acquire it in the countries respecting the International Convention on Species in danger of dying out, since the sturgeon it is very scarce. The latest agreements can make that, in a short time, the capture could become prohibited.


Starting from the second decade of this century, the caviar has been the food that better symbolizes the luxury and the refinement of those who can pay its astronomic price. An exquisiteness of the Czars that was exported to the western countries thanks to the gastronomic exhibition that took place in Paris in 1920.

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By Mayte Suárez Santos. Journalist specialized in Medicine and Thermalism.
Member of the French Society of Thermalism and Thalasotherapy for the Buco-dental Health.


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