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“Thermal clusters: present situation, proposals, and strategies for health care and local development”, is the main theme of Congress to be held in October 15-20,sponsored by Ministry of Health.

Representatives and experts from 23 countries will participate in the FEMTEC Congress on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the World Hydrotherapy Federation, the only trade association accredited with the World Health Organization.

The historic event will take place at the Continental Terme Ischia Hotel, in Ischia Porto (Naples) under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Health.

Prof. Umberto Solimene & FEMTECPRESENTATION
In the presentation of the Congress program, the President of FEMTEC, Prof. Umberto Solimene highlight the very topical theme is “Thermal clusters: Present situation, proposals, and strategies for health care and local development" .According to the definition of the World Health Organization  a health clusteris an aggregate of local entities that coordinate with each other to study and define practices and strategies for a specific health sector"

"When such regions feature scientifically acknowledged mineral water sources, their potentials to act in view of improving the quality of life of people are expanded even further. In this case these are referred to as “health thermal clusters”. In this respect, environmental, therapeutic, cultural, and anthropological resources act in synergy in view of good health, as well as of local economic development.

The present challenges posed by modern and environmentally advanced society can find a comprehensive response in the resources offered by “thermal clusters”, a true heritage of the past that can be experienced with a modern approach.

 However, this calls for forms of aggregation and organization into a “system”, as well as for effective actions by a variety of “players” (politicians, administrators, entrepreneurs, companies) at local, national, and international level. The “genius loci” of the thermal resort obviously needs to be preserved, but inserted into a local integrated vision.This trend is being understood and partly implemented in most European countries that boast a thermal culture and tradition".

FEMTEC  celebrates the 80th Anniversary of its foundation this year, and offers its members an opportunity to meditate on, evaluate, and carry out an operational review of this subject, which may provide a starting point for the renaissance of hydrotherapy in the modern age. The representatives of outstanding institutions, including WHO, ESPA,EAPTC, ISMH, EMA, and the individual national trade Federations, will provide their practical input.

The CME-accredited Congress will discuss and develop the individual thermal issues dealing specifically with:

  • Structure, organization, and management of national and international thermal clusters
  • Remote physician and operator training
  • Research as a factor for knowledge and information
  • The role of thermal patients-users
  • Communication
  • Traditional and IT marketing
  • New technologies and health safety
  • Health insurance
  • Health tourism

The Organizing Committee of Congress is composed of:
President: Antonio Fimiani (Hot springs of Ischia)
Members: Giuseppe Di Costanzo (President of Asso-Termalists Isle of Ischia), Giancarlo Carriero (President of tourism section of Industrialists Union of Naples and Councellor of Federterme), Giovanni Gurnari (Vice President of FEMTEC), Gianni Balestrieri (President of "Centre Studies Iasolino" Isle of Ischia).

Brand new,included in the agenda of the event,is the session “HOT SPRINGS CHINA DAY”, where the Chinese Thermal Association will discuss its potentials and service offering to western experts and tour operators. Investments in the tourist sector in China totalled more than 130 billion EUR (+46%) in 2016, and forecasts were tripled for the next three years.

A poster exhibition will describe the historical, cultural, and scientific features of hydrotherapy.

 “Venue selection – the Isle of ISCHIA  is not only dictated by logistic requirements", says Umberto Solimene, president of FEMTEC, “but also conveys the significance of introducing a unique region in terms of environmental, cultural, and thermal resources, integrated into an unusual geography. We are expected to carry out ahard and proactive work. While we are aware of the challenges, we trust our strengths and the scientific and entrepreneurial value, in view of building a common thermal house” .

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The GRUPO TERMAS adheres to the thermal scientific community expressing the full recognition towards the FEMTEC roll that has promoted a global vision of Hydrotherapy throughout its 80 years of existence and which we celebrate today with great satisfaction and immense gratitude.

At the same time, we would like to express our congratulations and appreciation for the work done and the success achieved by Professor Umberto Solimene, Director of World Health Organization (WHO) Coll. Center for Traditional and Complementary Medicine of the State University of Milan (Italy). President of FEMTEC as well as distinguished member of the scientific advisory team of Termas World specialized magazine of the thermal sector attached to the GRUPO TERMAS.

For his outstanding scientific and research work and as the continuator of this legacy in the new millennium, Professor Solimene is considered one of the highest representatives of the World Hydrotherapy. Many successes President. It is a privilege to learn from your knowledge, you will always have our unconditional support. It is an honor as member to be part  of the FEMTEC Family. | Mayte Suárez Santos. Editor |

The Aragonese Castle and the ancient village of Ischia Ponte.
The Aragonese Castle and the ancient village of Ischia Ponte.

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