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At the event, will showcase the very first pilot of the Thermal Atlas project, an initiative for the study and dissemination of the Thermal Heritage of Europe.

The key role that historic thermal towns should play in the construction of a European tourism destination committed with sustainable development, culture and well being will be discussed at the European Parliament.

The presentation to MEPs will take place on  15th September at the European Parliament Building in Strasbourg, and is hosted by MEP Francisco Millán Mon, co-President of the Intergroup “European Tourism Development, Cultural Heritage, Ways of St James and other European Cultural Routes”, MEP Silvia Costa, President of the Committee on Culture & Education of the European Parliament, and by Mr Giuseppe Bellandi, President of EHTTA and Mayor of Montecatini.

The presentation will increase the visibility of an international network which has been working for understanding and safeguarding of European thermal heritage for almost seven years, and will be open to Members of EU Parliament, tourism stakeholders, researchers and journalists, as well as delegations from the EHTTA member cities. Representatives from the Council of Europe and the European Institute of Cultural Routes will also take part, supporting a network which in 2010 was certified as Cultural Route by the Council of Europe.

At the event, EHTTA will showcase the very first pilot of the Thermal Atlas project, an ambitious initiative for the study and dissemination of the Thermal Heritage of Europe. Lead by this association and developed by its Scientific Committee, the Thermal Atlas aims to become the most complete resource on thermalism in Europe, building an essential database on the natural, cultural and intangible resources that have made of thermal towns key actors in the history and identity of Europe, places devoted to well-being, health, culture, art and landscape.

This presentation will be an opportunity to launch EHTTA new brochure, showing the versatility, creativity and aspirations of this international non-profit association.

Communications Manager for EHTTA, Catherine Lloyd said, “We needed a new brochure to reflect the fact that EHTTA has grown from 26 members to nearly 40 members in the last three years, and to include our newest members. We wanted to go for a look which would really show off our towns – their history, architecture, culture and of course the thermal water sources themselves, and we feel that this brochure, designed and printed by Buckland Media in the UK will be a fantastic advert for the Association and its members.”

EHTTA is responsible for the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns. All members have a rich historic and cultural heritage and use their thermal mineral waters for health and well-being. EHTTA’s mission is to enhance, protect, and promote thermalism in Europe.

The EHTTA was created in 2009  in Brussels, and soon after was designated as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, one of just 33 across Europe. Nearly 40 members in 13 countries such as Vichy (France), Baden Baden (Germany), Bath (United Kingdom), Ourense (Spain), Montecatini Terme (Italy) but also Budapest (Hungary), Daruvar (Croatia), Caldas da Rainha (Portugal) and Loutra Pozar (Greece)

The aims of this European network are to obtain recognition for the innovative and cultural qualities of European SPA towns at the European Union level, in order to develop a new plan for the tourist sector by encouraging cross-border tourism in the framework of "Destination Europe".

EHTTA encourages the economic development of spa towns and the safeguarding of their cultural and built heritage through exchanges of experience and good practices at European level. | More information: ehtta.eu |

Ourense, Thermal Capital of Galicia (Spain), he is a founding member of  EHTTA  since 2009.
Ourense, Thermal Capital of Galicia (Spain), he is a founding member of EHTTA since 2009.


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