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"Evergreen Balneology; the way ahead" is the motto of scientific meeting to be held in conjunction with the Congress of The Romanian Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Balneoclimatology, between 19- 21 May 2016. Prof. Dr.Pedro Cantista assumes office as President of ISMH.

cartel _41st_ISMH_CONGRESSRomania  will welcome the 41st Congress of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH). After the success of the meeting of Rio de Janeiro last year, Bucarest, surnamed the " little Paris",  takes over as the capital of thermal research and medical balneotherapy and scientific  headquarters  of the international summit, to be inaugurated on May 19 at the Parliament Palace.

Romanian Association of Balneology and International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH) will organize the 41st ISMH World Congress in conjoint with the Congress of the Romanian Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Balneoclimatology (RSPRMB). The Congress will carry on the high scientific patronage of Romanian Academy.

41st ISMH World Congress is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) to provide the following CME activity for medical specialists and designated for up to 15 hours of European external CME credits.  Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.

In the present edition, the main motto is "Evergreen balneology - the way ahead”, being an excellent opportunity  to highlight "the ancientness and modernity of balneology and to come into prominence its' added value within contemporary medicine given by the unity with physical medicine and rehabilitation" says Prof.Dr.Olga Surdu, President of Congress.

Karagulle, Pedro Cantista,
Olga Surdu , Constantin Munteanu

In her greeting message makes a reflection  upon different aspects of balneology.  " After we have had congresses in Extreme Orient (Japan, 2014) and in Latin America (Brazil, 2015),  we have seen and understood that there's a real world heritage and culture of thermalisme/balneotherapy whose cradle is Europe. So, we come back in our European home, this time in Romania, for the 41st congress, with new topics and approaches".

Romania was dwelled since the beginning of the world history until today and archaeological remains of Greek, Roman, and Ottoman Empire culture are found all over the country together with archaeological remains your  own culture.

"Romania has a huge variety of natural factors used in balneal/thermal stations: climate (including: relief, hydrology, vegetation and the microclimate of salt mine), mineral/thermal waters (for bathing and drinking cure), mud/peat and gases. Geographical disposal/spread out of natural factors (springs, lakes, mud/peat and gases) is an important characteristic of Romanian balneotherapy meaning".

Finally the Congress President, Assoc.  Prof. Dr. Olga Surdu. invites  to all collegues  to join the 41st Congress of ISMH ”and enjoy Bucharest, the capital, Romanian Academy, the highest scientific forum and Romanian Parliament Palace".

Romania and  Balneotherapy  tradition
In the presentation of the 41th World Congress of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology to the members of ISMH and colleagues of Balneology, President, Prof. Dr. Zeki M. Karagülle, welcomes next international scientific meeting ISMH, in Bucharest.

"After two international balneologic gatherings in two continents in Japan and Brazil, we are returning back to Europe, the cradle of Medical Hydrology and Climatology. We are excited about our reunion this time in one of the most typical traditional eastern European countries of balneology: Romania".

"Balneotherapy has a long European and Asian tradition , and we consider Romania as an important player for the international connections in this area, due to its geographical position, the millenary tradition and its extraordinary natural therapeutic resources and nevertheless its very skilled and diligent related Medical and Academic School."

"The local organizers are our well-known colleagues; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Olga Surdu as Congress President; President of Romanian Association of Balneology  Dr. Constantin Munteanu as Organizing Committe President and Prof. Dr. Gelu Onose as Local  Scientific Committee President, they will be happy to welcome you in Bucharest for 41st Congress of ISMH."

"I thank them in advance since I am familiar with their engagement and enthusiasm in balneology and I believe we all will appreciate their great efforts in organization such a successful event in all aspects. I would also like to express my gratitude to Romanian Association of Balneology ARB (Asociaţia Română de Balneologie) for their support and collaboration".

The Prof.Dr. Karagülle concluded by inviting to participate in the next 41st World Congress ISMH. "This congress of our "Global Association"  reflect the scientific activities, research and Developments not only in Europe but in the whole globe past".


Natural Therapeutic Factors and Procedures

  • Mineral waters
  • Peloids
  • Climate
  • Thalassa
  • Gases (Mofettes, Solphatares)
  • Salt mines and caves

Healthy Lifestyle, Ethical, Economical and Legal issues

  • Healthy ageing
  • Balneoclimatology and Lifestyle
  • Ethical and/or Legal issues
  • Balneo Tourism Destinations Marketing

Balneology & Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Musculoskeletal pathology
  • Neurological & Communicational and/or Psycho-Cognitive pathology
  • Paediatric pathology
  • Geriatric pathology
  • Cardiovascular - prevention and pathology
  • Physio-/ Kinesiotherapy
  • Politrauma including in Military Challenges
  • Holistic Integrative Interventions
  • Education and Scientific Research
  • Miscellaneous

POSTER PRESENTATIONS:  Deadline 10th of May.
The E-posters must be sent as PDF files, A4 dimensions, Landscape, by email:

ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Until 10th of May.
PowerPoint or PDF files for oral presentations  must be sent archived, by email:

The General Assembly will take place on 20th of May. During the ceremony of 41st ISMH Congress Romania 2016, Prof. Dr. Pedro Cantista will take up his position as new President of ISMH.

It is recalled that by decision of the General Assembly held during the 39th ISMH in Kyoto / Japan 2014, the  delegates of the Assembly considering the globally increasing scientific activity in Balneology decided that ISMH Congresses could be held annually. The candidate countries for the upcoming two annual ISMH congresses of 40th (2015) and 41th (2016) were Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and in Romania (Bucharest).

Delegates from Russia and Poland declared also their candidacies for the following congresses in 2017 and 2018 with the great appreciation and acceptation by the delegates of the Assembly.

Balneo Research Journal
The official Journal of the 41st ISMH World Congress - Balneo Research Journal (, published by the Romanian Association of Balneology, in English, provides a platform to disseminate scientific knowledge to researchers, physicians and other authors interested in publishing scientific articles in the field of medical rehabilitation and balneology, as a open-access, multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific journal. | More information on the website Congress: |


Parliament Palace of Romania attracts visitors from all over the world wishing to witness this amazing building in first three positions of the Guiness Book of Records.
Parliament Palace of Romania attracts visitors from all over the world wishing to witness
this amazing building in first three positions of the Guiness Book of Records..


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