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The Scientific Symposium will focus on the topic : "The strategic role of the Russian Medical Thermal Centers for the health´s preservation and restoration". FEMTEC is one of main promoters.

logo rumed2016The XVI edition of the All Russian Forum "Health Resorts 2016" will be held in Kazan (Rep.Tatarstán, Russian Federation) on 22-24 May 2016. It is organized by the National SPA Association of Russia (NKA) with the support and participation of the most important scientific and administrative institutions of the Russian Federation. The World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC) is one of the main promoters.

Presidente de la Repub.Tatarstán.KAZAN CITY HERITAGE
Kazan on the banks of the Volga River and capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, is one of the main centers, economic, political,scientists cultura and sporting in the country. The historical and architectural Kazan Kremlin complex is included by UNESCO in the World Heritage Site since 2000. The city enjoys a multiethnicity and multireligiosity famous for its existence and which is also recognized by UNESCO, this is reflected in a great variety of architectural richness of each confession, as Qul Sharif mosque, one of the largest mosques in Europe. Since April 2009 is considered the Third Capital of Russia.

The President of the Republic of Tatarstan, P. H. Minnikhanov, in his opening greeting, remember that due to the dynamic development of the system of sanatoriums, attracting investment, peace and interethnic and interreligious harmony and the success of a series of major international events "we have earned the right to organize the main forum for health centers industry  in the country, "Health Resorts 2016".

"Health, prevention and formation of a healthy lifestyle, preventive treatment and medical rehabilitation, is the most important tasks of social policy at the present stage of development of society".

The All Russian Forum "Health Resorts 2016" is the main scientific and practical event of the year in sanatoriums industry. Within this framework common problems in this sector will be discussed to find solutions to them and learn from the experience of successful national and foreign spas and health centers.

He ends his message to the participants and guests of the Forum "Health Resorts 2016" expressing his desire to "an active, fruitful and creative work in the hospitable land of Tatarstan".

Presidente del Forum Health Resorts 2016 Prof. Dr..A. RazumovPRESENTATION
The President of the Forum Prof. Dr. A. Razumov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Scientific Merit of Russia, highlighted in his welcome message the importance of holding the All Russian Forum "Health Resorts 2016" in the Republic of Tatarstan, "where have been successfully and actively promoted the application of modern approaches to healthy lifestyles and prevention of various diseases in sanatoriums and resorts, which use effectively the entire spectrum of climate and recreational of the existing resources”.

This issue is particularly relevant given that Russia "is becoming an active part  in a new system for providing sanatoriums and rehabilitation and restoration services, focusing on the field of healthcare industry. A process that is accompanied by substantial changes in the theory and practice of treatment and rehabilitation. despite the enormous challenges that the community faces balneotherapy, more than ever is important to preserve the tradition of treatments in Spas "indicates the President.

About the Symposium program he recalls that in addition to evaluating the quality of representation of scientific and practical achievements, including an important aspect of promoting Wellness and spa treatments. "Many resorts have now learned not only to work effectively in the domestic market and therefore the needs of domestic patients and also to plan ahead globally," says .

In the presentation Program All Russia Forum "Health Resorts 2016", Prof. Dr. A. Razumov welcomes the high level of scientific and administrative representation of national and international institutions, and the confidence that work on sections and roundtables will be accompanied by plans that will produce results and discussions will be constructive".

Given that the focus of the Forum is " The strategic role of the Russian Medical Thermal  Centers for the health´s preservation and restoration", the organization has developed a broad scientific and practical program (round tables, plenary sessions, symposia, workshops ) with the following topics:

  1. Stages prevention treatment and medical rehabilitation: follow-up care  challenges and prospects, cooperation between agencies.
  2. Organization, legal forms of development and the efficient management of the health center industry in Russia, the main stages of training, innovative strategies in developing health and fitnes companies.
  3. Restorative medicine in resorts and medical rehabilitation; sports medicine: achievements and prospects, global trends, technologies, equipment.
  4. Preparation and staff retrainig in the field of medical rehabilitation; restorative medicine, Resort, service and hospitality.
  5. Health technologies, Spas technologies, health, fitness, global trends in the fight against aging; medical and health tourism.
  6. Development of health resort industry the Russian Federation: international  experience and globalization, development strategies, ways to increase efficiency, business process management, characteristics of a sanatorium complex as the object of management.
  7. A client centered approach, health centers and restorative medicine: marketing and advertising, service, food, entertainment, medical consulting and management.

Thermal School for Young
Regarding the need to focus the attention of young people on the value of spa treatment in health and lifestyle, in this edition, XVI Forum "Health Resorts-2016" will be organized a program of "Thermal School for Young” interactive and educational for students of different ages.

It is recalled that All Russian Forum "Health Resorts" is a unique platform for business contacts and to obtain full information on current trends in rehabilitation technologies and treatment and medical rehabilitation.

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Panoramic view of the city of Kazán and of historical and architectural complex of the  Kremlin of Kazán, included by UNESCO in the World Heritage Site since 2000.
Panoramic view of the city of Kazán and of historical and architectural complex
of the Kremlin of Kazán, included by UNESCO in the World Heritage Site since 2000.


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