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Hungary, a country of spas and Wellness, reminds with this commemoration, the heritage of the historic Turkish Baths located in Budapest.

Relax and SPA purest Ottoman style environment have been the activities that bathers and visitors of "Király fürdő" had the opportunity to enjoy the celebration on its 450th anniversary.

The year 2015 closes with brooch of celebrations commemorating the 450th anniversary of one of the iconic Turkish resorts the "Király fürdő", which together with other famous baths as Rácz, Rudas and Lukács, is located in Buda declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On this occasion, between September 28 and October 4, activities designed to raise awareness of the Ottoman heritage and customs representative of a historical period of worship of water and authentic social rite were scheduled.

According to Information of the National Tourist Office of Hungary in Spain, during the celebrations, festivities were conducted such as an ottoman market with food included, organized visits to the facilities, belly dance shows, workshops tea preparation medieval style and manufacturing felts with medieval art.

Kiraly Baths is a very personal building, purest Ottoman style, with beautiful mosaics and bronze domes with the characteristic half moon on top. It is also one of the oldest in the Turkish period and the smallest. It was built by order of Pasha Arszlan in 1565 away from sources of the city so that in case of a possible siege, was guaranteed to bathing within the castle walls.

After the recapture of Buda in 1796, the building became the property of the König family who rebuilt maintaining the original style. It was badly damaged in World War II and its complete renovation took place in 1950.

T'his an elegant spa and one of the few relics of the Turkish time today, as a monument, it presents the Ottoman bathing culture in its original pomp. This particular resort was then and now also supplied by sources of therapeutic water from Lukács Spa.

The thermal water of calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate and sodium sulphate composition and with a significant content of fluoride ion, therapeutically favors degenerative joint diseases and in general, musculoskeletal diseases.

Enter this iconic Turkish bath with over 450 years of history is a privilege. The vaults and lights are part of the appeal of the Turkish baths. It has four indoor thermal pools and medicinal water temperature is between 26- 40 maximum. It offers full-service spa therapy, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. Underwater massage therapy rooms with water jets and as interesting installation, a tub for two with finnish sauna. Since 2011 it remains open as mixed thermal spa all year.

We must remember that the Turks occupied much of Hungary and especially its capital Budapest, and they did not leave the city for nearly 150 years. This occupation marks the beginning of the second age of the culture of baths in the Hungarian country.

The magnificent construction of these public toilets are characterized by vaulted rooms and rooms with closed pools with practical and comfortable design. Facilities to enjoy steam and hot water baths, important elements in Turkish social life where they performed purification rituals of Islam.

Some of these Turkish baths, alternately used by men and women persist over time on the Buda bank of the Danube, at the foot of Gellert Hill, near the Royal Palace and next to Elisabeth Bridge.

The centuries-old Ottoman domes in Király, Rudas and Rác baths, are part of the heritage of historical Turkish spas or fürdö in Hungary. Today, without losing its identity as historic Thermal Baths, are adapting to the ever attractive tourist offer of Budapest, the royal spas town and the thermal capital of the new Europe.

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The centuries-old ottoman domes of turkish thermal baths Király, one of the oldest in Europe
The centuries-old ottoman domes of turkish thermal baths Király, one of the oldest in Europe.


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