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The 7th International Health Tourism Congress which is organized every year by Health Tourism Association of Turkey will be held on November 18-21th, 2015 in Istanbul Silence Hotel & Convention Center in the Turkish capital.

Istanbul will welcome more than 70 countries from the Middle East, Central Asia, the Balkans, Europe, North Africa and the USA, who will participate in the 7th International Congress on Health Tourism in Istanbul/Turkey.

Organized by the Turkish Health Tourism Association, this new edition has as its central theme " Destination generation and management in health tourism” and will have a high participation of prominent members of the global health sector and representatives of the Ministries of Health, Culture and Tourism of Turkey, in order to enrich and strengthen the industry, sector development and synergies within this industry

The main topics to be discussed in the working sessions will be, among others, Health tourism in regional cooperation and destination management. Target markets and marketing strategies in health tourism. Quality and accreditation on health tourism and Opportunities and analysis of health tourism.

They also will be held presentations and project studies internationally on developing successful tourist destinations. Among the interesting projects presented at this prestigious International Congress we must emphasize "Pamukkale Thermal" where the guidelines carried out as a model of healthy city and a tourist destination SPA will be presented. As well as its forecast for international tourism brand positioning.

Located in southwest Turkey, in the valley of the Menderes River in the province of Denizli, Pamukkale (Cotton Castle in Turkish) are the most spectacular limestone travertines forms (usually calcareous sediment, left by some waters) in the world, result of constant sprouting of groundwater as a geyser.

Around this natural geological complex it grew an important city known as Hierapolis, since Greek colonization while the most impressive archaeological remains are the work of the Romans. The hot springs that flow from the interior of these calcareous soils are the source of this miracle and the reason for the settlement here of multiple civilizations.

Along with Hierapolis, Pamukkale, declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, it is considered the most grandiose natural world surreal decorated.

The 7th International Health Tourism Congress also will highlight the potential of Turkey as a source of new business opportunities within this sector. As a destination for investment and commitment to new forms of growth of the tourism sector and connections with both neighboring countries and Europe, North Africa or the United States among others.

Bilateral business meetings will be held with an appointment system between procurement committees invited from Arab countries, North Africa, Sub-Saharan African countries, Europe, Balkans, Russia, the Middle Asia, Caucasians, and Iran and sector representatives participating from Turkey.

With regard to tourism potential in the geothermal industry, Turkey is located between the seven highest-ranking countries in the world and first in Europe with its 1,500 thermal springs. Bed capacity in the various thermal spa centers has reached a combined total of 55.140.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of foreign travelers who came to Turkey in 2014 was 39.8 million, an increase of 5 percent compared to 2013. Along the coast of the Aegean, Mugla received to 9 percent of foreign visitors, followed by Izmir and Aydin 4 and 2 percent, respectively. Further inland country, Denizli (Pamukkale) and Nevsehir (Cappadocia) received each a 3 percent of foreign visitors. | More information: turkeyhealth.net |

Pamukkale (Cotton Castle in Turkish) are the most spectacular limestone travertines forms. A stunning natural geological complex, declared by UNESCO World Heritage since 1988.
Pamukkale (Cotton Castle in Turkish) are the most spectacular limestone travertines forms.
A stunning natural geological complex, declared by UNESCO World Heritage since 1988.


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