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The relevance of Brazil due to the medicinal quality of its thermal waters, it became clear after the success of the 40th ISMH World Congress. Latin America will reinforce links with Europe in Medical Hydrology research. Romania, will be the host country in 2016.

The 40th ISMH World Congress held in conjunction with the 24 National Congress and Expo 2015 ABINAM and 4th Brazilian Symposium on Medical Hydrology and was attended by over 450 participants and representatives from countries with rooted bathing culture like Japan, France, Turkey, Portugal , Romania and Spain. All of them renowned researchers and experts in Hydroclimatology and Hydrotherapy. Besides the thermal field consultants, representatives of institutions and the mineral waters sector.

Sesion Inaugural 40 Congreso ISMH 2015

The relevant events took place from 26 to 28 August 2015 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, being the official venue the Windsor Barra Hotel.

Dr M.Untura President 40 ISMH Congress and Dr. S. Inokuma // Presidente Abinam Carlos Lancia da la bienvenida a los participantes. // Numerosos asistentes a la Cumbre Mundial Brasil 2015INAUGURAL SESSION
The President of the 40th ISMH World Congress, Prof. Dr. Marcos Untura Filho demanded at the opening of the scientific summit the need to "stimulate around the Hydrotherapy in Brazil, encouraging the teaching of this discipline in Brazilian Universities and promote the country again in a Hydrotherapy based on scientific evidence to apply the mineral waters for the benefit of health. "

In his speech he had words of thanks to Dr. Carlos Lancia, ABINAM President for their unconditional backing for the implementation of scientific summit. Recognition also extended to Prof. M.Z. Karagülle of Istanbul University and President of the ISMH due to the realization of this Congress, for the first time in the Americas.

Dr. Marcos Untura received the Medal that credited him as President of the 40th World Congress of ISMH, which was delivered by Dr. Shigeko Inokuma, on behalf of the Japanese Society for Hydrotherapy, Climatology and Physical Medicine, and opened the annual conference of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatotherapy “this represents a milestone for the resurgence of Hydrotherapy in Brazil"said Dr. Untura.

The President of the ISMH, Prof. Dr. M. Zeki Karagülle expressed his satisfaction because for the first time in the history of the ISMH "we met this time in Latin America and this I think will play a crucial role in the international recognition of ISMH. This conference will give a growing scientific activities and developmental momentum not only in Latin America but also in the whole continent of America. "

He concluded by congratulating Dr. Mark Untura Filho, President of the 40th Congress, and Carlos Lancia President of ABINAM "for their great efforts in organizing the event and their commitment and enthusiasm to make it possible to hold a Congress in Latin America."

Prof. Pedro Cantista, elected president of the ISMH in his speech also referred to the importance of this Congress organized by the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatotherapy founded in 1921 and for the second time held outside Europe.

"As we all know, he said, water plays a major role in our lives, in nature, health and the economy. That is why being so important to the health of all of us, we give so little attention in Medical Education. After recall that in our adult lives about 70% of our body consists of water, then how can we then understand the disproportion between this reality and the inattention of curricula of Hydrology in medical schools," he said.

Also recognize the value of Brazilian waters and the role play to his knowledge by the business sector through the Brazilian Society of Mineral Water Industry, he congratulated ABINAM for all the support in the organization. As President of the Portuguese Society of Balneotherapy, delivered two separate plaques of appreciation to Dr. Carlos Lancia and Dr. Petra Sanchez, President and Director of the Scientific Committee respectively ABINAM and Dr. Marcos Untura Filho led the ISMH in Brazil.

Carlos Lancia closed the opening session highlighting "the historical importance" of the 24th National Congress of the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Mineral Waters to perform for the first time this event jointly with the ISMH.

"We are honored to receive in our country the renowned specialists from around the world in a scientific field in which we have a huge potential, although we have much to learn and grow as the Medical Hydrology" he said the President. Finally, a video dedicated to Water, ABINAM symbolic tribute, was screened.

The solemn opening session was chaired by the two Presidents, Prof. Dr. Marcos Untura Filho (Brazil) President of 40th ISMH Congress and Dr. Carlos Alberto Lancia, President ABINAM/SINDICAM (Brazil), Prof. Dr. Müfit Zeki Karagülle (Turkey) President of the ISMH; Prof. Dr. Pedro Cantista (Portugal) President -elect of the ISMH; Prof. Dra. Petra S. Sanchez , Chair of ABINAM Scientific Committee (Brazil) and the President of the Committee of Crenologia/Director General of the DNPM, Dr. Celso Luiz Garcia (Brazil). In addition of authorities and institutions representatives of Mineral Waters sector in Brazil

Ponentes Cumbre Mundial Hidrologia Médica 2015 // Intervención Dra. Mayte Suárez S.Brasil 2015. // Intervención Prof. M. KaragülleSCIENTIFIC SESSIONS
The main theme of this events “Adding Value Through Medical Hydrology”, has the objective provide a high level forum for experts to discuss numerous advanced in medical hydrology, balneology and the scientific evidence of bottled water and health and other issues involving the interest of entrepreneurs dealing with natural mineral waters.

For three intense days were held sessions related to "Scientific evidence in the Medical Hydrology"; "Mineral Water and Health"; The Mineral Waters Industry Marketing "," The Medical Hydrology and Medical Balneotherapy "; The Packaging and Certification INMETRO" and "Mineral and Thermal Water: Public Policy Priorities". Besides the important contribution of oral communications and poster and high-quality and special relevance of the research presented by specialists from Rumanía, Nigerian, Japan and Brazil. See Program (Download pdf)

GRUPO TERMAS has participated continuously since the 18th National Congress of ABINAM held in Fortaleza,Brazil, in 2009.

In this 24th edition held in conjunction with the 40th ISMH World Congress, were present as speakers, prominent members of scientific advisory team of Termas World.

Prof. Dr. Petra Sánchez Sánchez of Mackenzie Presbyterian University, chaired the session on "Mineral Water and Health". In the Session Marketing Mineral Water Industry she has presented " Continuing Education Program ABINAM: Emphasis in Professional Improvement and update" and Session of free themes: Poster presentation.

In the session "Scientific Evidence in Medical Hydrology", the Prof. Dr. Pedro Cantista of Porto University (Portugal) presented "Hydrotherapy vs Balneotherapy : is there a differential in the rehabilitation of locomotor apparatus disorders by the use of natural mineral waters?. And the Prof. Dr. F. Maraver Eyzaguirre of Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) intervened with the theme "Peloids. State of the Art".

Also the Prof. Dr. Müfit Zeki Karagülle of Istanbul University (Turkey) participated as speaker with the theme "Recent Scientific Developments in Medical Hydrology and Balneology".

Highlighting the contributions in the area of research Medical Hidrology expressed by guest speakers Dr. Jose Manoel Carbajo of Jerez de la Frontera University (Spain); Prof Dra. Karagülle Mine of Istanbul University(Turkey); Dr. Shigeko Inokuma, Japanese Red Cross Medical Center (Japan); Dr. Patrick Carpentier of the French Society of Thermal Medicine and Dr. Alain Françon of Center of Rheumatology and Balneoterapia -Aix Les Bains (France).

The president of GRUPO TERMAS, Dr. Mayte Suárez Santos, spoke at the session "Water Mineral and Thermal: Priorities in Public Policy" As speaker she exhibited "The importance of the circuits Baths in Latin America as a Factor of Social and Economic Development and her experience as a consultant in the Cajamarca-Peru Project. The latter scientific session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Marcos Untura Filho, who presented the Diplomas to the speakers.

During the closing ceremony of the World Summit Medical Hydrology Brazil 2015, Dr. Biol.Constantin Munteanu presented a video documentary of Romania, host country and scientific venue for the next. 41th ISMH World Congress in Bucharest, Romania, from 19th to 21st of May, 2016.

Parallel to the scientific events, was held the official opening of the EXPO-ABINAM 2015. In addition a Water Bar, a strategic meeting point where ABINAM associated companies presented new products, innovative packaging labels designs and tasting to the public of the Brazilian variety of mineral waters and products made with mineral water. Also for international experts participating in the Congress ISMH.

Expo'ABINAM is consolidated as the most important fair of the sector, remained open to be visited throughout the Congress.

| Recommended websites: www.ismh-direct.net | www.abinam.com.br |

The Editor Mayte Suarez Santos with the Prof. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre and Dr.Petra Sanchez Sanchez, prominent members of  scientific advisory team of Termas World-GRUPO TERMAS
The Editor Mayte Suarez Santos with the Prof. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre and
Dr.Petra Sanchez Sanchez, prominent members of scientific advisory team of Termas World-GRUPO TERMAS


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