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Scientific contribution that is the basis for the development of a Manifesto of Hydration, in world first. Both documents will be included in the "Charter of Milan" on the influence of proper hydration on human health.

The 11th of June, 2015 marked a momentous day at Milan EXPO2015 where the discussion focused on Wellness, health and the crucial role of appropriate hydration in the prevention of many diseases. The conference "Hydration and Health, the hidden link, " was organized by FEMTEC, the promoters of the Charter of Milan, with the support of the Sanpellegrino Group.

The event provided an opportunity also for calling upon Italy’s Ministry of Health to adopt a National Hydration Day, as a significant step towards the inclusion of appropriate hydration among the main health goals of international health policies going forward, hoping that a World Hydration Day may soon be adopted.

The call originated from the needs emerged from the Water & Health: How water protects and improves health overall Consensus Paper which provides scientific information about hydration including clinical trial data from a review of scientific literature conducted by FEMTEC, the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy, with the technical support of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine team of the World Health Organization (WHO).

That information is reflected in the Manifesto of Hydration, the document that sets forth the golden rules for appropriate hydration from experts in the field.

The conference programme featured high-calibre domestic and international experts as well as representatives from the WHO, Italy’s Ministry of Health and the Charter of Milan.

Obesity (affecting 10% of the Italian population and 600 million people worldwide, and, according to the WHO, on the way to becoming a true epidemic in Europe by 2030), cardiovascular disease (responsible for 44% of deaths in Italy), diabetes (affecting 5 million people in Italy, and, according to the WHO, some 346 million people globally), kidney disease (chronic kidney disease affects 5-6 million Italians)… these are all diseases in which the importance of a healthy diet has been firmly evidenced and broadly recognised. These are all diseases for which today, for the first time, it was officially sanctioned that appropriate hydration does make a difference. Not just a healthy diet, but also appropriate hydration.

The conference was a journey through all the dangers that inadequate or inappropriate hydration poses to human health, from the most well-known (e.g. reduced skin elasticity and kidney function) to the least known and most surprising (e.g. decreased ability to focus and increased blood thickness).

Hydration Day
“Based on scientific literature, today we can affirm appropriate hydration to be a key pillar of a modern healthy lifestyle. We are aware of the importance of providing correct information to both practitioners and the broad public, and this is why we chose Milan EXPO 2015 as venue, as it provides a unique opportunity to bring these topics to global attention and reach a large number of people. I believe the documents presented today and the call for a Hydration Day are particularly important and significant, and represent a common commitment on the part of all those who participated in this project to making the messages given here today a longlasting legacy to future generations, who as a result will hopefully change their behaviours going forward” said Prof. Umberto Solimene, President of FEMTEC and of the Milan University Centre for Medical Bioclimatology, Hydrotherapy and Well-being Science.

The Manifesto of Hydration, which was prepared based on the evidence set out in the Consensus Paper, was signed by all speakers at the conference, as a way to promote the inclusion of appropriate hydration among the goals of national and international health policies going forward and hopefully the forthcoming adoption of a World Hydration Day.

An official call of great significance, and in fact, together with the Consensus Paper, it will make up the scientific contribution on appropriate hydration to the Charter of Milan, as EXPO2015 legacy to future generations.

Charter of Milan
As explained by Prof. Salvatore Veca, the goals of the Charter of Milan include “raising awareness about the vital connection of diet and hydration with health. The global issue of water, which is central as highlighted in several parts of the Charter and vital in a variety of world contexts, can and must involve the individual responsibility of people to adopt healthy lifestyles and diet as well as appropriate hydration.”

“The Consensus Paper and the Manifesto of Hydration will leave visible marks that will outlast Milan EXPO2015, attesting to the crucial role of appropriate hydration for overall health. Our final call is that, for its significant role in Traditional and Complementary Medicine, hydration be included among health protection goals, be the subject of information campaigns and be included in all those government actions promoting healthy lifestyles as a way to prevent a multitude of disorders and illnesses” said Prof. Zhang Qi, TRM Team Coordinator, WHO, Geneva.

A truly momentous event, showing the joint commitment of public and private players, the academia, the scientific community, institutions and the industry to this theme. A event that also was made possible with the support of the Sanpellegrino Group.

Stefano Agostini, Chairman and CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group said: “Aware of the vital role water plays in the life of every human being, Sanpellegrino, a leading Italian Group in the mineral water industry, has long been working to bring to attention the importance of appropriate hydration. Given the strong connection between hydration and the theme of Milan EXPO2015 – feeding the planet, energy for life- We are pleased with the interest this initiative has attracted at all levels, and with the fruits it has borne, that we hope will be longlasting.”

This event provided also the opportunity for all institutional representatives of FEMTEC members from more than 30 countries, starting from Italian members, to call upon their respective Health Ministry to adopt a National Hydration Day, with a long-term global objective: the adoption of a World Hydration Day.

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