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"THERMAE AND MEDICAL Wellness. Integration between Science, Economy and Tourism", will be the focus of the scientific meeting to be held at Forte Village Resort (S. Margherita di Pula - Cagliari) from September 30th to October 4th, 2015.

Prof. U.Solimene. Presidente de FEMTECThe World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC) will hold its 68th General Assembly and International Scientific Congress on the island of Sardinia having as scientific headquarters FORTE VILLAGE (Cagliari, Italy) one of the best World’s Leading Resort, where sea water, medical services, physical treatments and leisure are completely integrated.

In the presentation of the Congress program, the President of FEMTEC, Prof. Umberto Solimene, will highlight the role of Thermal Medicine and new challenges in modern society.

"Thermal Medicine is one of the oldest forms of western therapy and, in that respect, should be considered as a traditional medicine (according to the definition of the World Health Organization). Based on the above, the “Thermae” as an integrated set of natural resources, facilities and services, can be seen as a meeting point among different forms of medical culture to offer therapy and rehabilitation, as well as health preservation options.

Indeed, a more comprehensive definition of the physical and psychic wellbeing of people calls for the acknowledgement of a deep transformation of some key words of the welfare system. For that is necessary inside the “Thermae” an integration with the “Medical Wellness”. The “scenario” is changing and we, as specialists, have a new challenges: scientific, social and economical.

What happens in the world of Thermae/Wellness? How we can manage the changing process? What we have to do? These are some of questions or focal points which will be presented and discussed during the FEMTEC Congress".

The 68 Congress FEMTEC 2015 has special significance because it will be held at the Forte Village Resort situated by Santa Margherita di Pula beach, close to Cagliari, which will welcome experts as scientific headquarters. The Resort includes a prestigious wellness center with a thalassotherapy, unique in Europe.

Since 1992, the Acquaforte Thalasso & SPA has been a thalassotherapy clinical and research center of the University of Milan, collaborating in developing new therapies based on the use of sea water and sea salt. These treatments medical thalassotherapy are aimed at the physical and psychophysical recovery from excessive stress, osteoarticular conditions, overweight, female conditions, the prevention of ageing, and detox programmes.

Sardinia, with its exceptional environmental and climatic resources and its geographical position, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is an ideal offer and real high profile in the development of Wellness Medicine.

The International Organizing and Scientífic Committee of the 68th Congress, consists of the following members:M. Belaiter (Algeria), T. Bender (Hungary), S.A. Bulekbaeva (Kazakhstan), P. Cantista (Portugal), A. Cerina (Italy), T.Dubois (France), A. Ferruzzi (Italy), I. Fluck (Hungary), G.Gurnari (Republic of San Marino), C. Jannotti Pecci (Italy), Kyung Do Cho (Korea), R. Ledesma Rosa (Cuba), M.Loboda (Ukraine), F. Maraver Eyzaguirri (Spain), F.Menendez (Cuba), R. Ouslati (Tunisia), Masao Oyama(Japan), I. Ponikowska (Poland), H. J.J. Rasker (Holland), A.Razumov (Russia), Ch. Roques (France), T. Sgobba (Italy),U. Solimene (Italy), O. Surdu (Romania), E. Trofimov (Russia), A. Veicsteinas (Italy), B. Zaremba (Slovenia) , M.Zeki Karagulle (Turkey), Zhang Yue (China), I. Zorin (Russia).

Given the theme of the Congress: THERMAE AND MEDICAL WELLNESS. Integration between Science, Economy and Tourism, the organization has made a program to develop the following topics:

  • Thermalism, Medical Wellness and Traditional Medicine
  • Experimental and Clinical Researches on Thermalism
  • Prevention, Rehabilitation and Health; Climatotherapy
  • Hygiene and Technologies (Energy saving, reduction of water consumption and environment protection)
  • Thermalism and Health Government Services
  • Economical / social aspects. Mutual funds, Private Insurance
  • E-marketing (web, social media etc) / Health Tourism
  • Human resources and professional training
  • Thermalism, medical spa and tourism development
  • Global/Local Concept of development.

Abstract should be submitted only in English (see the attached format) and no later than 5th September 2015. Send to Scientific Secretariat only by e-mail to Dr. Simona Busato ( Besides will be published in the Proceedings only by the Authors registered for the Congress. FEMTEC awards for Spa poster and oral presentation.

More information in the FEMTEC Secretariat. Dr. Simona Busato, e-mail: | International Affairs Office: Dr. Natalia Chaurskaya (russian speaking) e-mail: | Dr. Simona Busato (english speaking) e-mail: | Official Travel Agency (booking and registration) e- mail: | FEMTEC Website: | Preliminary Congress Programme |

Panoramic  view of  FORTE VILLAGE (Sardinia. Italy) one of the best World’s Leading Resort, includes a prestigious Wellness Center with a Thalassotherapy, unique in Europe
Panoramic view of FORTE VILLAGE (Sardinia. Italy) one of the best World’s Leading Resort,
includes a prestigious Wellness Center with a Thalassotherapy, unique in Europe


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