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The Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industry will hold its 24th National Congress and Expo-Abinam 2015 in conjunction with the 40th World Congress of ISMH and the 4th Brazilian Congress of Medical Hydrology and Crenología.

The Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industry (ABINAM), the International Society of Medical Hydrology (ISMH) and the Permanent Commission of Crenología (CPC), made a joint invitation to participate in the events to be held from 26 to 28 August 2015, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The official venue will be the Windsor Barra Hotel.

The main theme of this events “Adding Value Through Medical Hydrology”, has the objective provide a high level forum for experts to discuss numerous advanced in medical hydrology, balneology and the scientific evidence of bottled water and health and other issues involving the interest of entrepreneurs dealing with natural mineral waters.

The main theme of this World Summit is "Adding value through Medical Hydrology" aims to provide a high-level forum for experts and industry professionals, and highlight the main research and advances in medical Hydrology and Balneotherapy Crenología. Promote and emphasize the benefits and importance of Mineral Water for Health of the population, as well as other topics of interest to entrepreneurs and companies in the sector.

Greeting presentation conducted jointly by the Geol. Carlos Alberto Lancia, President of ABINAM / SINDINAM and Prof. Dr. Marcos Untura Filho, President of the 40th Congress ISMH, highlight the contents of the Program that It was designed to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to meet this added value and to acquire new knowledge and exchange experiences with scientists, experts and professionals from universities and companies in several countries."

The First Symposium of Medical Hydrology in Brazil was held at the joint initiative of the Commission Crenología DNPM and ABINAM and associated with the 18th Brazilian Congress of Mineral Water Industry (ABINAM). For the first time, were discussed two of the most valued aspects of the Mineral Water: the importance of water in the Hydration and its use as a source of Health and Welfare.

Rio de Janeiro will host the world scientific summit organized by the Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industry (ABINAM) and the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH).

The International Organizing Committee consists of the following members:
Prof. Dr. Marcos Untura Filho –Visiting Professor – Federal São Paulo University -Unifesp (Brazil); Dr. Carlos Alberto Lancia – Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industry (Brazil); Prof. Dra. Petra S. Sanchez – Mackenzie Presbyterian University / ABINAM Scientific Committee (Brazil); Prof. Dr. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre – Complutense University of Madrid (Spain); Prof. Dr. Pedro Cantista – Porto University (Portugal) and Prof. Dr. Müfit Zeki Karagülle – Istanbul University (Turkey).

The languages of the congress are English and Portuguese with simultaneous translations. From June 2 you can send the presentation of summaries of oral communications and posters. The deadline is set not later than July 27, 2015. For further information see the web of the 24º Congreso –ABINAM.

Simultaneously, will be held the Expo-ABINAM 2015, consolidated as the most important fair of Mineral Water Industry sector. A reserved area on 650 square meters in the Convention Center Windsor Barra Hotel, will offer the new packaging, equipment, products and services and technology trends.

Besides being an excellent opportunity for opening new markets and product promotion, it is a meeting point between packers, technicians and entities related to the sector of bottled water.

As in previous years, it is expected a broad international and national representation of entrepreneurs of Mineral Water Industry, booming sector in Brazil.
ABINAM (Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industry) is a civil non-profit organization that seeks to defend the interests of the mineral water industry and consumers. Its creation was crucial for the consolidation of the sector.

In November 2005, two major events for the sector of mineral waters were held: the 58th anniversary of the creation of SINDICAN-National Union of the Industry of Mineral Waters and the 30th anniversary of the founding of ABINAM.

Two dates that recall a pioneer path and successive conquests that would contribute to consolidate the industry and the market of mineral waters. The beginning of the bonding process and professionalization of the sector happened in 1945, once signed by President Getulio Vargas, the decree creating the Mineral Water Code.

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