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With a duration of two years they will investigate the effectiveness of thermal therapy for rehabilitation of patients with systemic sclerosis and ankylosing spondylitis.

The Terme di Montecatini SPA will be part of a two-year experimental project of Careggi University Hospital (Aou) of Firence for testing the effectiveness of spa therapy for rehabilitation of patients with systemic sclerosis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Terme di Montecatini

Chemical and physical characteristics of the water, adequate working environment and equipment, but also located within the broad center - element that would facilitate the access of users - are all the advantages of the thermal resort of Montecatini identified in view of the realization of the project, which will then involve other important health and spa in Tuscany.

Owned by the Region, which holds more than 67 percent of the company's capital, and the City, Montecatini Terme will be tasked to verify the possibility of spa care also complementary or alternative to other traditional methods and established intervention. And if they receive the necessary validation, will constitute a reference for updating the LEA (essential levels of assistance) in the specific field. But it may also derive a significant impact on the diversification and qualification of the spa owned regional.

Overall, the regional council has decided to make available of Careggi University Hospital (Aou), for the conduct of the trial in the biennial 2015-2016, a budget of 123 thousand euro.

Both the regional health planning in the area of thermal effects and in terms of possible influx, the Regional Council approved the draft submitted by the Hospital of the University of Florence; also in view of the potential benefits in terms of health gain for the citizens of Tuscany, and not only, which may result from the outcome of the test.

The project will be able, if concluded successfully, to lead to the identification of innovative therapeutic solutions and rehabilitation together with a rationalization of the costs incurred by the regional health service for the care of people suffering from diseases under test. | Source: toscana-notizie.it |

Centuries of history are held within this well known Tuscan tourist destination. Montecatini Terme is situated right in the heart of Tuscany, within easy reach of all of the regions cities, and therefore an excellent base. Montecatini Terme is symbolized by its historic center which houses the old castle and the area dedicated to the Thermal Baths. It is these that have given him worldwide fame, coupled with the curative efficacy of the sodium chloride- sulphate water.

Indeed it was the spa which gave the town world wide fame, thanks to the curative powers of the waters. The Montecatini Baths are housed in buildings of great architectural importance such as the Tamerici and Excelsior located within the splendid parkland of "Parco delle delle Terme".Musical traditions are also of great importance with Gioacchino Rossigni, Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Verdi once regular guests at Montecatini Terme. The city is also home to a prestigious Academy of Art the "Accademia d'Arte di Montecatini".

| Recommended website: termemontecatini.it | aou-careggi.toscana.it |


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