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Organized by the Spanish Society of Thermal Peloids (SEPETER), the Iberoamerican Society of Peloids and SPA Caldes de Boi, will be held on the facilities of Balneario Caldes de Boi (Lleida).

The IV Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids will be held at the Balneario Caldes de Boi (Lleida) on days 1 to 3 July 2015. After the success of the meeting (Azores-Portugal) in 2013, the Balneario Caldes De Boi, located in the privileged environment of the Valle de Boi, a World Heritage site by UNESCO, takes over as scientific headquarters, in whose facilities will take place the IV CIBAP BOI 2015.

The present edition is organized by the Spanish Society of Peloids Thermal (SEPETER), the Iberoamerican Society of Peloids and Spa Caldes de Boi, which will welcome experts in all areas related to the development and application of thermal MUDS in the field of Hydrotherapy and its impact on health and Wellness.

The BOI CIBAP IV 2015 has special significance because it will be held at the iconic Spa Caldes De Boi, with extensive experience in balneotherapy treatments using mineral waters and peloids.

In the presentation program is described the Spa location in the heart of the Boi Valley at 1500 meters high, surrounded by spectacular scenery, lakes, rivers and waterfalls 100% pure oxygen. This Valle configure a unique and incomparable atmosphere, because, besides the spa features there are Romanesque churches declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Aigüestortes National Park and Lake Sant Mauritius.

One of the main attractions is undoubtedly the Thermal Centre and its genuine and cutting-edge genuine health programs thanks to the 37 springs that flow from an area of 24 acres of gardens. The waters of Caldes de Boi are different mineral compositions and temperatures ranging from 4 ° C until 56 ° C. From Spring "Font del Bou" born mineral water which is bottled and marketed under the name of "Caldes de Boi".

From the maturation of water of Tartera, one of the most emblematic waters of Spa, a natural peloid that is used more than 50 years in the treatment of rheumatic diseases arises. In the last year has developed the mud Sulphaterm one Peloid based sulfurarea algae that grows on the slopes of sulphurous water with spectacular results in the treatment of dermatological diseases.

The Presidents of the Congress (IV CIBAP BOI 2015), Francisco Maraver, President of the Iberoamerican Society of Peloids and Lorena Vela, Medical Director of Balneario Caldes De Boi, in greeting presentation are grateful for all the cooperation and invited to participate in its fourth edition.

The Organizing Committee is chaired by Francisco Maraver and Lorena Vela and participate Jaume Baró, Faculty of Medicine. Universitat de Lleida; Iluminada Corvillo, Faculty of Medicine. Complutense University of Madrid; Paula Carmen Gómez, Faculty of Science. University of Vigo; Albert Isasi and Marta Pardo, the Spa Caldes de Boi; Montserrat Pérez-López, Moragas Clinic. Barcelona and Maria Virginia Fernandez-Gonzalez. School of Pharmacy. University of Granada.

The Scientific Committee is chaired by Francisco Maraver and Lorena Vela and is composed of the following members: Francisco Armijo (UCM); André Michael Beer (Universität Bochum); Pedro Cantista (President SPHM); Mª Isabel Carretero (Sevilla Univ.); Rafael Delgado (Granada Univ.); Antonella Fioravantti (Siena Univ.); Celso Gomez (Aveiro Univ.); José Luís Legido (Vigo Univ.); Josep Maria Masich Polo (Lleida Univ.); Rosa Meijide (A Coruña Univ.); Ana Maria Monastery (Copahue Argentina.); João Carlos Nunes (INOVA Açores.); Benito Oliver-Rodés (Barcelona); Montserrat Pérez-López (Barcelona); Gabriela Perrotta (Psoriahue Argentina.); Manuel Pozo (Univ.A. Madrid); Fernando Rocha (Aveiro Univ.); Christian F. Roques (President Inst Cures Dax..); Juan Carlos San José R. (President SEHM); João Baptista Silva (Aveiro Univ.); Soler Jorge González (Lleida Univ.); Federico Teixeira (Coimbra Univ.); Francisco Torrella (Murcia Univ.); Javier Ubogui (Psoriahue. Argentina) and Marcos Untura (Poços de Caldas. Brazil).

The organization of the IV Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids (IV CIBAP BOÍ 2015) has developed a comprehensive program to develop the following topics:

  • Mineral waters and peloids
  • Clays and peat in the preparation of peloids
  • Mechanism of action of peloids
  • Medical evidence and clinical advances of the benefits of peloids
  • Peloids in cosmetic dermatology
  • Thermophysical properties of peloids
  • Processes maturation in pelotherapy
  • Biological components in peloids
  • Organic matter present in peloids
  • Employment medicinal clays, peat and mineral
  • Miscellaneous

The author interested in presenting a communication must be registered in the IV Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids before May 10, 2015. The deadline for submission of abstracts: April 30, 2015. Everything about regulations briefing papers, registration papers, abstracts presented, the text of the presentations and posters and sending email communications consulting official Congress Secretaria: info@cibapboi2015.com. | More information on the Congress website: www.cibapboi2015.com |

Partial view of the garden of the Spa Caldes de Boi, where emanate to the surface medicinal-mineral waters from 37 springs
Partial view of the garden of the Spa Caldes de Boi, where
emanate to the surface medicinal-mineral waters from 37 springs.


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