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Signing of the “Thermae Marketing and Communication Charter”, drafted upon the input of the convention of November 29, 2014 in Bagno di Romagna for modern communication and promotion of the thermae.

Communicating the thermae not just by means of info leaflets, press articles, or word of mouth. Thermal facilities today meet the challenge posed by the new frontiers and are preparing to disclose news on the web, mobile devices, emerging media, social networks, and using marketing 2.0.

Awareness of new technologies clearly emerged on November 29, 2014 during a convention that gathered thermal and wellbeing centres alongside communication experts in Bagno di Romagna (FC).

The workshop was held at the hystorical building Palazzo del Capitano, and was Organized in cooperation with the Municipality and the Thermal Consortium Q3 of Bagno di Romagna.

Its output, disclosed today, is the “THERMAE COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING CHARTER,” proposed and signed by FEMTEC – the World Federation of Hydrotherapy, the High Training School Thermae Campus, Fondimpresa, and Assoform, and sponsored by the Thermal Circuit of Emilia Romagna and Federterme.

Prof. Umberto Solimene, President FEMTECFrom Riolo to Bagno di Romagna
The new “constitution” of the Italian thermae comes to life four years after publication of the “Thermae Communication Charter of Riolo” that, back in 2011, provided the main guidelines for promotion and citizen information on thermal facilities and treatments based on new health requirements, such as the need for constant updating of thermae communication (aimed at the public and at medical practitioners) and an integrated use of the different media for dissemination of the culture of appropriate thermal practices and of the relevant imagery.

To this end, the Charter of Riolo recommended to provide fair, comprehensive, and appropriate information on the thermae, also including training initiatives for scientific research, enterprises, and communication.

The new thermae communication
The Charter of Bagno di Romagna updates and promotes modern and effective thermae communication, also based on the new media (websites, social networks, web-TV, mailing, apps for smartphones, use of Bluetooth systems, applications based on augmented realities and QRcodes). In particular, its main goals are disclosed through eight points: the first is synergy between the thermal facilities and the corresponding regions for creation of an integrated thermae-thermal wellbeing tourist system, allowing to expand the customer target and extend the activity of the facilities across seasons.

The new thermae communication considers the most appropriate media to target each customer type, as well as the possible synergies between traditional and emerging media.

The 2.0 approach, according to the new charter, should also concern promotion and customer care, i.e. provide for classification of the available services according to the needs of homogeneous user groups (type of requested treatments, family status, age, spending capacity).

According to statement by Prof. Umberto Solimene, president of FEMTEC, the World Federation of Hydrotherapy, “In the 2.0 approach, thermae communication is characterized as modern and attractive. Implementing these new guidelines and thus meet the new customer needs for communication and usage require each thermal facility to implement new technologies, also with a focus on the economic return of the performed investments. We should also keep constantly in mind that thermal and wellbeing facilities are important local resources if they closely cooperate with local tourist and health facilities, in view of integrated promotion of wellbeing as a lifestyle.”

Charte of Bagno di Romagna (Download pdf) . Principles and Guidelines for better information and communication on and for the thermae.
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