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Fitur 2015


The Tunisian National Tourist Office has received the award for best stand at the 35th edition of the International Tourism Fair, Fitur 2015, in the category of countries.

The award was presented this morning by the director of Fitur, Ana Larrañaga to the General Director of the Office of Tourism of Tunisia to Spain and Portugal, Rami Jebali, who has expressed the joy of the team: "We are delighted to receive this great prize in the Fair as important as Fitur. The last time we got this award was in 2006, and since then have worked to get it back. We are also very pleased with the great success we are having with the Spanish public."

foto del STAND

For the award, the jury of the Contest for Best International Stands of Tourism International Fair has considered the criteria Professionalism (adequacy of the stand to the needs of each product marketing), Communication / Promotion (stand identification with the image and the product) and Design (assessment of the degree of originality and innovation).

During the inauguration of this edition, HH.MM the Kings of Spain, Don Felipe and Doña Leticia, visited the stand of Tourism of Tunisia, with José Manuel Soria, Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism. As a gift, Rami Jebali gave them a typical Tunisian carpet.

2015, the Year of Tunisia
On the occasion of the celebration of Fitur 2015, Tunisia Tourism presented in Madrid the Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan for this year, in wich the Tunisian government arises many important challenges in the economic and tourism frameworks. The new strategy have been disclosed in a press conference by the General Director of the Office of Tourism of Tunisia, Wahida Jaiet, and Rami Jebali, director general of the Office of Tourism of Tunisia to Spain and Portugal.

Also, Mohamed Ali Toumi, President of the Tunisian Federation of Travel Agents and Radhouane Ben Salah, President of the Tunisian Federation of Hotels, have exhibited in the event the main issues to develop this year with regard of travel agencies and hotel accommodation. Tunisia is a country of great tourist importance, due to its advantageous location on the Mediterranean coast, its historical monuments, beaches and desert. In 2011 there was a political change and influenced the arrival of tourists. In 2013, the country has reached 6 million visitors, of which 25,000 were from Spain.

The Tunisian government expects to continue recovering tourists from those markets that have more losses and reach the figure provided by the ministry, located at 6.4 million. The more people visiting Tunisia are in this order, French, German, English Russian and Italian. Spain is a market that still refuses travel to the country and Tunisia hopes that political changes boost tourist arrivals from the Spanish market in the next year.

Given a sector in crisis, the ministry raises three priorities: work the image of Tunisia, emphasizing the cultural heritage; improve the quality and environmental infrastructure; and diversify tourism offer of different regions. In the new strategy, Jaiet, is convinced that 2015 will be the year of recovery.

Tourism is one of the fundamental pillars for the development and recovery of Tunisia, contributing around 6% of GDP, employs 400,000 people and is the second largest sector in providing foreign exchange. | More information: |

Ana Larrañaga director of Fitur, presented the Award to Rami Jebali, General Director of the Office of Tourism of Tunisia to Spain and Portugal
Ana Larrañaga director of Fitur, presented the Award to Rami Jebali,
General Director of the Office of Tourism of Tunisia to Spain and Portugal


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