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The prestigious dental surgeon is a founding member of TERMAS WORLD. The General Assembly renewed confidence for two years to members of the Current Board of Directors.

Dr. Philippe Vergnes, has been reelected President of the French Society of Thermalism and Thalassotherapy for the Buco Dental Health at the meeting held on November 28, 2014 at the headquarters of the C.N.S.D. in Paris.

The General Assembly also renewed for two years the members of the current Board of S.F.T.T.S.B.D. comprising:

  • President: Dr. Philippe Vergnes, Auch. Castéra- Verduzan
  • Vice-President: Dr. Sylvie Ancey-Noreau. Mouleydier
  • Secretary: Dr. Bernard Broustine. Vichy
  • Treasurer: Dr. Elisabeth Corriger-Couillet. Châtel- Guyon
  • Technical Advisers: Pr. M.G. Souto Figueroa. Spain. Dr. Jean Yves Guedes. La Baule Esc.
  • Responsible for Communications : Ed Mayte Suárez Santos.Spain

During the Assembly several topics of interest were discussed among which stands out, the positive evolution of Hydrotherapy in France. Dr. P. Vergnes unveiled the percentage of attendance to spas for 4 years is on increasing (from 487,000 to over 560,000 in 2014), citing the Gers Department known as the "triangle of water" with more than 6% and the thermal station Castéra- Verduzan more than 9% of SPA patients.

It was reported on the presence of the Chairman P. Vergnes in October 2013 in Paris Congress GSSOS organized by the French Association of Sports Medicine Oral (INSEP), during which was demostrated the importance of good oral health among top athletes. Recalling that in many publications S.F.T.T.S.D. is proven the effectiveness of mineral water with a neutral or alkaline pH and O2 or derivatives, so it was considered of interest to have an active presence of the Society in these events.

Finally was presented to members of the Society the next Congress of Scientific Societies of Odonto-Stomatology (GSSOS) which will focus on "prevention" and will be held in Castres, on days 17 and 18 April 2015. Recall that in 1989 the French Society of Thermalism and Talassotherapy for Oral and Dental Health became member of GSSOS participating in all annual conferences.

Dr. Philippe Vergnes, dental surgeon of Spa Castera-Verduzan, is a founding member of TERMAS WORLD since its creation in 1999, and an expert in dental buco crenotherapy. Under his presidency the French Society of Thermalism and Thalassotherapy for Oral and Dental Health has signed partnership agreements with the universities of Bordeaux and Toulouse interested in research of mineral waters and its therapeutic action in oral-dental diseases.

Among the projects, we must emphasize that conducted by the Clinical Research Group of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of Toulouse. One line of research for the treatment of diseases of the mouth and teeth generally, being the sulphurous mineral water Castéra-Verduzan, an effective and referencial element for the implementation of dentibuccal crenotherapy.

The French Society of Thermalism and Thalassotherapy for the Oral-Dental Health is a member of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH) .In 2010 to coinciding with the commemoration of the thirtieth Anniversary, participated in the 36 WC ISMH at Oporto presenting a communication mode poster, which shows the history of the Society and its contribution to research Crenotherapy Oral-Dental in France.

The S.F.T.T.S.B.D. has among its objectives, bringing together all stakeholders in the Crenotherapy and sensitize dental surgeon in endobucal thermalism for which it is in contact with the National Federation of Dental Surgeons, dental unions, Faculties of Dental Surgery and Scientific Societies.

Dr. Philippe Vergnes with a group of young students interested
in Crenotherapy Buco Dental. (Photo. M.Suárez)


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