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logo IIMTC 2014


“A journey for Health” is a two day confluence will be held on 13th and 14th December, at Kempinski Hotel, Delhi. The MTA will be offering a live CMTP training workshop for the first time in India will the December 14.

India is now a favorable tourist destination as its infrastructure and technology are on par with the US, UK and Europe, allowing it to offer treatment in hospitals are among the best in the world, along with facilities world class and less time waiting.

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It is a grand initiative to invite professionals from local, regional and international Healthcare Sectors, Wellness & SPA centers, medical facilitators as well as tour operators & travel agencies for the confluence focusing on networking among the stakeholders, high quality of medical services, and investment opportunities in healthcare throughout the world.

This event provides a platform for the participation of some of the leading names in the medical tourism and healthcare industry. The confluence comprises of workshops conducted by the renowned international speakers, covering topics from medical tourism, wellness & spa, current medical research initiatives, latest innovations in health sector, future business opportunities, insurance, healthcare quality to globalization in healthcare.

At IIMTC, meet national & international medical professionals, facilitators as well as travel agencies. There will be more than 500 delegates & over 100 exhibitors at the conclave:

  • More than 100 commercial embassies
  • One-on-One networking sessions
  • Intense workshop sessions on major topics on Medical & Tourism industry
  • A place to know about consumers, their culture, customs and expectations.

International India Medical Tourism Industry 2014 will address some of the most important medical tourism issues which includes the international health and the legal issues relating:

  • International medical care
  • Jurisdiction
  • Complications
  • Insurance coverage and several other legal issues

India has generated a vast market for wellness and spa. There has-been a spontaneous growth in Indian spa and wellness industry. It is, therefore, The opportunity to connect with various hospitals, insurance companies, leading medical tourism associations and industry leaders from over 20 country clubs across the world.

In partnership with the IIMTC, the MTA will be offering a live CMTP training workshop for the first time in India will be held the December 14. They can attend, Healthcare Professionals, Travel Agents, Facilitators, Insurance Professionals and Hospitality Professionals. Will learn successful strategies to acquire international patients and increase your revenue and how to develop relationships with healthcare providers, facilitators and insurers.
The Certified Medical Tourism Professional®is a more in-depth training program that allow attendees to take the next step to demonstrate their full understanding of the medical tourism industry.

Attendees will receive live instruction for the core modules of the and then will be given access to the remaining modules online in order to prepare to take the examination. Live CMTP training workshops provide a unique learning opportunity to complement the online learning platform encouraging attendees to active participate and collaborate.

The Certification as Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP) will be valid for two years and will receive a free individual membership with the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), the global leader in the industry.

To know more about the CMTP workshop in Nueva Delhi:

Medical tourism came into account when people from countries travelled to other countries seeking medical treatments. At the International India Medical Tourism Congress, learn why Medical Tourism is the next best thing.

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