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Experts from Spain will meet on 5, 6 and 7 December 2014 to discuss issues of great interest to practitioners of this medical specialty. This year will participate physiotherapists "whose input is valuable for clinical practice," indicates President Dr. Juan Carlos San José.

Cartel del Congreso NacionalThe Spa Baths of Fitero, hydrotherapy privileged enclave of the French branch of the Route of St. James of Compostella, in Navarre, will welcome the XVIII Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology (SEHM).

After celebrating with great success itsu 135º Aniversario, specialists from all over Spain will meet on 6 and 7 December in the emblematic and centennial spa, to discuss issues of great interest to professionals of health sector and medical hydrology in 2014.

Prior to the Congress, on Friday 5th, hosting a theoretical and practical course of Introduction to Aquatic Therapy. Will be taught by Dr.Güeita, physiotherapist, only Tutor Halliwick in Spain recognized by the Aquatic Therapy of International Association.

During the course will be explained Halliwick, Bad Ragaz and Ai Chi methods, indications and bases of application. These methods are used, especially in neurorehabilitation to improve neuromuscular facilitation and postural control, as well as relaxation techniques.

The President Dr. Juan Carlos San José in his greeting message, makes an invitation to members of the SEHM and colleagues to participate in the XVIII National Congress in which "we approach four topics of great interest to our daily lives,"pain back and myofascial syndrome", "exercise at the spa", "role of hydrologist doctor in the program Hydrotherapy IMSERSO" and "Innovation in Medical Hydrology. "In the program we share presentations with experts in other disciplines, as the view of illness and sick from different perspectives contributes to better handling."

At this edition and along with hydrologists doctors will intervene rehabilitation physicians, medical anesthetists and physiotherapists of proven experience and prestige "because their contribution is valuable for clinical practice," he points out. In fact, in several of the speakers attend two medical specialties such as Medical Hydrology and Rehabilitation, Medical Hydrology and Geriatrics, Medical Hydrology and Neurology.

With encouraging words in the current estate of country, encourages to participate not only with communications but also sharing experiences in roundtables and workshops that surely "will enrich our profession" and "for those who want to update scientific and technical knowledge will have his chance. in addition to strengthening ties with other colleagues, "he says.

The President's SEHM, Dr. Juan Carlos San José Rodríguez finished expressing a desire to "personally greet all in our scientific and social meeting. The spa of Fitero going to be an excellent environment".

S.E.H.M - FITERO 2014.
The Eighteenth Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology is co-chaired by Dr. Juan Carlos San José, president of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology (SEHM) and Jaime Murillo, medical director of Balneario de Fitero.

Piscina. Balneario de Fitero

The Scientific Committee is chaired by Prof. Dr. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre Specialist Medical Hydrology. Director of the Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy Universidad Complutense of Madrid and participate:

Dr. Eduardo Navarro, Specialist in Medical Hydrology Prof. of Pharmacology and Medical Hydrology University of La Laguna and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; Dra. Rosa Meijide Failde Specialist Medical Hydrology. Professor of Radiology and Physical Medicine. Faculty of Health Sciences. University of A Coruña; Dr. Francisco Armijo Castro, Pharmaceutical and Chemical. Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy of the Complutense University of Madrid; Dra. Illuminada Corvillo Martin, Specialist in Medical Hydrology. Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy Universidad Complutense of Madrid and Dra. Pilar Diestro Sancho, Specialist Medical Hydrology. Medical Director of Spa Baths of Montemayor Cáceres.

The Organizing Committee chaired by Dr. Inés Martínez Galán, Professor of EUE and Physiotherapy Toledo. University of Castilla La Mancha: Dr. Nuria Gonzalo García Specialist Medical Hydrology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.. Hospital Infanta Sofia. Madrid; Dra. Mª Angeles Ceballos Hernansanz Specialist Medical Hydrology and Neurology. UEM and Dr. Mª Jesús Pascual Segovia Specialist Medical Hydrology and Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Communication Unit. Madrid Health. City Hall of Madrid.

The organization has developed a comprehensive scientific program in twelve lectures, workshops and roundtables various scientific meetings around the 25 communications and 3 posters to be presented in this eighteenth edition will be presented. The Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology will hold its Annual General Meeting on 6 and among social events is planned a tour of the Monastery of Fitero and Bodegas Chivite in Cintruénigo before the closing dinner. See Program (PDF).

Congress declared Scientific and Professional Interest by the General Council of Colleges of Physicians of Spain, this issue can be followed on social networks via the hashtag # hidromed2014fitero.
| Recommended Sites: www.hidromed.org | www.balneariodefitero.es |

The year 2012 marks an unprecedented milestone in the international recognition of the Spanish Medical Hydrology. Not only commemorated the I Centenary of the establishment of the Chair of Medical Hydrologyat UCM but coincided with 135th Anniversary of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology the oldest médical-scientific institution in our country.

This event took place while Spain was hosting and presiding the 38th World Congress ISMH in Lanjarón-Granada, after being unanimously designated scientific site during the General Assembly, Paris in 2010.

From TERMAS WORLD we support each of these important events with informative rigor that characterizes us and the feeling of contributing to the recognition of those who make possible, with great effort, to maintain this high level of research and training of our specialists as a global reference.

Shortly after starting our 15th Anniversary as the first online magazine of Water Culture using new internet technologies, we will continue to support the Specialty of Medical Hydrology already part of the spa tradition of Spain. | Mayte Suárez Santos, Editor and member of the SEHM |


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