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The Spanish organization adheres to the document “Thermal Ecological Letter “ according to its president the editor Mayte Suarez Santos to TERMAS WORLD AGENCY.

The fundamental principles for the thermal environment protection and the use of the natural healing resources, exposed in the Thermal Ecological Letter, must be studied in order to obtain a bigger precision due to the specific characteristics of each country or thermal region. Promulgating and approving this document, the SITH and the WTO consider that the existence of this principles will help to preserve the natural resources, patrimony of our planet.

The Spanish Association Friends of the Thermal Baths, organization that promotes the Water Culture as a patrimonial well, adheres to the approved text "a document that defends the Sustainable Thermalism", said to its president, the editor Mayte Suárez Santos, " to TERMAS WORLD AGENCY.

The Ecological Letter picks up that the treatment of the illnesses in the thermal stations that it is based on the beneficial properties of the nature, acquires every time bigger importance, due to the development of the cities, the rhythms of life, of the neuropsychological tensions and the medicines therapy, since they also safeguards the man's psychological health.
The natural healing factors that are limited by the richness of the nature, are suordinated to the development and the conditions of pollution, the environment and the growth of the recreational necessities.

Therefore, in order to preserve the chemical-physical constant composition of the mineral waters, of the peloides, of the muds of the masses of air and water - the thermal and climatic stations - even the neighboring territories, are needing a system of measures planned to protect the nature.

To prevent the urbanization of the thermal stations, the growth and the faillure of the ecological balance during the development stage of the thermal station, its development should be restricted according to some conditions. The approaches of development of the thermal station are the volume of the beneficial natural resources, the mineral waters, the peloides, the surfaces of the beaches, of the forests, of the green spaces, etc., as well as the tendency to the maximum conservation of the natural environment for the free development of the nature.

The planning and the construction on the territory of the thermal station guarantee the conservation of the natural relief, as well as of the cultural and architectural richness. The architectural character of the old buildings that determine the image of the land, should be conserved in each thermal station. The buildings should be reconstructed if it is possible.

In order to use and to explode in a rational way the natural resources, useful in each specific case, there are planned protection areas for the thermal stations in whose limits a certain sanitary régime should be observed.

This régime should be observed in all the components of the biological sphere: waters resources and streams muds, rivers, lakes, coasts, beaches, mineral resources, peloides locations, as well as the climate and the geologic surrounding of the thermal station area, relief, ground, vegetation, fauna and flora.

The inappropiate action on the geologic environment causes the negative changes of the natural resources of the atmosphere, the water supplies, the relief, the climate conditions and micro-climate.

These norms are directed against the creation of constructions not related to the operation of the thermal stations: tunnels, highways, barriers, as well as the construction of wells (apart from the construction of wells for the extraction of mineral waters), etc.

Therefore, the construction of a new thermal station must utilize the appropriate technology to cause the minimum transformations of the flora, ground and other components of the unique surrounding of the thermal station.

The measures are aimed to prevent and to stabilize the processes and the dangerous geologic phenomenons: holes caústicos, landslides, floods, muds currents, etc.

Other recommendations taken into account by the Thermal Ecological Letter are the development programs of the thermal stations. This programs should be based on complex studies carried out by different specialists, doctors, geographers, geologists, hidrógeólogos, technical of balneología, architects, manufacturers, economists, ecologists, etc.
There are measures planned to carried out ecological predictions and to take actions of safeguard of the nature.

The Thermal Ecological Letter was elaborated by the members of the World Thermalism Organization, which gave their adhesion and acceptance to the definitive text in the meeting that took place in Vilnius.


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