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The appointment was approved unanimously during 67th General Meeting and Scientific Congress held in Astana (Kazakhstan) . The prestigious professor at University of Milan (Italia) is member of Scientific Advisory Team of Termas World-GRUPO TERMAS.

Prof. SolimeneProfessor Umberto Solimene is the new President of FEMTEC, the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (www.femteconline.org).

President of the Centre for Research on Medical Bioclimatology, Thermal and complementary medicine, and Wellbeing Science at the Milan State University, Professor Solimene boasts a long-standing track record as an expert in the hydrotherapy sector, having been for some time the Secretary General of FEMTEC, the Federation of National Hydrotherapy Associations from more than 25 countries.

For the first time in the 80-year history of the Federation, founded in 1937, the Managing Board and the General Meeting have selected an Italian figure to lead the only NGO in the sector for official relations with the World Health Organization.

The appointment was approved unanimously in Astana (Kazakhstan) on occasion of the 67th Annual Meeting of the FEMTEC Congress, which gathered more than 150 representatives of 23 countries (from Cuba to China), as well as high-level political representatives of Kazakhstan (Gulsciara Abdikalikova, Deputy Prime Minister, and Salidat Karibekova, Minister of Health) and accredited diplomats (the ambassadors of Russia, Italy, Cuba, Japan, and Hungary).

Professor Solimene succeeds to the late president Nikolai Storozhenko, for many years (1998-2014) the leader of FEMTEC, who was honoured and appreciated with speeches and lectures during the Congress by U. Solimene (Italy), A. Razumov (Russia), I. Fluck (Hungary), and M. Loboda (Ukraine) were particularly touching and were collected in the Congress Records.

In his development programme based, among other things, on the conclusions of thedebate held during the Congress and dedicated to hydrotherapy strategies in a changing society, President Umberto Solimene acknowledged the consideration granted to him and highlighted a few strategic goals: “strengthen international relations and partnerships in the different sectors; introduce and support the World Health Organization’s guidelines; carry out scientific research as a basis for the further inclusion of thermal medicine in national health systems, and increase the user base of treatments”.

The General Meeting also confirmed the appointment of the Board of Directors, which includes representatives from several countries, with the official admission of Spain (F. Maraver) and Italy (A. Ferruzzi). Istvan Fluck (Hungary), an outstanding representative of European Hydrotherapy, was appointed Honorary President of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy.

The GRUPO TERMAS welcomes the election of Professor Umberto Solimene as the new President to lead the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy, the only NGO in the field of official relations with the World Health Organization.

At the same time we want to express our congratulations and recognition to the work done by Prof. Solimene, President of the Centre for Research on Medical Bioclimatology, Balneotherapy, Complementary Medicines and Sciences of Wellness at the Milan University and member of Scientific Advisory Team of Termas World, Magazine attached to GRUPO TERMAS.

His extraordinary scientific work and professional prestige it brings with his experience as well as his decisive role in the recognition of thermal medicine from his position as Director of Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine of the WHO, are very highly valued and is an honor for all of us. Mayte Suárez Santos. Editor.


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