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Successful completion of the 2014 Workshop

European experts traveled through the northern coast of the Cuban archipelago where the ecological, sustainable tourism is developed, in the idyllic natural surroundings, health spas, modern spas, thalassotherapy centers. The beautiful Caribbean Island has it all.


Logo de FEMTECCentro Estético PalcoThe island of Cuba long and narrow bathed by the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the Caribbean Sea in the south for its natural, social, scientific and technical conditions, water and mineral resources, is a country that is positioned to lead the Hydrotherapy in Latin America. Besides being a focal point for the coordination and development of the integrated thermal medicine in a modern vision and one of the most active of FEMTEC members.

Therefore, within the framework of the International Symposium of Medical Hydrology eld in Havana, were scheduled visits by European experts to important health and medical centers specialized as Ciren, International Center for Neurological Restoration of Cuba internationally recognized and La Pradera International Center. The Polyclinic Moncada belonging to the area of health ( And another visit to Palco Aesthetic Center, to know the facilities of the first establishment that offer of private practice in Cuba.

The Cuba meeting was also an excellent opportunity to discuss over joint activities and promote new ones. So the workshop included new high-level meetings and professional visits to spas, thalassotherapy centers and modern SPA's in a variety of resorts located in the Keys of the Caribean Island. Cuba has a lot to offer when it comes to health tourism.

We travel to the east of Havana towards the Keys. The prospectus states that key is called a very small island, so that does not have the potential for developing towns in it. Therefore, the keys often have an immeasurable wealth of flora and fauna. In the case of the Cuban keys, its dimensions are not so small as to be unable to enjoy the Health Tourism as we can check later.

Directora Spa con un ejemplar Libro AGUA // La editora Mayte Suárez en YHI SPA // Dras Florana y Olga Surdu con otra colega

On the way we we make a mandatory stop in the Bucanayagua Bridge (the highest in Cuba, with 110 meters high), considered an engineering feat. From here you can see the mountain range of Sleeping Beauty as well as the emblematic town of Matanzas.

There are only just two hours to reach our first destination: Varadero, the most famous beaches in Cuba and the main destination for sun and beach tourism. With an average temperature of 25 ° C, combined with the transparency of its waters, with its different shades of blue and 22 Km. Extremely fine, soft white sands, Varadero is considered the Top Ten Caribbean resorts.

Responsibles for the management of the eco-resort Paradisus Princesa del Mar Resort & Spa welcomed the members of the FEMTEC delegation chaired by Professor Umberto Solimene together with Prof. Rafael Ledesma, president of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology accompanying us on this first trip to Cuba. Everything is planned to start the program of professional meetings Workshop coordinated by Prof. Florana Menéndez, Vice-President of FEMTEC area of Latin America.

YHI SPA Paradisus Princesa del Mar
We visited the YHI Spa located in the area of ​​the main pool of the Hotel, a place bathed by the energy of YHI and dedicated to purifying the body, the balancing of the mind and the cultivation of the soul. This sanctuary is designed to rest in the hands of highly skilled therapists YHI own, brand of Meliá Hotels International.

Its director, Naomi Aguila Rodriguez joins us during the tour of the modern facilities: four pavilions for relaxation massage, cabins for body treatment (envelopes, scrubs and hydrotherapy) facilities hydrothermal circuit with sauna steam; exclusive hydro-massages of contrast cold / warmth, surrounded by the spectacular Cuban nature, beauty salon, relaxation room and tea, gym with monitor and equipment provided with the latest technology. Outdoor pool and exclusive palapas.

Our YHI offers personalizes attention of valets and a extensive list of treatments and massages at spa. Selection of treatments and massages in Spa Menu with the most exclusive in the world. The Cuban Aromas and flavors are present by employing professional produts manufactured by the brand Germaine de Cappuccini brand, "explains the director.

"Actually our mission is to provide an immersive and exhilarating space that allows you to live a unique Spa experience to enjoy the total Wellness of mind, body and spirit," she says.

The visit to the YHI Spa is like entering a sanctuary in which the aromas, soft music that awakens the spirit and the sensitive touch of expert hands remain in memory as an unforgettable moment of wellness. So we have lived. Before leaving, dedicated to the director a copy of our book "Water. H2O formula health." With our thanks.

The second leg of the trip takes place on the north coast of the province of Santa Clara where is Cayo Santa Maria. This island 13 km long and two wide is an ecological landscape of a natural, unspoiled beach, white sand and clear turquoise waters, prized for its diverse flora and terrestrial wildlife and marine nature atractive for diving. A corner of dreamy love with only his breath breeze.

Spa Aguas Claras. Prof. Solimene y esposa // Terapeuta Spa Aguas Clara en una explicación // Directora del Spa Aguas Claras

Cayo Santa Maria is linked to the mainland by a road over the sea. In Cuba it is known as pedraplenes. And it was nature itself that created the conditions for leisure, including a coral reef that attenuate force winds in the beaches and also avoid the uncomfortable swells, so it is a unique setting to welcome thousands of people each year.

Cayo Santa María was declared by UNESCO "Biosphere Reserve" in which are varieties of animals which include 10 species of the the list of endemic groups in the country.

Late in the afternoon we arrived at the Hotel Meliá Las Dunas All Inclusive where we will be staying a little over a day. The resort is a real tourist town, full of attractions for visitors and enjoy two different environments, one for families and one for adults. This holiday all inclusive hotel offers guests facilities installation SPA Aguas Claras.

YHI SPA Meliá Cayo Santa María
The YHI Spa Melia Cayo Santa Maria is a Zen Spa. Tropical gardens, Asian simplicity, modern design, YHI Spa adapts to the environment to feed the local nature that inspires personalized therapies. Our visit to the YHI Spa leaves entire Delegation FEMTEC pleasantly surprised. The Director and staff team is appreciates this recognition and invite us to enjoy the atmosphere, while accompanying us on a tour of the facilities.

There are pavilions surrounded by nature and a wide range of treatments to realign the energies with a full menu of massages: acupressure, therapeutic, energy, massage to soothe and moisturize the skin, relieve pain and promote circulation. Reflexology and Shiatsu among other specialties. Hydrothermal features circuits that optimize the benefits of treatment selected. Staff highly qualified and specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The spa has a rest room with relaxing drinks; a gym with a qualified instructor; beauty salon for men and women, outdoor pool and an indoor pool with terrace.

During our stay at the YHI Spa, José Luis Wong, occupational therapist in Aguas Claras, gave a brief demonstration of massage Qui Gong (manipulating energy channels that help the patient both bodily and mentally). J. L. Wong teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Casino Chung Wah Caibarien (symbol of the Chinese community living in Cuba).

An unforgettable experience of harmony and well being in a dream location, surrounded by the natural luxury and exquisite care.

Remember that the National Programme for the Development of Natural and Traditional Medicine was implemented within the Ministry since 1997, having as a medical specialty since 1995.

During our stay at the Melia Las Dunas resort we were interested in the walkways giving access to beaches and somehow part of the tourism landscape. According to sources consulted the sustainable bridges are recommended by the Environmental Strategic Plan to protect the dunes of the beaches in the Sabana-Camagüey ecosystem whose fundamental purpose is to achive the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in the entire ecosystem.

In full armony with the rise of tourist activity, in 1993 it began to implement the Project. It stretches along the entire north coast along a 465 km, including territories of the provinces of Matanzas, Villa Clara, Sancti Spiritus, Ciego de Ávila and Camagüey is the largest system of keys of the Great Caribe and Cuba.

Coordinated at the national level by the Ministry of Science, Technology and the eviroment, through the Environment Agency (AMA), its implementation is provided by the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), and has had at different stages with the financial support of the Fund for the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and other institutions and international agencies.

Our last stay in Cuba was spent in Cayo Coco, one of the tourist destinations of most dynamic growth located north of Ciego de Avila and Keys to the colonial name of Jardines del Rey. This paradise with 22 km of sandy beaches and turquoise waters, and it has protected by coral formations and numerous species of flora and fauna. With spectacular sea beds and its proximity to one of the largest coral reef in the world, providing varied diving activity for diving enthusiats.

Pasarelas ecológicas. Florana

Cayo Coco is recognized as an ecological tourist destination and also the setting for migratory birds. This is where numerous colonies of flamingos and other birds choose the aforementioned islets site must scale situation that man has been charged with preserving the construction of infrastructure for tourism that seeks first order respect the natural environment.

We stayed at the Hotel Meliá Cayo Coco comfortable and like all hotels in the chain, with a privileged location in front of sandy coastline, lined with dunes covered with a strip of vegetation of palm trees and inhabited by a colony of flamingos pink. The property provides options for ecological hiking, bird watching.

Thalassotherapy Centre Cayo Coco
We visited the Thalassotherapy Center Cayo Coco Hotel 2 km far. It covers an area of ​​7500 m2, and is the only of its kind in the West Indies. With the hospitality that charaterizes the Cuban people, the Director Mirta Mesa and his team welcomed the FEMTEC delegation chaired by the Secretary General, Prof. U. Solimene. Then we toured the facilities and received full information about the activities and programs being carried out. We are also invited to enjoy the enviable setting where is located the Spa Thalasso "Acuavida" Cayo Coco, reference for heliotalasoterapia and the application of peloids in Cuba.

The island of Cuba, the largest of the Antilles, emerged strongly as a destination for dynamic expansion in tourism, aided by the tropical climate, warm waters and dozens of white sand beaches everywhere. We have lived and enjoyed it during an intense week we share with fellow Romanians, Italians, Algerians and our hosts from Cuba. It has been an incredible learning experience and enviable. In the José Martí international airport we said goodbye. We promise to return.

The program and visits have been organized by Solymed, the Agency for Health Tourism and Representative of Ente Official of Congresses, Exhibitions and International Events (Business Group Palco) of Cuba in Italy. Solymed is also the Tour operator of FEMTEC and collaborator of GRUPO TERMAS.
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Family Photo at the Hotel Melia Cayo Coco. Members of the Delegation FEMTEC on the day of his departure from Cuba
Family Photo at the Hotel Melia Cayo Coco. Members of the
Delegation FEMTEC on the day of his departure from Cuba.

European Tourism Consultant and Thermal Management.


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