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The success of the first International Symposium on Medical Hydrology along with Hydroglobe Project contribute to laying the foundations for an upcoming relaunch of the Latin American Federation of Hydrotherapy.

The city of Havana welcomed members of the International Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatology (FEMTEC) who participated in the First International Symposium on Medical Hydrology on "Health Management in the World: Updates and Strategies."

The relevant meeting held on March 11, 2014, was sponsored by the Ministry of Health, MINSAP, Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology, Pan American Health Organization, PAHO, Cuban Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, National Center for Rehabilitation "Julio Díaz", Cuba Embassy in Italy, Italian Embassy in Cuba and the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatology, FEMTEC.

Mesa de Autoridades // Dra. Lidia Menendez

A delegation of experts from Italy, Romania, Russia, Algeria and Spain, exchanged experiences in thermal medicine with Cuban medical specialists from various academic and scientific-thermal institutions representatives of health centers, teachers and technicians in the thermal sector within the scope of collaboration with this member country in Latin America.

Besides knowing the modern development of thermal medicine, Wellness therapies and important natural resources of Cuba, collaborative links narrowed in areas of scientific-thermal and technical know as well as FEMTEC support for relaunching the Latin American Federation of Hydrotherapy.

The event was held in the Conference Room Hotel Palco - Palace of Conventions. The inaugural session was oppened by Dr.Lidia Menendez, thanking the presence of the large delegation of expert members of the International Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy the head of which is Prof. Umberto Solimene, Secretary General of the FEMTEC and Vice President, Dr. Olga Surdu, and as guest editor and Vice-President Dr. Olga Surdu, and as guest specialist and editor Mayte Suárez Santos, president of the Grupo Termas.

In his speech Dr. Menendez referred to the importance of this first International Symposium "lay the foundations for scientific and technical advances in Medical Hydrology representing an alternatively drive to improve the quality of life of the people of Cuba and the countries who visit us from all over the world. Highlighting the value of mineral water recognized since 1962 by the WHO, and the great benefit to treat many chronic diseases, She referred to the progressive aging of the world population and the importance of Medical Hydrology.

Finally welcomed on behalf of Dr. Alfredo Lorenzo González, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Assistance and the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, all participants, European experts and Cuban specialists, wishing a happy stay at home and take the time for Medical Hydrology and scientific Hydrotherapy.

Then Prof. U. Solimene, Secretary General of FEMTEC went on and once again expressed FEMTEC interest and support for scientific-thermal development remembering the important participation of Cuba in the Hydroglobe Project considering twinning with this Caribbean country. Words ratified by Dr. Olga Surdu, as Vice-president of FEMTEC research area, and aware of the water potential of Cuba, also expressing the desire to strengthen the bonds of cooperation from the medical point of view.

Prof. Interv. Olga Surdu.En la mesa los embajadores de Italia y Rumania // Prof. R. Ledesma // Intervención embajador de Italia en Cuba

Prof. Rafael Ledesma, President of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology and FEMTEC member stressed the importance of this symposium for the development of medical hydrology in Cuba and at the same time serve as a bridge between the FEMTEC and Latin America, because Cuba has a history in Medical Hydrology over a hundred years, especially since 1945 when it launched the Institute of Medical Hydrology in Cuba. About the Hydroglobe Project emphasized work on the same line as it is considered a Procedural Manual of therapeutic resources worldwide. "Knowing in advance Hydroglobe he said Cuba edited in 2012 the Guide to Good Practice of Medical Hydrology".

The event was closed with the interventions of Carmine Robustelli, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in Cuba and Dumitro Preda, Ambassador of Romania in Cuba.
The Ambassador of Italy highlighted the cultural and scientific ties through cooperation agreements between universities of the two countries, and the importance of that scale in the field of thermal medicine and mineral waters with the celebration of the first international meeting of Medical Hydrology.

Dumitro Preda, Romanian Ambassador in Cuba, was pleased that his country can be represented by the large delegation of experts, wishing all success in the exchange of experiences in the field of Hydrotherapy.

Then the speakers shared their work, projections and research of Medical Hydrology. A day of dense scientific conferences that enriched the exchange of experiences in research of Medical Hydrology and other issues such as Hydroglobe Project exposed by Prof. U. Solimene and in which Cuba has an important role.

The inaugural conference was given by Umberto Solimene, on "Modern Hydrotherapy prospects bridge between rehabilitative medicine, prevention, tourism development." Morning sessions continued with topics about the "Distribution of mineral-medicinal waters and Peloids in Cuba. Potential "by Rafael Ledesma. Rosa ". The Evidence based medicine for balneotherapy - from scientific approach to methodolatry. "Taught by Olga Surdu. About "Therapeutic Experience of the past 20 years in the resort of San Diego de los Baños of Pinar del Rio " spoke Dagoberto Blanco Padilla.

The conference "Cardiovascular adaptation to mud-pack therapy in hypertensive subjects," Arsenio Veicsteinas.'s " Effectiveness of Balneologica Treatment in Patients with Osteoarthritis l" theme expounded by Niurka Maria Guzman Carballo, closing the first round of speeches the conference ofViorica Marin on “Thermal / mineral waters and mud - How They Work-Mechanisms of actions".

After a short break, the session resumed with scientific conferences on "Major works for development Cures in Cuba", by Juan Reineiro Fagundo Castillo. Presentation of "Water. H2O the health formula. A comprehensive vision of water focused on the role as resource for Healthy Life, health and wellness," by Maria Teresa Suarez.

"Development of dermo-cosmetic products from the sludge or mineral peloids and other" by Yanelis Ricardo Leyva. "Techirghiol Mud-scientific approach for healthy aging" by Liliana Elena Stanciu. "Neurorehabilitation Conference" by Vice Director CIREN. "Pain therapy in thermal medicine" by Giorgio D'Alessandro. "Phytotherapy in Cuba" presented by Yohan Perdomo. "Realities and perspectives in the training of specialists for thermal tourism in Russia," Natalia Tchaourskaia conference. "Thermal Argelian Situation" contribution Belaitar Ahmed and "Natural products: Wellness and Health in Special Populations", by Mariela Garcia Guevara. Prof. Maritza Leyva Serrano, National Director of Rehabilitation, Ministry of Public Health, announced the Comprehensive Rehabilitation in Cuba.

During the Symposium took place the delivery of Prizes and Diplomas awarded by the FEMTEC and the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology. A relaxed event where Prof. Solimene congratulated the speakers for the high scientific level of the papers presented. Dr. Olga Surdu, Scientific Vice-President, was recognized for her research and important papers presented by the delegation of Romania.

Dra. O.Surdu y Dra. Florana Menéndez con su oscar // La especialista y editora Mayte Suárez // Dr. Juan R.Facundo Miembro Honor SCHM

Dr. Florana Menendez Camporredondo Vice-President and expert for Latin America countries on HydroGlobe Project, got a "oscar" for her painstaking organizational work and success as the Scientific Coordinator of the International Symposium and Workshop.

The recently incorporated as Expert Member, specialist and editor Mayte Suárez Santos was also distinguished by a plate FEMTEC "Certificate of Honor" with appreciation and affectionate esteem for his merits in the dissemination of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy through the online magazine TERMAS WORLD. Award was presented by Dr. Florana Menendez.

Stand out from other winners to Dr. Ing Juan Reinerio Fagundo Castillo. Honorary Member of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology. Check Awards (download pdf).

The Italian Embassy in Cuba, put the finishing touch on the first International Symposium on Medical Hydrology, offering participants an exquisite reception. The The Ambassador Carmine Robustelli, accompanied by his wife and members of his cabinet, received their guests mingled with on a lovely evening. In the beautiful outdoor gardens where he spent dinner, The Ambassador talked with the Secretary General of the FEMTEC, his wife and members of the European delegation, asking about the activity being conducted by the International Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatoloterapia.

The program and visits were organized by SOLYMED (download program), the agency of Health Tourism Congress and Oficial Representative of the Body of International Congress, Fairs and Events (Grupo Empresarial Palco) of Cuba in Italy, SOLYMED is also the Tour Operator of FEMTEC and collaborator of GRUPO TERMAS.

For more information regarding the access to Health Institutions in Cuba or Participate in congress,conferences, international events. etc. Visit websites | | or contact via email: | Photos: Termas World File / recommended Web: |

Prof. Umberto Solimene gave the Opening Lecture of First International Congress of Medical Hydrology. The Havana 2014
Prof. Umberto Solimene gave the Opening Lecture of First
International Congress of Medical Hydrology. The Havana 2014.


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