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It is one of the ten forms of Natural and Traditional Medicine in Cuba's Health System.


This is the use of the sun and seawater as therapeutic agents and its practice is regulated by law. As treatment is usual on the largest island of the Antilles if you consider its geographical position strongly influenced by the receipt of high levels of solar radiation throughout the year.

Solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface is composed of 59% of infrared radiation (IR), in 40% of visible light, and in 1% of ultraviolet (UV). In biological science, solar radiation has great interest due to different effects, photothermal, photochemical and photo lighting.

The reaction of the organism during heliotherapy depends on the simultaneous influence of the IR visible and U.V. The latter reaction leads to pigmentation and tanning (accumulation of melanin), this being a defensive reaction of the skin when exposed to radiation. Effects such as physical and chemical on the skin or pigmentation are stimulating the nervous system. (Marine Heliotherapy)

Thalassotherapy in Cayo Coco
To know about the Heliothalassotherapy nothing better than visiting the International Thalassotherapy Centre "Acuavida", unique in Latin America and the Caribbean, located in Cayo Coco Jardines del Rey, one of the most important tourist centers of the north coast of the Cuban province of Ciego de Ávila.

Centro de Talasoterapia Cayo Coco // Cuba chica protegiendose

Following the characteristic architecture of the Caribbean, open and bright spaces with a privileged material like wood, the Centre is built on the very edge of the sea, blessed by the waters of exceptional quality and purity in this form of tourism in Cuba.

The exclusive Wellness programs are characterized by combining the rejuvenating SPA treatments with the natural healing benefits provided by the marine ecosystem through thalassotherapy. A perfect symbiosis to improve the quality of life for those looking for a relaxing vacation and health care in this idyllic setting.

As reported by Dr. Rafael Ledesma , President of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology , Thalasso Spa in Cayo Coco, as in the thermal spas, works with intervention protocols.

"People who come to the center for treatment, previously passed a medical consultation. Their Clinical References are reviewed and therapy applied according to their pathologies. During this healing time, receive massage sessions, heat , showers , sauna, salt water pool besides therapeutic exercises . The effects of thalassotherapy will start to be noticeable after 7 days of treatment at least " explains Dr. Ledes.

Recall that the Thalassotherapy is a therapeutic method based on the use of the marine environment (seawater, algae, mud and other substances extracted from the sea), and the marine climate as a therapeutic agent.

In this methodology the action of continuous movement of water (mechanical factor or hydro massaje) are combined, the action of water temperature (always cooler than the body), the action of dissolved salts in water (chemical factor), aeroions action (aerosol), the action of sunlight (heliotherapy), mechanical and thermal action of sea sand, the biological influence of bacterial flora and fitóncidos of the seaweed, among others.

Wellness Programs
During the visit to the International Thalassotherapy Centre, the Director and professional team members informed the FEMTEC delegation, chaired by the Secretary General, Prof. U. Solimene on activity and wellness programs that are carried out. They also invited to tour the facilities and to enjoy the enviable environment where Thalasso Spa of Cayo Coco is located, reference for the Heliothalassotherapy and peloids application in Cuba.

Directora y equipo del Centro de Talasoterapia Cayo Coco

With a bright Caribbean sun Dr. Ledesma 's explanation regarding the Heliothalassotherapy has a very special value. "Making thalassotherapy in Cuba , a tropical country at 12 pm (noon ) on the day , do not receive benefits but quite the opposite . Because Thalassotherapy should be applied without sun and in Cuba is impossible to use the sea water without sun. We use the natural therapeutic part that is the pool water of seawater with sun, outdoors to get sunlight , "says the president of the SCHM.

Wellness programs are characterized by specialization and are applied by highly qualified therapists. Among all treatments protruding skin aging, general detoxification and facial and body treatment by massage and the application of MUDS and algae. The comfort of the facilities and advanced technology make it possible to respond to the need for users looking to combine leisure, health and beauty on their vacation.

The Center is organized in wet zone with five hydro massage cabins. The controlled action of water jets and air in a tub of sea water is very effective for circulatory problems and muscle relaxation or ocean waves acting as such. An indoor saltwater pool for shower of immersion under pressure and a set of pools of warm seawater and outdoor jacuzzi. The Applications of natural sea water or heated to a temperature of between 35 and 37 ° C are the same as in Hydrotherapy and balneotherapy.

Highlight in the dry zone cabins for facials treatments with aparataje, acupressure, acupressure and podiatry services among many other general health and wellbeing. For Center library we delivered to the Director Mirta P. Mesa a copy of our book "Agua.H2O la fórmula de la salud", in which we have devoted a chapter to the Thalassotherapy.

The Heliothalassotherapy is a modality that is increasingly popular. As "remise en forme" wellness programs blend with the natural healing benefits of the marine environment through the Thalassotherapy . Do not forget that the sea air, saturated with seawater droplets, is rich in ozone and iodine, with antibiotic properties, relaxing increases the body's defenses. To all this is associated the psychic effect of the place of beauty "made in Cayo Coco".

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By Mayte Suárez Santos. Specialist in Medicine and Hydrotherapy. Member of the French Society of Spas and Thalassotherapy for Oral and Dental Health.

La editora Mayte Suárez con la directora en la visita
The editor Mayte Suárez with the director in visit to Center.

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