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The “buyer delegation groups” from Turkey and other countries including the Middle East and Balkan Countries, African Countries, Russian speaking countries and Turkic Republics will meet with the exhibitors.


IMTF 2014Istanbul Medical Tourism Fair & Congress set to be organized between 11-13 June 2014 at Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) continues to draw high interest from sector professionals. In parallel to the development of Health Tourism sector worldwide in the recent years, IMT set to be organized by Turkel Fair Organization Inc. for the first time will bring together world health tourism industry corporations and professionals.

Istanbul Medical Tourism Fair expects more than 10,000 visitors. The “buyer delegation groups” from Turkey and other countries including the Middle East and Balkan Countries, African Countries, Russian speaking countries and Turkic Republics will meet with the exhibitors. The buyer delegations will be composed of Ministry of Health officials, medical tourism travel companies, doctors, brokers, owners of hospitals and clinics.

The main exhibitors will be composed of various public, private and university hospitals from different cities of Turkey, Thermal Centers, SPA & Wellness Centers, Tooth & Chin Surgery Centers, Health Corporations, Insurance Companies, Sectorial Associations and Media Companies. Turkey’s leading health corporations including Liv Hospital, Acıbadem Hospital Group, Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex, Medicana Health Group, Taraklı Thermal Centers, Bir İnci Eye Hospital and Thermal Health Centers have already signed their contracts to reserve their booths during the exhibition/congress in order to meet with international visitors.

The b2b meetings among the exhibitors and visitors taking place in conjunction with the exhibition and the conference panels with national and international speakers will enlighten the medical tourism sector.

Turkey sets as a major attraction with being 2nd in the world with the quality of patient care and organizational management with its accredited health care corporations and 7th in the world in terms of thermal sources. A private hospital in Turkey with its physical and technological background carries European standards. In addition, Turkey’s thermal waters, both with the flow and temperature as well as the various physical and chemical properties carry higher quality than the European thermal waters.

The point of Turkey in terms of health tourism, its geographic and strategic position, climate and quality of service, with its 4 hours of flight to the potential of 1.5 billion people sets Turkey in an excellent position.

Why attend IMT Fair?

  • The direct organization for the Professional target groups,
  • Turkey being the fastest-growing country in world medical tourism sector,
  • Istanbul being the capital at Turkey’s medical tourism,
  • Istanbul being the most appropriate city for the transportation to thermal health and thermal spring centers,
  • The opportunity to meet new and potential customers with direct interaction,
  • B2B meetings,
  • Panels about the subjects of Medical Tourism, Thermal Health, Thermal Spring, Spa & Wellness,
  • The opportunity to be together with the key players of world health tourism sector within the same of organization
  • Being up-to-date about all the developments of world health tourism.

Turkel Fair Organization Inc has been operating in the trade fair sector for the duration of 20 years with its organization experience on the international stage, its strong infrastructure, and professional staff and it has played an important role in the promotion of Turkish export companies, their services and development of their export.

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