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The CIS combines the comfort hotel with specialized medical care of high level in different programs, endorsed by the most prestigious scientific institutions of the country.

Saludo de bienvenida director y equipo La Pradera La Habana 2014In the international framework of Medical Hydrology Symposium held in Havana, the delegation of experts from Romania, Russia, Spain, Italy and Algeria, group members of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy, headed by Prof. Dr . Umberto Solimene, FEMTEC Secretary General, accompanied by Prof. Rafael Ledesma, President of the Cuban Society of Hydrology and Dr. Maritza Leyva Serrano, National Director of Rehabilitation (MINSAP), visited the International Centre for Health "La Pradera" located in the western part of the city of Havana.

The members of the FEMTEC , medical researchers and specialists in areas of Balneotherapy , Rehabilitation, Medical Hydrology and Health Tourism , were received at the entrance of the building by the Director General of the CIS La Pradera , Dr. Pedro Llerena . After welcoming the large delegation and authorities, they chatted in the hall where you will find images of world figures who were treated at this center of reference for Latin America.

Then took place a meeting in which the European experts received detailed information from the Dr. Pedro Llerena on the work lines of high specialization and the different programs that are developing. Accompanying the Director General of the CIS La Pradera , Deputy Director of Health Care Dr. Vladimir Trujillo and other members of the healthcare team doctor besides Dr. Maritza Leyva Serrano , National Director of Rehabilitation (MINSAP ) .

Dr. Llerena, fter thanking the center visit recalled that the institution was created in 1996 by the Department of State in order to assist patients from different countries. “The International Health Center "La Pradera" attended in the last 18 years thousands of patients from 68 countries that are committed to professionalism of the Cuban institution . Today we received patients from countries like Russia , China , Canada, United States and Latin America in particular , "said the director. In this regard, he stressed the Integral Health Convention Cuba - Venezuela which this year will celebrate its 14th Anniversary.

Dr. Llerena is the Coordinator of the Convention on the Cuban side , said that bilateral agreement enabled since 2000 have benefited over 58,000 thousand Venezuelans and escorts patients. "During these years has provided free care to poor people who have been able to recover their health and improve their quality of life," stated the doctor.

Prof. Solimene en primer plano explicaciones del Director CIS La Pradera Cuba // Director Dr Pedro Llerena y Dra. Florana Menendez // LA PRADERA piscina terapéuticaLINES OF WORK
“Our main line of work is rehabilitation in every way, physical, motor, respiratory, cardiovascular, performed by physiatry specialists, neurologists, rehabilitation specialists with extensive experience and the other line is the treatment of cancer by monoclonal antibodies," the Dr.Llerena. Besides other diseases from the clinically.

"We coordinate with other institutions in the event we need surgeries such as the Hospital" Frank Pais "hospital complex considered the most extensive and comprehensive in the world dedicated to orthopedic surgery, trauma, reconstruction and rehabilitation of osteomioarticular system. The Clinical-Surgical "Hermanos Ameijeiras" and Clinic "Cira García" reports the director of CIS.

In this sense indicates that the International Health Centre “La Pradera”has relationships with 43 ​​medical facilities in five provinces of Cuba. "We specialize in working group in order to have the best specialists in Cuba to meet our patients," says.

As a result of the collaboration between institutions, the International Health Centre La Pradera, the National Center for Neuroscience and Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras in Havana, Cuba developed since 1998 a free National Cochlear Implant Program. Thanks to this health system have been treated about 270 children, most multi-disabled deaf and blind.

We must remember that the Centre La Pradera has a Speech Therapy service and Foniatria serving blind and visually impaired children. deaf-mutes, both Cuba and other nations. Dr. Pedro Llerena Fernandez explained that health in Cuba is universal , free, accessible and integrated with community involvement. " Humanitarian work is above anything " and the center's main grounds the personal attention dispensed to patients of various and painful pathologies.

Finally, the Director invited FEMTEC members to tour the La Pradera facilities, accompanied by the center staff and managemers. After leaving the European experts, thanked ​​the Secretary General Prof. U. Solimene and the Vice - President and the event coordinator, Dr. Florana Menendez for the interest in the health system of Cuba.

International Health Centre La Pradera combines the variety and comfort of the hotel services and specialized medical care. It occupies an area of 173 thousand square meters, whose facilities are combined with wooded lands, beautiful landscaped gardens and a large swimming pool for the enjoyment of patients and accompanying.

There are 155 double rooms for the patient and his companion and spaces for patient feeding, restaurants and other customized with buffet table, always under the guidance of nutritionists.

La Pradera is synonymous with quality of life. In their spaces designed for rehabilitation, also present humanism and solidarity provided by the Cuban. There are gyms where Cuban doctors perform physical rehabilitation for people with disabilities, also rooms where specialists in physical medicine care for children to estimulate their mobility and improve their motor reactions.

Other open places to serve outdoor exercise; there are also massage rooms, laser therapy, mud therapy and occupational therapy. Specialized services for oncology patients, and educational talks about addiction problems are given. In La Pradera work approximately over 500 people to attend the various pathologies of patients who stay at their facilities, and to provide the best service for their wellbeing and quality of life.

| Photo: Termas World Archive | Recommended websites: CIS La Pradera | |

The program and visits were organized by Solymed, the agency of Tourism of Health and Official Representative of Ente de Congresos, Fairs and Fairs and International Events (Grupo Empresarial Palco) of Cuba in Italy, SOLYMED is also the tour operator of FEMTEC and collaborator of GRUPO TERMAS.

| For more information regarding the access to these Health institutions in Cuba or participate in Congress, international events. etc... visit websites | | or contact by email:

At  the photo, Prof. U. Solimene walking around facilities and landscaped grounds of the International Health Centre "La Pradera
At the photo, Prof. U. Solimene walking around facilities and
landscaped grounds of the International Health Centre "La Pradera.


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