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European experts in Cuba were received by the CIREN President Dr. Emilio Villa Acosta and directors of the medical - scientific institution founded in Havana in 1989. It is considered "unique" in the world with services and achievements in the field of Neurosciences.

logo cirenPresidente del CIREN , Dr. Emilio Villa Acosta // intervención del Dr. Roidel AlessandriniThe Secretary General of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC) Prof. Dr. Umberto Solimene and vice presidents, Dr. Florana Menendez Scientific Workshop Coordinator for Latin America area and Dr. Olga Surdu leading a broad representation of Romanian specialists , experts from Italy , Spain , Algeria and Russia , accompanied by Prof. Rafael Ledesma , President of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology and Dr. Maritza Leyva Serrano , National Director of Rehabilitation (MINSAP ) , visited the prestigious Center International Neurological Restoration (CIREN ) located in the western part of the city of Havana.

European experts were received by the President of the CIREN, Dr. Emilio Villa Acosta and senior management of the scientific and medical institution, which reaches its 25th anniversary of its founding with services and achievements that support the fact that "only" in the world to combine research and clinical, medical and surgical treatment, rehabilitation and teaching effectively.

The welcoming ceremony was followed by a meeting in the Conference Room where Dr. Villa explained the reason for the creation of CIREN, "health institution founded in Havana in early 1989 with the aim of introducing and improve the newest technologies for the treatment of neurodegeneration such as Parkinson's disease. was designed as a research and assistance”said the president.

Were years of intense work and also times of crisis but always exciting, as is evident from the words of Dr. Emilio Villa. He recalled that the first line of investigation were the neurotransplantation as it promised to be the final solution of a group of diseases, but over time the center extended its goals of developing and diversifying its objectives, but always focused on the aftermath of chronic neurological diseases.

Prof. Solimene // Dra. MaritzaTHE CIREN MODEL
"The CIREN has created a technology for Neuro-Restorative treatment, Multifactorial, Intensive and Personalized based on the principle of Neuro Plasticity to achieve structural and functional recovery of the injured nervous system, which is applied by multidisciplinary teams of 13 specialties highly rated in their clinics for diseases (Parkinson's, autism, cerebral palsy and degeneration of alzheimer's, among others) through therapeutic actions designed entirely for each patient, up to 7 hours a day, under the direction of the neurologist in charge of the case, "added the president.

"This is to guide the patient and there is no incompatibility between a specialty and other" indicated, by way of analogy comparing this model to a conductor which is giving input to each musical note to produce a melody. "What is produced in many locations is noise, everyone plays their own way and the patient is going to suffer from this problem," said.

"This is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary center that develops a work" unique "in the world, 'he said to offer a service" unique "because there is no other facility to provide such intensive and specialized neurological care. Doctors work ten hours a day, six days per week in each day to offer seven hours of comprehensive neurological rehabilitation patients in treatment cycles of 28 days. "CIREN currently has six clinics and has become a focal point within the Cuban Scientific Complex.

CIREN is a facility that absolutely covers their expenses in currencies with their own income, derivatives of care for patients from other countries (national receive free service) said its chairman.

Dr. Villa said that the center, founded by former President Fidel Castro, provides neurological restoration services last generatión and also works as a national and international educational institution. At the same time, develop protocols for scientific collaboration with other countries, highlighting the joint projects with specialists from Mexico, Germany, among other nations.
In this regard, he said that "we must globalize knowledge, assimilate technologies and transfer them to the national health system." He also explained the importance of technology transfer and gave the example that the software for neurological surgeries used in Asturias ( Spain ) is Cuban and "a product approved by the European Union." Also noted that Cuba produces almost all surgical instruments using this software center and also for surgery of epilepsy and other neurological ailments.

All scientific-medical activity, paramedical and logistical support from the CIREN is under continuous evaluation process through a complex contro system of total quality based on ISO9001 laws.
The President of the CIREN unveiled planned activities to mark the 25th anniversary of its foundation hosted from 5 to 7 March the Fourth Scientific Conference of Neurological Restoration 2014 with over 200 delegates from countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and United States, among others. The topics addressed were related to autism, pediatric neurological restoration, aspects of neurosciences related to the concept of neuroplasticity, stem cell treatments and neurorehabilitation, among other presentations.

Since 1996 the institution winning health events, attended 101.980 Cubans and 14.431 foreign patients from 91 countries. General data from 1996 to 2013 indicate that the institution received a total of 116. 411 patients with an average of 2.000 requests. At the same time stressed that 37 percent of patients from dozens of countries from all continents will return to Ciren repeat treatments. "Italy is among the top ten countries sending patients along with Spain and Portugal, so to we are pleased to have them here, "added Dr. Emilio Villa.

Then, Dr. Roidel Alessandrini, director of General Biological Restoration Program (REBIOGER) of CIREN presented a study on human aging and causes that accelerate aging of the population for the next decade. He estimated that by 2020, the 25 percent of Cubans will be in old age, so called prevent neurological conditions that are among the most disabling of human being and the need for prevention and health promotion

The FEMTEC specialists accompanied by managers and professional staff they meet the facilities of the International Center of Neurological Restoration also the painting exhibition located in the lobby of the Institution.

| Recommended Web: www.ciren.cu |

The program and visits were organized by Solymed, the agency of Tourism of Health and Official Representative of Ente de Congresos, Fairs and Fairs and International Events (Grupo Empresarial Palco) of Cuba in Italy, SOLYMED is also the tour operator of FEMTEC and collaborator of GRUPO TERMAS.

For more information regarding the access to these Health institutions in Cuba or participate in Congress, international events, etc... visit websites: www.healthincuba.com | www.solymedtravel.net or contact by email: solymed@yahoo.com

Photo left to right: Dr. R. Alessandrini, Director  Clinic Rebioger  and Dr. R.Macias, Vicedirector of Science and Technology of CIREN with specialist Mayte Suarez Santos
Photo left to right: Dr. R. Alessandrini, Clinic Director Rebioger and Dr. Héctor Vera Cuesta,
Vice Director Clinico of CIREN with specialist Mayte Suarez Santos.


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