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GRUPO TERMAS is committed to the health and beauty, one of the most dynamic segments in the tourist sector, offering support by the incorporation of a new section for investors.

A window that will enable you to access to the best and innovative offers of a market in progressive evolution: the Tourism of Health.

The multiple investments both in the construction of new establishments, centres of thalassotherapy or the incorporation of areas of health, SPA and aesthetic in the hotels with an average annual growth of 17 percent in the last three years.

In the tourism of health and beauty, just Spain, generated a volume of business of 606 million Euros during 2005 and that mean 18,3 percent more than the obtained in 2004. Regarding spas, German is the main European destination followed by France and Spain.

It is expected that during the biennium 2005-2007 the turnover of the thalassotherapy centers could grow to an average rhythm around 22 percent (24 percent only in 2003). France still being the leader of the sector thalasso at global level followed by Tunisia, that has 35 centers of thalassotherapy of high standing.

The turnover of the centres of health and beauty using running water(no thermal water), will overcome 30 percent yearly increment and the hotels with SPA (areas with running water circuit ) will grow to an annual rhythm of 40 percent.

The especialized sectort of tourism whose main objetives are the health, the well-being or the aesthetic and that has little to do with watering stations, enters strongly in the market of investment. The future tendency is to design attractive destinations, with high level professional staffs and medical services, competitive prices and facilities included in attractive packs.

The sustainable tourism becomes aware of the thermal sector through of Sustainable Tourism Certification. Latin America took the initiative with the first thermal enterprise certified by Smart Voyager while the investment is fomented in the development of thermal villages in Latin America, following the European pattern of sustainable thermal cities. In Costa Rica has been created the first hotel specialized in tourism of health and many investors bet for the hotels incorporating dental, ophthalmic and cosmetic surgery treatments.

Considering that the health and the well-being deserve an appropriate planning, the challenges that have today the sustainable thermal villages, are to locate their offers in the marked tourist investor, offering services of high added value, in the health atmosphere, the well-being, the culture, the leisure and the environment.

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