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One of the conclusions of the International Symposium held in Havana, organized by FEMTEC, the Ministry of Public Health and Cuban scientific societies. Exclusive statements of Prof. Dr. Rafael Ledesma, President of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology for TERMAS WORLD AGENCY.

cartel del CongresoLa Editora Mayte Suárez hace entrega de su Libro al Presidente Dr. Rafael Ledesma“We are very pleased with the performance for the first time the International Symposium of Medical Hydrology in Havana and there is a commitment to schedule next year, within the framework of the International Congress of Rehabilitation, workshops of Medical Hydrology. FEMTEC in coordination with the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology "said President Dr. Rafael Ledesma told Termas World Agency.

“By us, we agree that the conclusions of the International Symposium are very favorable, very encouraging for the development of Medical Hydrology in Cuba. The papers presented by both specialists of Femtec as those of Cuba, will show signs of the development of both working groups and in our case, is a starting point to begin the scientific activity as as predecessors have done at the Medical Hydrology” stressed the Cuban President.

Community Medical Hydrology and Ecological Thermal Model
Prof. Dr. Rafael Ledesma Rosa who is Chief Rector of Methodological National Department of Medical Hydrology, recalled that the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) are interested and working hard to improve the quality of the thermal spas in Cuba. Develop Community Medical Hydrology in all provinces and municipalities (Hydrotherapy, Peloideterapia, Thalassotherapy and Climatotherapy), bringing to the the population thecurrently available modalities and using existing sources of mineral waters that are still unexploited.

"Another goal is to develop the Medical Hydrology Environment (ecological ranchones) given that Cuba has more than 1,400 manifestations of mineral water throughout the country, and also apply this model of Ecological Cures in Helio thalassotherapy (sea water and sun ) in all coastal municipalities of Cuba (the current 168 municipalities, of which 134 have coast). Besides the development of human resources. Prepare and train staff related to Medical Hydrology offering postgraduate courses of the different variants of the hydrology. For us, this event is an important step of "brotherhood", between FEMTEC and the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology "added the President.

For Prof. Rafael Ledesma is a priority to develop scientific research demonstrating evidence of the importance of Medical Hydrology in Prevention, Healing and Rehabilitation in Health problems of the Cuban population. Hence, among current projections of Medical Hydrology in Cuba are working in therapeutic protocols for different diseases identified as suitables for treatment with therapeutic resources of Medical Hydrology.

Regarding the gratitude expressed by the Secretary General of FEMTEC at the end of the acts of the International Scientific Workshop, the President of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology noted its satisfaction with this recognition.

"It is a pride for all of us, added Dr. Rafael Ledesma, heartfelt gratification words spoken by Prof. Dr. Umberto Solimene and all colleagues of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy, referring to his stay in Cuba, for the organization of the event and professional visits to the spas, thalassotherapy and rehabilitation centers in a variety of resorts and recreation of the island, and appreciation for the quality and history of Medical Hydrology that exists in Cuba, also by the changes that are occurring in our country as you said, is for the good of the people, and personally I also think for humanity, " said Dr. Ledesma.

FEMTEC and Cuba in Hydroglobe Project
"We can not forget that Cuba is the center of Latin America in terms of social development programs and also for the economy and we believe that the development of Medical Hydrology is very important and strategic to FEMTEC in his approach to Cuba and projects like Hydroglobe that Cuba will lead in Latin America. There also projects to interact in our country in terms of economic relations and even investment in Medical Hydrology for spas and thalassotherapy centers" concludes.

Finally, the President of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology had words of praise for our Editor, who said "it was also an honor for us to have the presence of Professor Mayte Suárez Santos, who leads the web com.there were great expectations to meet you and it has been kind enough to give us his book "Water, H2O Health formula", a magnificent work that we thank," added Dr.Rafael Ladesma.

The President of the Cuban Society of Hydrology feel very honored and also very grateful to the World Federation of Hydrotherapy (FEMTEC) Cuba for choosing to share scientific dialogue and yet enjoy the benefits of Caribbean, the culture and the cozy warmth of the Cuban people.

Remember that the June 22, 2011 the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology was created as a chapter in the Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, appointing as president, Dr. Rafael Ledesma Rosa. This Society was founded with the objective of promoting the scientific and educational activities in the country, perfoms the 1st National Basic Course of Medical Hydrology for Spas Directors, Thalassotherapy Centers, and Health professionals involved with this activity, the 1st National Workshop of Medical Hydrology as part of the National Day of Rehabilitation 2012 and strategies at the National Health System to recover this therapy as heartfelt and necessary for the Cuban population. and the International Health Tourism.

Also been conducting regional courses on deepening the knowledge of Medical Hydrology and Climatology nationwide , and has a team working together with the Department of Climate and Health , Institute of Meteorology regional studies on climate and its therapeutic values.

Currently cooperates with the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Havana , with the contribution of specialists to the characterization of mineral waters and peloids in Cuba and proposed to the Ministry of Public Health ( MINSAP) the establishment of national multidisciplinary group of Medical Hydrology which is being adopted by different agencies of the central administration of the state.

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Pictured from right to left : Dr. Rafael Ledesma , president of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology and his team. In center , Dr. Florana Menéndez , Vice - President of FEMTEC and scientific coordinator of the International Workshop
Pictured from right to left : Dr. Rafael Ledesma , president of the Cuban
Society of Medical Hydrology and his team. In center , Dr. Florana Menéndez ,
Vice - President of FEMTEC and scientific coordinator of the International Workshop.


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