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The Hydrotherapy specialist Mayte Suárez Santos will present her book "Water, H2O Formula of Health" at the International Symposium of Medical Hydrology that FEMTEC and the Ministry of Health and several scientific institutions of Cuba will hold on 11 March in La Havana.

Logos: FEMTEC // Grupo Termas // SOLYMEDThe Editor and President of GRUPO TERMAS Mayte Suárez Santos will participate in the International Scientific Workshop organized by the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatology (FEMTEC) to be held from 10 to 17 March 2014 in Cuba, coordinated by Professor Florana Menéndez, vice president of FEMTEC area of Latin America.

The specialist in International Cures and medical tourism is part of the panel of European speakers, professionals and managers of scientific institutions in Cuba who will participate in the International Medical Hydrology Symposium to be held in La Havana (see Scientific Program).

The conference of Dr. Suarez, will focus one "Walter. H2O the health formula. A comprehensive visión of water focused on the role as Healthy resource for Life, health and wellness”, title that names his first book published by pretigious Grupo Editorial Oceano and coincidental with the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Termas World (1999-2014 .) the first electronic magazine dedicated to the popularization of Water Culture. This magazine was presented at the XXI International Congress of Thalassotherapy held in Hammamet, Tunisia in January 2000.

Speaking to Termas World Agency, specialist Mayte Suárez Santos welcomed the invitation of the International Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatology (FEMTEC), in whose association was recently accepted as a member, to participate in the journey of experts that will allow to know the scientific activity of modern thermal medicine applied in Cuba.

"It's a special occasion as we learn "in situ", the integral development of spas, the richness of its water and mineral resources as well as other medical issues specialized of global significance such as the program of integral neurorehabilitation developed by CIREN, which means to have a complete view of the practical organization of prevention, promotion, treatment and rehabilitation for local and foreign patients in Cuba, "says the president of Grupo Termas.

During the week from 10 to 17 March in addition to participating in the scientific activity of Medical Hydrology Symposium, European experts undertake ​​various tours of the Thermal and Tourism Island Health Centers A program that includes, among others, profesional visits to Elguea SPA located in the province of Santa Clara and one of the most important tourist centers of Latin America. Thalassotherapy Center Cayo Coco, the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN) of global reference, in the year of celebrations for its 25th anniversary.

Recall that the long, narrow island of Cuba bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, has 14 spas and four complexes for mud therapy under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health, the Department Medical Hydrology and its provincial and municipal divisions.

Its operation is regulated by law. In addition to the highest quality therapeutic and cosmetic of mud of use and algae. There are centers of artificial reproduction and it is estimated that around two million tonnes of black algae and brown algae come to Cuba every summer, which are used by the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as from heat plants.

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Detail of the  Trinity Beach, the colonial city is located in the central region of Cuba, and was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Detail of the Trinity Beach, the colonial city is located in the central region of Cuba,
and was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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