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The World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatology (Femtec) will hold for the first time in Havana exchange of experience in thermal medicine with Cuban specialists in the field of cooperation with this country member of Latin America.

Logos: FEMTEC // MINSAP // OPSPThe city of Havana will host the next day March 11, 2014, the International Symposium on Medical Hydrology "Health Management in the World: Updates and Strategies."

The relevance of this meeting with the participation of experts from FEMTEC and Cuban specialized doctors from various scientific thermal institutions and managers of thermal centers, professors, technical staffs and entrepreneurs among others. This is part of thel International Scientific Workshop, wich will be held by the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatology in Latin America.

The call is sponsored by the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), the Society of Medical Hydrology of Cuba , Pan American Health Organization , PAHO, Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Cuba, the National Rehabilitation Centre "Julio D’az " the Embassy of Cuba in Italy and Italian Embassy in Cuba and the World Federation of Thermalism and Climatology, FEMTEC.

The event will be held in the Conference Room of Hotel Palco - Convention Palace. The oppening session will be conducted by Dr. Alfredo Lorenzo Gonz‡lez , Deputy Minister of Health and Social Assistance , MINSAP, and will intervene among other speakers, Prof. Maritza Leyva Serrano , National Director of Rehabilitation, MINSAP, Professor Umberto Solimene , Secretary General FEMTEC ; Prof. Rafael Ledesma, President of Sociedad Cubana de Hidrolog’a Medica, Prof. Olga Surdu , Vice President FEMTEC and closing the welcome, Carmine Robustelli, Ambassador Republic of Italy in Cuba .

The organization has developed an interesting program with the participation of renowned experts in different areas of thermal medicine . Scientific conferences that will enhance the exchange of experiences between FEMTEC research Medical Hydrology - among others the Hydroglobe Project - and the strategic importance of the Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation developed in Cuba - National Rehabilitation CentreÓJulio DiezÓ and Neurological Rehabilitation Centre (CIREN).

The inaugural conference will be in charge of Professor Maritza Leyva Serrano, who will present the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program in Cuba . The morning sessions will continue with Umberto Solimene interventions on " Modern Hydrotherapy prospects bridge between rehabilitative medicine , prevention , tourism development ." The " Distribution of Mineral-medicinal Waters and Peloids in Cuba . Potential" by Rafael Ledesma Rosa. " The Evidence based medicine for balneotherapy - from scientific approach to methodolatry. " By Olga Surdu. About" Therapeutic Experience of the past 20 years in the SPA of San Diego de los Baños de Pinar del Rio " will speak Dagoberto Blanco Padilla.

The conference "Cardiovascular adaptation to mud-pack therapy in hypertensive subjects" will be in charge of Dr.Arsenio Veicsteinas, " Effectiveness of Balneotherapy Treatments in patients with Osteoarthritis" will be exposed by Niurka Maria Guzman Carballo and will close the first round of speeches , the conference of Viorica Marin on Thermal / mineral waters and mud - how they work- Mechanisms of actions " .

The scientific sessions will resume with the conferences on " Major works for development contributions Cures in Cuba " by Juan Reineiro Fagundo Castillo. Presentation of " Water. H2O the health formula. A comprehensive vision of water focused on the role as resource for Healthy Life , health and Wellness . " by Mayte Suarez Santos. "Development of dermo-cosmetic products from the sludge or mineral peloids and other " Yanelis by Ricardo Leyva. " Techirghiol Mud -scientific approach for healthy aging" by Liliana Elena Stanciu . " Neurorehabilitation Conference " by Vice Director CIREN . "Pain therapy in thermal medicine" by Giorgio D' Alessandro . "Phytotherapy in Cuba " presented by Yohan Perdomo . " Realities and perspectives in the training of specialists for thermal tourism in Russia ," Natalia Tchaourskaia conference . " Argelian Thermal Situation" contribution of Belaitar Ahmed and ÒNatural products : Wellness and Health in Special Populations " , by Mariela Guevara Garcia.

The International Symposium of Medical Hydrology will end with the conclusions that will be presented by Prof. Umberto Solimene, Secretary General FEMTEC and Prof. Florana Menéndez Camporredondo, Vice-President and expert for Latin America of HydroGlobe Project and International Scienticfic Workkshop coordinator.

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Conventions Palace  in Havana. Cuba

Conventions Palace in Havana. Cuba.

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