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puente romano de ourense


The editor of Termas World and Healthy Routes, Mayte Suárez Santos, participates togheter with others authors, with a chapter devoted to "Unha Ruta termal no Camiño Mozárabe da Provincia de Ourense". The work is coordinated by Dr. Maria G. Souto Figueroa.

Las Burgas de OurensePublished by the Diputación Provincial of Ourense, the next 11 February 2014 will be the presentation of the book "Ourense, unha singular, enigmatic and surprising province." The work is coordinated by Dr. Maria G. Souto Figueroa. The event will be held in the city of Burgas.

The specialist Mayte Suárez, editor of Termas World, first electronic magazine in specialized in Thermalism and Healthy Routes with Internet presence since 1999, participates in this work with a chapter devoted to the thermal tourist disclosure of the Mozarabic Route through the province of Ourense.
The author describes her experience as a pilgrim performing " Unha Ruta Termal no Camiño Mozárabe da Provincia de Ourense" and providing an overview of the water from the hot springs, a core value in the Jacobean pilgrimage since the Middle Ages.

The tourist-thermal route starts entering the pass of Canda da Portela through the place of the same name and Vilavella before reaching the village of A Gudiña, busy place for pilgrims. This is the longer route, with two variants: one towards to Laza and the other by Verin joining both in the city of Ourense. The itinerary for Verin, major settlement of a large number of springs, is reinforced by the historical and cultural potential and natural resources of this route.

Speaking to Termas World Agency, Mayte Suárez Santos highlights " the importance and historical and cultural value of the Jacobean routes , around which were forged traditions and cultures passed down from generation to generation as an important asset for social development , cultural and economic development of the regions and the SPA towns of Spain . Among these routes , is the Camino de Santiago Mozárabe already using by the Christians living in the Arab kingdoms of Al- Andalus to link with other roads leading north of Spain through the Via de la Plata."

According to the specialist the route initially grew as an extension of the Roman road called Via de la Plata, which joined Emerita Augusta (Mérida ) with Asturica Augusta (Astorga) . Also remember that in the Middle Ages , pilgrims to Santiago sought above all the soul's health but certainly , many of them found the time to get to the salutary sources that existed along the road.

"An experience that enriches the current pilgrim when he discovers the spectacular nature, the glens, the Roman roads and monuments and the beautiful cities and towns. The diverse landscape with its excellent cuisine and especially the mineral water springs with therapeutic properties, make this itinerary a healthy thermal route for the body and spirit, "says the editor of Healthy Routes.

Ourense arouses admiration in the current pilgrim as its did the ancient Romans. Most of these sources are concentrated at the site of As Burgas hot springs around which the early this Roman city was created. In 1975 were declared a Historical Site and are themselves a symbol of the city , also known as " the City of the Burgas."

The attractive of the natural wealth of Mozarabic Route is an invitation to recreate the spirit walking a tourist route through open spaces in protected areas. To nourish the body , the pilgrim today discover a cuisine revalued with designation of origin on products like bread of Cea , Galician beef , chestnut honey, pulpo a feira and potatoes of Limia . To stay healthy , abundant in the flow of springs and Thermalism with medicinal mineral waters that place Ourense as the second city in Europe in thermal resources.

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The specialist Thermalism Mayte Suárez Santos during a visit to the sources of  Burgas Ourense

The specialist Thermalism Mayte Suárez Santos during a visit to the sources of Burgas Ourense.

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