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Asklepeion de Kos


It was also unanimously approved the entry into FEMTEC as member, expert-consultant, Thermalism specialist and editor, Mayte Suárez Santos, president Grupo Termas. The candidature was submitted by Dr. Florana Menéndez, vice president of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy.

The 66th General Assembly of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC) held under the International Scientific Congress in Rhodes, Kos (Greece) on October 15, 2013, concluded with an agreement to hold a symposium and meeting of experts March 2014 in Cuba.

Doctora Florana Menéndez ´durante su intervención. // Prof, Solimene  y Dr. Slaheddine Montacer ( Túnez )

FEMTEC Secretary General, Prof. Umberto Solimene reported on the proposal to organize a workshop in Cuba. With the general consensus of all members, was approved the travel of expert and hold a Symposium on Medical Hydrology in collaboration with the Cuban scientific societies, for the first time in Latin America. The date of the event was scheduled for March 2014, becoming responsible for coordination Florana Dr. VP Menendez, an expert in the area of Latin America.

It was also unanimously approved the entry into FEMTEC as Member,expert- consultant , Thermalism specialist and Editor, Mayte Suárez Santos, president of the GRUPO TERMAS. The candidature ( curriculum of activities ) was presented by Dr. Florana Menéndez, vice president of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy.

Under the slogan, "Airs, Waters and Places", the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy has held in Rhodes and Kos, a special session on the Hydrotherapy history of member countries and the oath ceremony in Asclepeion Hiprócrates.

Dra.Florana Menández y Dra. Olga Surdu // Miembros de Femtec en un momento de descanso

The opening ceremony of the 66th International Scientific Congress FEMTEC, took place at the Rodos Palace Hotel, where the Congress. The formal session was attended by government officials of Rhodes, capital of the Dodecanese, who welcomed each of the participating specialists from Russia, Italy, France, Portugal, Tunisia, Poland, Romania, Cuba, Hungary, Slovenia , Ukraine, China, Japan, Korea, San Marino, Kazakhstan, among other countries of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC).

Prof. Dr. Umberto Solimene , gave the first scientific conference dedicated to " Hot Spring from Hippocrates to the Modern Society ." An interesting topic that was followed with particular attention, as the theme of the Congress recalls that " Hippocrates, the father of medicine , " wrote the Manual " Airs , Waters and Places " , considered very modern and contemporary it is about connections between humans and the environment and opportunity to the attention of natural means. An holistic and comprehensive view providing four main instruments : hydrotalassotherapy, movement, nutrition and mind / body relationship.

In presenting the scientific program, indicate both President of FEMTEC Prof. Nikolai Storozhenko and the Secretary General , Prof. Solimene that " the choice of location of the conference is to emphasize the Hippocratic doctrine of prevention , treatment and rehabilitation and welfare."

The two scientific days were held in Rhodes. Located 18 kilometers from the Turkish coast, is one of the most touristic areas of Greece for its sunny beaches and the legacy of myths and legends that survive in every corner of the island. Its medieval town protected by walls, has been declared "heritage of humanity" by UNESCO.

In the morning and afternoon sessions, lectures on "Experimental and clinical research of Thermal Medicine," the "Hygiene and Technology Health of Spas" and "Current status and prospects of Thermalism". The Dr. Florana Menendez closed the scientific sessions with a lecture on "The Thermal Medicine and Health Tourism".

Considering the theme of the Congress: "Aires, Waters and Places. Integrated thermal medicine a holistic approach to government health, "scientific program has included the following topics:

  • Experimental and clinical investigations of thermal medicine.
    • Prevention and health.
    • Hygiene and Technology.
    • Hot Springs, SPA and Traditional Medicine.
    • Economic and social aspects.
    • Energy saving and reduction of water consumption, environmental protection.
    • Hot Springs Health and Government Services.
    • Human resources and training.
    • Hot springs, medical spa and tourism development.
    • The investigation of the products of the thermal waters.
    • Strategy thermal hotels.
    • Research the business model of tourism development of hot springs.

The 66th International Scientific Congress FEMTEC concluded with the Awards for best presentation oral and poster. The Scientific Committee is composed of the following members: A.Razumov (Russia), Ch Roques (France), U. Solimene (Italy), M. Loboda (Ukraine), A. Veicsteinas (Italy), G. Gurnari (San Marino), I. Zorin (Russia), O.Surdu (Romania) I.Ponitowskaya (Poland), SABulekbaeva (Kazakhstan), P.Cantista (Portugal), T.Bender (Hungary).

Finally the congressmen traveled to Kos known as the "Island of Hippocrates" born in the year 460. C. and considered the father who laid the foundations of modern medicine, where took place in Asklepeion, holding the ceremony of the Hippocratic Oath. An act full of symbolism about the Hippocratic doctrine. Asklepeion de Kos is one of the most important sanctuaries Ancient Greece built in honor of Asclepius. Here was also based, as indicated by the inscriptions, the medical school founded by Hippocrates.

Currently Kos town hosts the International Hippocratic Institute and a museum dedicated to the "first doctor of antiquity". Today Kos town hosts the International Hippocratic Institute and a museum dedicated to the "first doctor of antiquity.". | Photos are kindly provided by Dra. F. Menéndez. |

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Group members FEMTEC Rhodes-Kos (Greece) 2013

Group members FEMTEC Rhodes-Kos (Greece) 2013.

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