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Anonymous navigation through the websites

TERMASWORLD.COM only obtains and retains the following information about visitors of our web:

a) The name of the hosting domain that gives them access to the net. For example, an user of the hosting XXX only will be identified with the domain This way we can elaborate statistics on the countries and hostings that more often visit our web.

b) The date and time of access to our web. That allows us to discover the hours of bigest influx and therefore, do the precise adjustments to avoid saturation problems in our peak hours.

c) The internet address from which left the link that is directing toward our web . Because of this data, we can know the effectiveness of the different banners and links that aimed toward our hosting, with the purpose of increase those offering better results, in order to satisfy the necessities of our visitors' information.

d) The number of daily visitors of each section. It allows us to know the areas of more success, increasing and improving their content with the purpose of offer a most satisfactory information to our users.

The obtained information is completely anonymous, what means that it cannot be associated to a concrete and identified user. However, we hope the registration of all visitors with the purpose of knowing theirs preferences in order to offer them, in the future, only an information of their interest.

Navigation with cookies.

Our web uses cookies, small files of data that are generated in the user's computer allowing us to obtain the following information:

a)The date and hour of the last time when user visited our web.

b) The design of contents that user chose in his first visit to our web.

c) Elements of security that intervene in the access control to the restricted areas.

The user has the option of impeding the cookies generation, selecting the adecuate option in his navigator. Although in that case, we won't be able to offer in the future personalized services that will incorporate advantages for our visitors.

Treatment of data of personal character.

TermasWorld, propietor of the website TERMASWORLD.COM is as well the propietor of the database generated with the data of personal character given by the users. The user authorizes the automated treatment of the given personal data, necessary to give the agreed services, If the user is minor, TermasWorld advises to consult with parents or legal tutors the convenience of being previously advised on the derived consequences of the delivery of its personal data, according to the norms settled down in the present policy of privacy.

It is understood that the user accepts the established conditions if he presses the button SEND that appears in the subscription form. The information contained in the mentioned database is used both for the correct identification of the users that requests personalized services in TERMASWORLD.COM as for the realization of statistical studies of the registered users, allowing to design improvements in the services offered, to carry out basic tasks of administration, to communicate incidences, offers or newness to the users registered via electronic mail.

The personal information obtained from registered users is stored in databases. TermasWorld assumes the tecnical measures, organization and security in order to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of information according to the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Data of Personal Character, and other applicable legislation.

The user will respond, any way, of the truthfulness of given data. will keep the right to exclude from the registered services all user that has facilitated false data, without prejudice of the other actions, according to the Law.

Any registered user can in any moment to exercise the right to consent, to rectify and, if the case arises, to cancel his data of personal character given to TermasWorld, by means of written communication directed to TERMASWORLD.COM c/ Actriz Encarna Mañez, nº 3 Puerta 26, 46022 Valencia, SPAIN . It is undestood that the user accepts the established conditions if he presses the button SEND that apears in the form of collection of data.


TermasWorld declines any responsibility regarding the information that is outside of this web and not negotiated directly by our webmaster. The function of the links is exclusively the one of informing the user on the existence of other sources of information on the matter in the net, where he will be able to enlarge the data offered in this web. TermasWorld wil not be in any case responsible for the result obtained through this hipertextuals connections.


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