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European experts will travel to Havana, next March in order to know about the modern development of thermal medicine in this country and they will hold an International Symposium Medical Hydrotherapy in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and scientific institutions of Cuba.

Logo de FEMTEC GRANDE // Universitá degli Studi di MilanoThe International Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC ), nongovernmental organization in official relationship with the WHO , has scheduled for the first time, an International Scientific Workshop in Cuba , one of the most active members of Femtec . For this reason, leading European specialists will travel to Havana next March to know about the modern development of thermal medicine and in the Caribbean island.

From 9th to 17th March 2014 , the europe experts will perform professional visits to the most important specialized medical and Health Tourist centres; the Elguea Baths and the Thermal Centre; SPA centres and to Cayo Coco Thalassotherapy Centre of Cuba, country that leads the Health Tourism in Latin America and will hold an International Symposium on Medical Hydrotherapy and Health Government in the World: Present situation and Strategies.

FEMTEC makes this important event in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Cuba, Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology, Pan American Health Organization, Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Cuba, National Rehabilitation Center and the Cuban Embassy in Italy.

The Prof. Florana Menéndez, Vice President of FEMTEC and Expert for the Latin American countries of HidroGlobe project, is the Coordinator of this International Scientific Workshop.

Prof, Solimene // Doctora Florana Menéndez

The President of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC) Prof. Nikolai Storozhenco and the Secretary General, Prof. Umberto Solimene, they make an invitation to the scientific-thermal community, to the members of FEMTEC and colleagues to participate in the International Scientific Workshop in Havana. Cuba.

In presenting this greeting message, they highlight that " Natural Mineral waters and climatic resources are part of the cultural heritage of every country’s medical tradition. Even in parts of the world that are far away from Europe (Asia, Africa, Central and Latin America) water has always been used for health care, as well as for anthropological reasons".

In Central America highlight that " In Cuba plays an outstanding role, also internationally, with its rich water and mineral resources. From the thermal resorts of the early 1700s (San Diego de los Baños, Santa Maria del Rosario, ) to the ultra-modern Thermal and Thalassotherapy Centres on the Coast, the Ministry of Health has been keeping a close focus on this sector, including Thermal medicine in the health-care system, in therapy, and in rehabilitation, and promoting the development of research.

Today Cuba is the focal point for coordination and development of thermal medicine integrated in a modern vision, and one of the most proactive Member countries of FEMTEC ".

" Holistic and integrated vision provides four principal implements: hydro-thalassotherapy, movement, nourishment, and mind/body relationship. Therefore choosing a Congress venue in the “new world” is a way to underline the important and topical teaching of Hippocrates about prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, wellbeing, in connection with and as a legacy of the “ancient world”.

"This year, the Centre for Research on Medical Bioclimatology, Thermal and Complementary Medicine, and Wellbeing Sciences ( celebrates its 45th anniversary. Established in 1969 by Roberto Gualtierotti, it is now one of the most active WHO centres in the Complementary Medicines sector, and works in close synergy with FEMTEC" .

Finally they indicate that " The meeting in Cuba will also offer an opportunity to review the performed activities and promote new ones. Alongside scientific lectures by Cuban and European Experts on the topics listed below, the Workshop will include high-level meetings and professional visits to Thermal, Thalassotherapy, and Rehabilitation centres in a variety of resorts (see the attached agenda)

Scientific topics include:
Hot springs, spa and Traditional Medicine - Experimental and Clinical Research on Thermal medicine - Hygiene and Technologies - Prevention and health - Economic and social aspects - Energy saving and reduction of water consumption, environment protection - Hot Springs and Health Government Services - Human resources and professional training - Hot springs, medical spa and tourism development - Medical research of enjoying hot springs in summer - Research by products of the hot springs - Strategy of hot spring hotels - Business model research of hot spring tourism development."

Organization is entrusted to Solymed " Events in the World " a company specializing in Health Scientific Tourism and Congresses in Cuba.

For further information: Prof. Florana Menéndez FEMTEC Vice President Latin America area. E-mail :

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Varadero, is one of most fascinating and beautiful beaches of Cuban Archipielago for its fine white sand, its blue and warm clear water.

Varadero, is one of most fascinating and beautiful beaches of
Cuban Archipielago for its fine white sand, its blue and warm clear water.

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