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“This revives the interest in the individual’s care as a whole,” says Umberto Solimene, Secretary General of FEMTEC  and member of Scientific Advisory Team of Termas World- GRUPO TERMAS.

FEMTEC // OMC // Prof. Umberto SOIIMENEA strong scientific revival of traditional and complementary medicines; thorough operator training; strict controls over the quality of natural products combined with appropriate patient/consumer information: these are some of the recommendations contained in the paper World Health Organization Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023 introduced in Macao (China) by the World Health Organization in last November. As the only European representative, Umberto Solimene attended the meeting in his capacity of Director of the WHO Centre and Secretary General of FEMTEC ( Worldwide Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy).

One unprecedented fact is that the report on traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) strategies issued by the WHO often mentions the role of thermal medicine, based on studies carried out by the World Federation of Thermalism (FEMTEC) and the Italian Foundation for Research on Thermalism (FoRST), under the technical supervision of the World Health Organization.

In particular, the study “Hydroglobe”, whose results will be disclosed in March 2014 in Rome, highlights the efficacy of thermal care, based on solid scientific evidence and research, and its diffusion in the world, and refers to this kind of therapy and the relevant treatments as part of a broader concept of health.
In fact, traditional medicine (TM) goes hand in hand with “complementary medicine” (CM), which includes a broad range of healthcare practices, sometimes integrated in the health systems of countries. “Herb-based medicine, traditional medicine treatments and skills are the main healthcare resource for millions of people, sometimes even the only source of this kind of care,” said Ms. Margaret Chan, General Manager of the WHO, about T&CMs.

Complementary medicines include acupuncture, phytotherapy (herb-based medicine), chiropractic medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, and osteopathy, as well as thermal medicine, strongly integrated – by tradition and research – in the healthcare systems of the main European countries. It is a new frontier for most emerging countries (including China and South America), and an area where the old Continent, and Italy in particular, can provide abundant know how and technologies, say the press release.

“While on one hand the paper directs the contribution of T&CMs towards the concept of health, wellbeing and healthcare focused on the individual, on the other it promotes the safety and actual use of this approach through appropriate regulation on medicines and on professional operators,” rators,” says Professor Solimene. “Thermal medicine, an old tradition of the western and European medical world, plays a primary role in this respect.”

Umberto Solimene shares the claims of the WHO: “Factors for widespread appreciation of TMs include a growing demand for a full range of health services, dissatisfaction about the existing services, and renewed interest in the ‘care of the individual as a whole.’ Economic saving is also part of these factors,” concludes the professor.
“For example, when treating neck pain, manual therapy allows to save about one-third of costs vs. physiotherapy and general therapy.” In this respect, the WHO paper mentions – as a unique European example – the cost/benefit analysis of the Lombardy Region on the use of an acupuncture technique against labour pain, coordinated by Professor Emilio Minelli of the WHO Centre of the Milan State University.

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The GRUPO TERMAS adheres to the Scientific- thermal Community expressing satisfaction with the WHO decision fully recognize the role of the Thermal Medicine. At the same time we want to express our congratulations and recognition to the work done by Professor Umberto Solimene President of Centro di Recerche Bioclimatologia Médica, Medicina Termale Complementare e Science del Benessere, State Universitary of Milan. Secretary General FEMTEC and member of the scientific advisory team ofe Termas World, magazine attached to GRUPO TERMAS.

His extraordinary scientific work and professional prestige it brings to their experience are highly valued and is an honor for all of us. Mayte Suárez Santos. Editor.



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