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The IMT which is set to organized between 11-13 June 2014, with concurrent events at Istanbul Congress Center for the first time will bring together world health tourism industry corporations and professionals.


IMTF 2014Turkey's health tourism has developed in the last Especially 10 years due to its strategic geographical position &, climate & service quality, potential to reach 1.5 billion human potential with just 4 hours of flight distance. We observe the same situation at Thermal, SPA & Wellness, Eld and Disable Tourism. Turkey has so much potential With its Natural resources, and the issue of These resources to be used in the health system as a cure and the infrastructure & establishment to build them.

Istanbul Medical Tourism Fair to be organized on 11-13 June 2014 with concurrent events at Istanbul Congress Center, for the first time will bring together world health tourism industry professionals and corporations. Will be annually and Open to Professional trade visitors only with pre-registration online and hardcopy invitations.

According to the organizers, among its objectives, Istanbul Medical Tourism Fair & Congress, allows The direct organization for the Professional target groups; The opportunity to meet new and potential Customers with direct interaction , B2B meetings, Panels about the subjects of Medical Tourism, Health Thermal , Thermal Spring, Spa & Wellness. Besides having The opportunity to be together With the key professionals of world health tourism industry . Within the same organization and up- to-date , Developments about of all of the world health tourism.

Especially in the last 10 years, not only public hospitals but also private hospitals & health institutions has reached and gone beyond the level of well-developed countries with its highly educated doctors and health employees in some fields in the medical tourism sector.

Turkey holds the second place in the world with the number of its accredited health Institutions regarding patient care quality and organization management. Currently the total number of the hospitals is 1,390 and 600 of them are private Hospitals .

By the courtesy of the private hospital investments made during the recent years, Turkey having gained a serious infrastructure, also increases its revenue shares from the health tourism which now reached to 400 billion dollars. 2023 target of Turkey’s health sector is to serve to 2 million international patients and to obtain revenue of 20 billion dollars.

Istanbul and Ankara being ahead, public and university hospitals are installed with the latest state of the art in technology. In Turkey at many hospitals advanced technology treatments are provided in oncologic treatments, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, brain surgery, and pediatric surgery, aesthetic surgery, in ophthalmic and dental treatments. Again in these hospitals are capable in Cyberknife, robotic surgery, MR services, bone marrow, and organ transplantation.

| For more information consult: Turkel Fair Organization |


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