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The initiative seeks funds to assist 100,000 people threatened by four major crisis; malaria, malnutrition, armed conflict in Syria and the typhoon in the Philippines.

“The only thing that can save the life of a human is another human being": this is the message about the new campaign  “Be human saves lives” which Doctors Without Borders would like to highlight and value the direct support from person to person, the strength of human beings to help other human beings whose lives are threatened.

The challenge of the campaign is to achieve, over the almost 100 days that will extend, the necessary funds to provide treatment to 100,000 people threatened by four major crisis; malaria, malnutrition, armed conflict in Syria and the typhoon in the Philippines. And this will only be possible through a humanitarian chain, beginning with the contributions of citizens here and continue with the direct intervention and humanitarian workers there.

The campaign “Be human saves lives” appeals to people who want to help others in extremely difficult situations: the essence of humanitarian aid. The campaign launches a positive message about the human being and values ​​his enormous capacity  to preserve life and alleviate suffering in four of the biggest threats on the population in which Doctors Without Borders are working.

In sub-Saharan Africa, child malnutrition and malaria are two of the five leading causes of infant mortality. Child malnutrition causes each year death three to five million children under age 5 worldwide and Malaria causes more than 600,000 deaths . The conflict in Syria has caused over 9 million people require humanitarian aid and Haiyan typhoon in the Philippines has left more than 4 million displaced .

"With this campaign we want to reach more than 100,000 human beings suffering from easily treatable and preventable diseases Treatment of a child with malaria costs less than a euro , . Complete treatment for malnutrition, 4-6 weeks are about 40 euros ; attend childbirth safely where the mother and child are saved it costs only 30 euros and immunize against tetanus 5 people in the Philippines means 50 euros. it is very feasible gestures avoiding unjustifiable deaths , "says José Antonio Bastos , president of Doctors Without Borders.

Humanitarian chain
EThe first link in the humanitarian chain are the partners,  more than 318,000 in Spain whose contributions are essential for MSF to carry out  the programs of humanitarian action.

Aid workers are another part of this chain that takes aid directly to those who need, but are part of this all the people who make humanitarian aid posssible. They are doctors, nurses, logisticians, coordinators and administrators who serve people in need from the vicinity. Not only administer vaccines, dispense drugs or perform surgery. They also provide support, dignity and strength to people who go through the worst times of his life.

Editor's Note:
From GROUP TERMAS  we support the humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders ( MSF  ) in our joint commitment to collaborate on the projects that help save lives and emergency medical care where it is needed. Mayte Suárez Santos. Editor .

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